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January 6 Was Practice

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The process of taking a painful L

Trump Tried to Kill Biden with COVID-19 | It turns out that Trump knew he had COVID at the first presidential debate, but lied about it. And then covered it up.

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Mary Trump called Biden's attorney general an 'idiot' for not prosecuting Donald Trump over the Capitol riot

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  1. If they admit there is a problem, then they have to do something about it. Noone in DC wants to open that can of worms.

  2. Vote me into Congress, I will be like Louise from Bob's Burgers, I'll just start slappin'

  3. Well I stopped sending in tips to the FBI since they ignored them all the first time.

  4. Because Jan 6th, because the Crumbleys, because these folks are on video losing their marbles in stores and airplanes if they see someone wearing a mask, because white supremacy is still rampant

  5. Every road going from 4-lane to 2 with all the associated road rage because no one can zipper merge with that gotta be first mentality.

  6. I used to complain about construction in PA, then I lived in Illinois for a while.

  7. The article is literally about how there are too many jobs, and not enough people to fill them, and that is why we need legal migrants. Legal migrants would not be taking jobs away from working class people, that is what the article is about. You admitted you didn't read it, you are speaking from ignorance, you are dismissed.

  8. Trump could try to kill Biden with an AK-47 and Biden would blithely laugh and say "Bygones" and Congress would shrug and shuffle their feet and Merrick Garland would be in his bunker and Republicans would praise their hero and savior and vote for him in 2024.

  9. Voters still like bipartisanship. Online leftists can rage against it all they want, but Americans are simply not gonna elect a Democrat who doesn't pander with the "will make Republicans get in line and come back to bipartisanship" rhetoric. Moderates will simply not vote for a partisan progressive and will instead vote GOP

  10. I'm sorry but it does NOT make sense to urge the Democrats to "just be more racist and sexist to cater to the white supremacist rape enablers and make them feel more comfortable". Enough of that! Because that is literally what it takes in this day and age and it is what the right-wing is always yammering on about.

  11. You're talking to an account that regularly blames Bernie Sanders for everything about the current political climate.

  12. Merrick Garland followed Rosenstein's rules, AS WELL AS his own rules.

  13. Perfect advice. We don't play enough hardball.

  14. Democrats don't believe in hardball. They adhere to centuries old guidelines of decorum. Moscow Mitch is friends with the 80 plus year old Democrats in the senate. They aren't going to play hardball with their dear friend! Just because he would do the same to them. No, no, they're going to maintain that dear friendship at all costs, even if it throws democracy under the bus. They don't want to hurt his feelings. Republicans will fight to push through their agenda. Democrats will never push through their agenda if it means violating centuries old guidelines of polite decorum. Democracy means nothing to Democrats if you can't have good manners.

  15. The GQP have made it plainly clear that someone could actually shoot and kill another member of the house/senate on the floor and they still wouldn't vote to remove them unless it looked like not doing so would affect their own re-election chances. All they care about is retaining power by any possible reason.

  16. Democrats wouldn't even vote to have that murderer arrested since their "rules of decorum" would frown on it. They smile and shake Matt Gaetz' hand every day.

  17. Well there's definitely validity to that thought. The one thing I've learned from a lot of listening to The Lincoln Project folks is that suburban white woman demographic remains one of the last major voting blocks that really sways completely back and forth, and they have said over and over that "moderate" issues, social issues, etc, is what affects them the most, hence this fake culture ware they've crafted. With the election not mattering with the massive voter suppression, gerrymandering and state level installation of sycophants, I'm not sure if it will matter as I said before.

  18. I'm a white woman who lived in the suburbs until I broke free and ran for the hills (literally, I live on a mountain in the woods now).

  19. Trump 2024 is inevitable, and with a Speaker McCarthy (or worse) controlling the body that certifies the election process, I'm beginning to not even see a path where Trump isn't reinstalled. I use installed because in a General I feel he would lose easily. He's toxic to the same suburban white demo that handed the victory to Youngkin. It will be with some irony that the first autocratic "king" of America will be a 3-time National election popular vote loser.

  20. I read more than once that top Democrats WANT Trump to be the candidate since they think the Democratic Presidential nominee would easily defeat him.

  21. Or maybe we could just acknowledge that dogs are dogs, have no understanding of the concept ”going to work”, and that simply walking out the door causes them less stress and anxiety than doing this whole routine where they perceive that their human is emotionally upset about something and then suddenly leaves while commanding their attention until the moment they step out the door, without knowing why.

  22. I thought about this and I think it's good advice. As soon as Muffin and I get off this plane, we're going to head to our favorite diner and share a chicken parmesan sub. After that, we'll go home, get out of these matching outfits, and get in the tub together. We'll snuggle up for movie time like we do every night, and then right after kisses and tuck-ins in bed, I think we'll have a little talk about what a good boy he is and how I'm glad I don't have to treat him like a human, he behaves like a perfect little gentleman dog.

  23. When was the last time democratic protesters set up a gallows and invaded a building in an attempt to stop a political process?

  24. Republicans on Twitter are pretty convinced that Black Lives Matter protesters burn down state capitals and entire cities every other day.

  25. I live in Central Pennsylvania(where cows outnumber people). I am also a 6’3” man. So my opinion may be skewed by both gender and location.

  26. I live in this exact area, and while I certainly understand your perspective, this specific development has a very bad reputation. I'm not sure about the history of this specific development, or why it attracts drug and gang activity. If you go a little further north, to Pocono Springs, or The Hideout, or Wallenpaupack Lake Estates, or Indian Rocks, you won't find nearly the levels of crimes and arrests that you'll find at Pocono Country Place. And The Hideout in particular caters to folks moving from New York to Pennsylvania. Admittedly, it's my understanding that those properties and monthly assessments are higher than what you'd find at Pocono Country Place.

  27. Fair point. It's disingenuous, however, when people make Manchin/Sinema out to be the sole perpetrators. That blame should be shared with the 50 Republicans.

  28. I understand this point. However it's a little bit like saying that criminals are to blame for all the crimes, so why aren't we pointing the finger at criminals when all the crimes are happening?

  29. Who's going to do anything? It's been made crystal clear that no one will take any action against not only the stochastic terrorism, but the actual terrorism.

  30. Do you go to school board meetings? Or city council meetings? You can be the change. These things change at the local level. I luckily live in a very progressive district so most of my community and school board meetings are boring and aligned with my goals for the community I live in, but others are not. Fwiw, my parents who are conservative, are extremely pro-vaccine and pro-mask, their community was able to get all of their school board meetings moved to zoom meetings with a moderator who requires people speaking actually live in the community and if they don't they kick them out. That prevented the vocal groups from outside taking over the meetings. If your school board is overrun with those types then work to get the meetings moved online or require they bring proof of living in the community to speak. At the very least attend these meetings and voice your concerns. Don't relay on federal office holders to solve local issues, it has to be done by you.

  31. Yes I agree with you. I don't have kids so my presence at school board meetings would be weird, however I am a member of several grassroots political groups in my area, I am running for office here, an dI am very involved locally. It is essential that folks vote in every election, no matter how small (ESPECIALLY the small local ones that often impact people the most). And if people can, I encourage folks to run for office, especially in rural areas where we really just need names on ballots. That's it. Get some signatures and submit the form, and learn as you go, get involved. For a lot of folks looking for a new line of work, this could be it.

  32. When you apropriatly defend yourself against a violent mob trying to kill you, and end up leaving the world with 1 less pedophile to deal with... yeah you get hero status in some circles.

  33. By this metric, Osama bin Laden is a hero because when he crashed the planes into the twin towers he had no business approaching, by chance he happened to kill some pedophiles, rapists, and thieves.

  34. false equivalence: the towers, nor the people in them, never attacked Osama, and Osama was not acting in self defense.

  35. Every terrorist believes that THEIR attack is totally justified, that THEY had to be the ones to take a weapon and handle things THEIR WAY instead of the legal process we have.

  36. How dare we criticize Congressional Democrats for being lazy and not doing anything? After all, we only voted our asses off to deliver the Presidency and both Houses of Congress to the Democrats, so it's unreasonable to expect them to do anything for us.

  37. So how you plan to stop them and get a super majority if you can’t get the people to agree with you? What’s your plan other than being outraged and self righteous?

  38. I'm part of like 4 local grassroots groups and running for office, you do you Trustie

  39. Any of those grass roots groups actually changing minds? Or just jerking yourselves off over how right you are?

  40. We're actively helping our communities. Certainly doing more than sucking up air and resources and taking advantage of others so I sleep well at night.

  41. We know exactly how he is still freely campaigning: Nearly every single Republican in Congress voted to keep him in office. Not once, but twice. Twice impeached but Republicans refused to actually remove the traitor from office. Even after a failed coup.

  42. No no Democrats have zero responsibility, after all they only have control of the Presidency and both Houses of Congress so there's nothing at all they can do

  43. The more I hear about this Manchin guy the more I think he might not be such a stand up fella

  44. "Oh crap one.of the priests in our diocese raped your teenage daughter and got her pregnant? We will pay for her abortion, and here is millions of dollars in hush money. Keep your mouth shut."

  45. To be fair they are probably tired of the "holier than thou" pretentious attitude as well, but I'm sure they'd still like to see you for Xmas.

  46. If you think that rape is okay and grabbing women by the pussy is okay, then yes, I am 100% holier than thou, and you are a garbage person with terrible values.

  47. I've been reading a lot of personal attacks on Dems like this lately.

  48. I'm not anti-gun at all, but who buys a handgun specifically for a 15-year old? You would have to really convince me to buy a phone for a 15-yaer old let alone a gun. Maybe that is just the old millennial in me.

  49. Now that we see Baby Rittenhouse become a celebrity, having his photo taken with Trump, what kind of Trump loving proud parent wouldn't buy their child a gun? Precedent has been set. Buying your sweet, chubby-cheeked teenage boy a big gun, and letting him shoot whoever he wants, can result in your precious little princeling becoming a hero and having his photo taken with your favorite celebrity president of all time!

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