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Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Warning About Roe v. Wade Came True

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  1. I still think most of them are 70+. We just need another decade or so and most of the worst ones should be dead.

  2. They don't die. They really don't. They live FOREVER. Henry Kissinger is still alive.Motch McConnell will outlive all of us.

  3. Until Pelosi stops taking money from the corporate donors that support these Republicans, and until she stops referring to these Republicans as her dear friends, and until she stands up to them and take some action, I don't believe her.

  4. Thank God. If he could stop calling them his dear friends for 5 minutes it would be so good for our democracy. It was just a month and a half ago or so that he was calling Mitch McConnell a good friend and an honorable man.

  5. What do you mean about shaming miscarriage? Im trying to understand this part

  6. If a woman has an abortion, you can shout her down, tell her she should have closed her legs, she never should have had sex, it's all her fault for getting pregnant and needing an abortion.

  7. every good person in America needs to vote against every Republican. We need to run for office. We need to actively work for or donate to people running against Republicans

  8. I just joined my county Democrats. Anyone can join their local county Democrats office, and I really encourage it. Local organization is where it's at. This is where we have to get involved, and get our friends and neighbors out to vote.

  9. I had an abortion. Thank God. I would have been a terrible mother. I would have had the kind of kid that everybody complains about. Just an absolute monster.

  10. This response is so tired. Republicans controlled the DOJ during the 2016 Russia investigation. The situations are not the same.

  11. No they don't. The DOJ is currently investigating the planners of the Save America rally that preceded the insurrection. There's more going on than people here like to think.

  12. The DOJ says they're investigating, and we see no fruits of those investigations.

  13. I used to think being progressive is fighting for progress, stopping to appreciate any positive change but keep looking for more, and at worst harm reduction for allies.

  14. I used to be a little bit more moderate, until I saw them echoing GOP talking points, telling Democrats not to be so woke, stop being so gay and trans, and I looked around at all my friends suffering and said I won't go back to that.

  15. I got called a rape apologist, pro-rapist, and an actual rapist by his supporters and banned from his main sub because I dared comment a literal mountain of evidence against the Tara reade accusations against Biden a few weeks after that came out.

  16. Same here, and I was actually a Bernie supporter until after the primaries. And this was so frustrating, because I am a victim of sexual assault as well. I researched every bit of the Tara Reid accusations because I will not vote for a rapist.

  17. There is a GPS location spoofing app that I just downloaded called "Fake GPS location". I plan on making daily virtual round trips between the campaign offices of right wing anti-abortion candidates and their nearest planned parenthood location.

  18. But then also that same disillusionment leads to Dems losing votes allowing the right to win important elections. So just talking about how shitty our DNC options are leads to RNC gains, and situations like we are in now with Roe v. Wade. I'm the case in point here: the way the DNC treated Bernie and my distrust of Hillary led me to vote third party, and then the most disastrous president in history happened because of it. How do we win?

  19. The Democratic Party never should have ran Hillary. That was the problem.

  20. The Dems are the punching bag because they can’t ever come up with a nominee for President who isn’t soft. The majority of all politicians are bad but at least there are some people with strong convictions on the right side. The left hasn’t had that since Jfk

  21. Elizabeth Warren ran for president, we could have had her. Then the DNC nominated weak, soft, Joe Biden who calls Moscow Mitch McConnell a good friend and an honorable man.

  22. Seriously?! What the fuck is the democratic party doing that they can't get 100 Senate candidates every 6 years? Where's the money going? It's not like ad buys are that expensive in Juneau, Alaska.

  23. I tried to run as a Democrat in my county and they gave me incorrect information. Now there is no one running as state senator on the Democratic side in my district, AGAIN. Ballot after ballot in my county has a full slate of Republicans, and no Democrats.

  24. He’s already indicted Steve Bannon. His current MO seems to be that when the committee says they’re done investigating a particular individual, he moves-in.

  25. Steve Bannon, who is raking in tens of thousands of dollars daily, living his best life? That Steve Bannon?

  26. What the fuck do you think they can do? They weren't elected with enough of a majority - or any at all in the Senate, especially when you consider Joe Manchin - to enact any of those reforms. Do you think the solution to not getting enough votes to enact their platform is to vote for them less?

  27. Yeah, We know this gas lighting tactic as well. Democrats have been trying this one for 16 months. Blaming Joe Manchin and pretending he's the obstructionist, while heaping rewards on him like making him chair of the Senate Energy Committee, giving his wife a cushy ambassadorship, giving him insane negotiating powers, practically crowning him king.

  28. Primaries are Tuesday, May 17th. Please vote. If you can volunteer at the polls, they really need people.

  29. Do you approach women when they are just living their lives and working out and don't want to interact with you?

  30. If that's the case then it's 16

  31. Doesn't matter what the age of consent is. This woman was in a gym working out, she was not on the prowl for male attention and this man had no right to approach her. It doesn't matter if she was 13 or 30.

  32. The police are on their way to a third pedo's house now

  33. It's humiliating being a Democrat while these criminals continue to commit brazen crimes in our faces and our elected leaders and law enforcement agencies do nothing.

  34. Idk if you actually look at his educational and professional history instead of democrat talking points it's pretty impressive.

  35. I saw his ads for boner pills. I was unimpressed. That's not what I want for a Senator. It just proves that the GOP has no platform except for "bully the libs". If that's how Republicans want to live and be role models for their kids, I think it's sad. It's why people cut ties with their Republican parents when they get older. The conservative mindset is an abuse mindset.

  36. On the one hand it is, on the other hand no one will ever be arrested or called out or see a single consequence.

  37. If the DOJ doesn't get a referral, they will make no arrests, saying that they got no referrals from Congress, and they don't engage in political witch hunts.

  38. She's way too old. We need fresh faces in the Dem party. That's why it's important to max turnout for local elections and candidates, so that new faces, fresh ideas can bloom.

  39. I mean how else is he gonna one-up his parents in his rebellious phase?

  40. Sadly with the kids of celebrities it tends to be cocaine or heroin.

  41. Oh shit. Here comes the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

  42. You should probably switch out your jade egg, the toxic shock syndrome is starting to reach your brain.

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