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Apes ready for Volcano Eruption

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  1. You'll get burnt during a short bull run. Too much leverage involved here.

  2. I'm all for positive news and all, but did anyone catch the interview with Peter and amc biggums yesterday?? I did. I am the introspective ape that tends to listen and remember key points during DD convos...

  3. Pretty sure there'll be a couple of "fake squeezes" in between. Run ups will be orchestrated to tempt holders to sell.

  4. He’s not talking about movie theaters (yes I know, downvote me all you want but ive been in this play for 2 years).

  5. Investors clambering to jump in the markets?

  6. Pretty sure he’s not talking about AMC. He’s saying only some people are going to get out of the market before it crashes. Take off the tin foil hats. NO ONE IS SPEAKING IN CODE ABOUT AMC or 🎮

  7. Burry has talked in codes regarding GameStop prior to its run up. Not saying that this tweet is definitely about AMC but you can't discount him being cryptic about retail.

  8. As a Leeds fan, I find Harrison to be more involved against defensively weaken teams. You can bet that he'll somehow be involved in every build up.

  9. Astro: The guy who thinks he is the sole discover of fractals and disses anyone else who has the same theory as him. Places a bold prediction on PT and weasles his way out when proven wrong 9 out of 10 times.

  10. I work at one of the top 3 blue chip oil companies and they don't even give us free gas

  11. I wouldn't mind if the 32% dump leads to moass

  12. "According to Francis’ rescript, financial and liquid assets held in banks other than the IOR must be moved to the Vatican bank within 30 days of Sept. 1, 2022."

  13. I think Thailand is running a tissue culture on shivereana at the moment. Prices in Asia have dropped dramatically and you could get one for less than 40 a pop. Used to run in the lower xxx range.

  14. True! I just got one (in a 2.5” planter)for $10 this weekend!

  15. Pretty much rare to find them in a matured form though.

  16. If ID Is unknown, how do you know it's rare?

  17. I've never seen this specimen before during my 20 years of gardening. The seller told me it's a variegated ficus he got from an Asian importer without knowing the exact sp.

  18. How about we help the needy in our own country with our own money for a change

  19. Not even close to possible when you have multi billion dollar companies shorting local companies to bankruptcy

  20. He cant do much at the moment if market conditions continue to go downhill. All there is left to do is letting shorts bleed even further. AMC + APE still remains above $10 which is considerably decent when the market is much worse than where we were a few months ago.

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