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  1. Fidgets, i just dont get it, its just toys that are entertaining for a few seconds

  2. They can be very useful for those with add/adhd though…

  3. If it’s in a smaller town, it might actually be ambulances leaving the fire station…not fire trucks, since they house them in the same stations. Most fire trucks would not be pulled out repeatedly every night… unless that area just has an absurd amount of fire calls every single night. Ambulances, on the other hand, would be.

  4. They will also send an engine as well sometimes dependent on the priority or nature of the call.

  5. Really you have to admire the brutal way the Dems reward friends and punish enemies. Young people with college degrees & student debt are a huge liberal constituency, and now working-class conservatives are footing their bills and will have to deal with the resulting inflation. If the GOP had any sense, which they don't, they'd be figuring out now how they reward middle Americans and punish liberal elites upon retaking power, but they can't do that because something something principles.

  6. Why are you so bent on it being dems vs republicans. I personally like to look at and think about the bill or possible law before even considering what political party it is associated with. There is so much be involved with the us vs them shit that good hills or laws don’t get passed because they are associated with the opposite party. This drives me nuts because there is so much hypocrisy involved in it and nothing gets done because people are too biased and want to win more than they want improvement.

  7. Gunshot wounds, amputations, deep gashes etc basically any life threatening wound. Tourniquets can also be left on for hours without Ill effect. I personally can attest to that last one.

  8. Tourniquets can be left on for up to two hours while having minimal damage occur from a lack of oxygen in the affected limb.

  9. So, many findings are mixed in terms of how to apply a cat such as “high and tight” or a couple inches above the injury. However, if there is severe bleeding and it can’t be stopped by applying pressure then a cat would suffice. In reality a tourniquet can be left on for up to two hours with low risk of damage caused by ischemia (lack of O2 in the limb). With this being said though, it is better to lose a limb than a life so if bleeding is severe enough, it would be much better to apply it than not to.

  10. There’s a difference between gender and sex. Sex would be more so at the biological level being that they are born male or female and it’s in their dna being the type of chromosomes someone has being XX or XY. Whereas gender is more so of a social construct.

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