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  1. Given the arrangement of the setting, I think Other's in general are also terrible. Just less powerful, so less responsible for the settings general shittyness.

  2. this really is just "I'm mad that I don't get to do what I want" isn't it

  3. but the thing is that Lis needs to control everything

  4. It's not the shards fault it got stuck with an overly cautious gamer! I just want it to find a victim host who deserves it

  5. if it doesn't have Shaper at the wheel, then probably never use it ever

  6. fans like making darker and edgier things based off of very light-hearted properties

  7. TBH I have a hard time seeing Touhou as having a "Sapphic" aspect, the series seems very un-romantic to me. Complicated cultural context though so I'm not sure

  8. it's very "guys straight up aren't important if they're not named Rinnosuke and even he's off to the side" which attracts a lot of sapphic fans

  9. Agreed on the "some people in the fandom need to touch some grass", but I mean LGBT fans do exist

  10. was yellow always that incredibly golden looking?

  11. she looks like she hasn't slept in days and also is working off the flu

  12. I still do not understand why he still uses the "Ack" name for his original stuff considering the reputation it has

  13. someone has never seen an American MMO before

  14. that's Blaster from the 80s Transformers cartoon

  15. Eggman will have a tough time for sure, an even worse time if he doesn't abide by spellcard rules

  16. Because she's (for some odd reason) one of the most well-known and beloved characters in Touhou... which... I mean... I don't really see why, because I think that there are way better girls than Sakuya... its probably because she's a JoJo reference.

  17. It's because EoSD is probably the most popular 2hu game outside the fandom and possibly even inside

  18. as some have said, Hourai immortals are removed from the cycle of life and death

  19. I agree with the people saying that it probably doesn't look humanoid

  20. Since I'm seeing it mentioned, here's the definition of the terms.

  21. Child kidnapping murderer. I can see why she thinks she was wronged...but she is wrong about that too.

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