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  1. So what do you gain from this? From what I know so far it sounds like you want to collect people's credit card information :P

  2. Oh I wouldn't get any credit card numbers. I'll use a payment processor like Stripe, I have no desire to handle that kind of liability myself!

  3. Thanks for the civil responses! Hope I wasn't too much of a downer. I honestly don't know anything about setting something like this up. I'm not in the market to buy or sell bulk anyways, but if you do make something I wish you good luck!

  4. Thank you, I really appreciate the feedback. I asked for people to shoot holes in it and I meant it; sometimes your vision gets clouded by the idea and you can't see the flaws. I assumed everyone had helpful intentions when they posted!

  5. Y’all I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that this team might actually be pretty good at baseball.

  6. First machine I ever spent my own money on. I loved it!

  7. Sure, in the What's New section there's a version number and something like "5d ago". That's when it was last updated. You can also click on Version History to see all the updates.

  8. I’m a fan of Paul Simon, but I’m not sure I’d call myself a HUGE fan. But I do believe Graceland is the perfect album.

  9. Enjoy moving to Jacksonville! Look for apartments in Riverside if you’re single and like craft beer, condos in Southside if you’re young and married, and houses in the Beaches if you already have money.

  10. I bought into this hard back when I was a younger developer. Now, with a good lengthy career of hindsight behind me, I’ve absolutely changed my mind.

  11. Curious to hear what you disagree with here. Joel's central premise is that code is harder to read than write. Following from that, developers think that old code is bad not necessarily because it's bad but because it's inherently difficult to draw a deep understanding of what the code is doing from having a quick read of it.

  12. Certainly. Code is absolutely harder to read than to write. However, I don’t think that the premise he draws from that is true anymore (if it ever was. I was far too green back then to be able to make that call).

  13. Either the time he lost to FIU, the time he got shutout but Louisiana Teach, the time he let up the school record for yards allowed against UNC, the time he made our guys wear the turnover chain down 27 vs Bama and we had to put it back, or the time he ran a double QB spy on 4th and 13 against a QB who can barely throw. Take your pick for Manny Diaz

  14. Losing to the worst FSU team of my lifetime was the nail for me.

  15. This is the episode of Star Trek Voyager that made me quit. They reused the same gimmick two episodes in a row in their first season and I didn't see a reason to suffer through something so unoriginal.

  16. Voyager is my favorite Star Trek series. The lows are pretty low, but the highs are the best episodes of Star Trek you’ll ever see. I’ll put Year of Hell, Timeless, and Equinox up against anything DS9 or TNG has to offer.

  17. The show he did was in Jacksonville. Technically just south, in Ponte Vedra. I was there, it was a great show, great crowd. He went 2+ hours nonstop and seemed to be having a great time. He talked about testing material for a new special.

  18. Now I’m fantasizing about UF and UM consuming all of Florida’s recruits and denying the rest of the country our fertile croot garden. Also, fuck Corn Rows Mike while we’re at it. He can have none.

  19. The Landing! I lived on my boat about 100 yards west of you for a few years.

  20. It's gone now. They knocked it down to put up an empty field and maybe, eventually, a huge chrome "derp" statue.

  21. I was the cousin in Miami for almost a decade. Now I live in Jacksonville. Lots of old friends there still, but none of that counts as a cousin.

  22. I have to take some of the blame here too unfortunately. I wore the green shirt. They only seem to win when I wear the gray shirt.

  23. I'll take a huge TD as payback for a missed facemask flag

  24. It means any excuse to have that level of greatness on the sideline talking to the guys.

  25. The game I’m in right now, drow don’t exist, and humans are (relatively) new to the plane, having emigrated from a different one.

  26. A lot of Canes have been slipping on this field today. I’ve been seeing it on defense too.

  27. I think every parrothead that’s been to Captain Tony’s has this exact picture. I sure do.

  28. Lower Florida Keys. Somewhere from Marathon to Key West.

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