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This is $70 worth of groceries in the most expensive city in the USA [OC]

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  1. Wait till you see $114 (70 USD) worth of groceries in New Zealand.

  2. Looking for NZ, find a bunch of jizz jokes.

  3. I moved from America to Singapore and my QoL improved 500%, I don't even know where to begin

  4. Confounding my expectation that every post in here would be about someone moving from a developing country to a western country, the top post is by someone who left the United States 😆👍

  5. I mean I don't want to start a political debate but depending on the state the US varies greatly in how progressive or conservative it is and overall I'd say it's still more conservative than a lot of other western countries like canada or germany.

  6. Totally. I think the US should devolve into half a dozen large countries. Two or three would be rich, liberal progressive, technologically advanced, with medicare for all. The others would be impoverished Christo-fascist Mountain Dew piss holes that nevertheless continue to believe their way of living is better.

  7. Yeah, local soldiers were more likely to show loyalty to the local population than to Rome. Like when the Chinese army opened fire on Tiananmen Square protestors - they had to use poor mountain soldiers, the city soldiers wouldn’t do it.

  8. I don’t think the city soldiers refused, I don’t think they were even asked – the government knew to just go for an out-of-town regiment

  9. This is great however I’d love to lend them the Parachute Regiment, the Royal Marines, the Gurkhas and the SAS / SBS for a few months.

  10. Cool idea, but even highly-trained meatbags aren't much good in artillery exchanges.

  11. Bad luck Brian: Gets post to front page. Horrible spelling mistake.

  12. I went from the OG iPhone 6 to the 12 Pro Max. Hope this one lasts me the rest of my life.

  13. I feel bad for Apple copywriters who have to come up with a new way to say 'more powerful than ever' every single year.

  14. Greyhounds are built like mid-century modern furniture - big up top, skinny little legs.

  15. smol award for getting a reference to mid-century modern into a sub about dogs

  16. Whew. My surgeon did about the same. I am thankful for him. I still had surgery due to losing over 100 pounds but did not go for the look I thought I wanted.

  17. Not to rain on the party, but another reason he turned you away is that like pretty much all plastic surgeons, he's booked up till the year 3000, and doesn't need the work.

  18. When other countries display support to others for certain events it doesn't require the same thing to be happening there...

  19. Lots of RoeVsWade protests in other countries, because bad shit doesn't respect borders.

  20. Is that cause it's what they used to rape the models?

  21. According to the National WWII Museum, 61.2% of the military were drafted, leaving 38.8% as volunteers. Which kind of flys in the face of what most people believe.

  22. And that the young men and women who have stepped up in the last 50 years, have died in wars without the genuinely honourable aims of WW2. For real - which wars did the US absolutely positively *have* to fight since the 1940s?

  23. Are there legal abortion clinics across the mexican border? Maybe its not that far away time wise for Texans to cross.

  24. Came here to say this. The NYT posted a map similar to this the other day. It's like Canada and Mexico literally aren't there. I'm sure abortion clinics are the next big thing in Juarez etc. And before anyone says any racist shit about the quality of health care in Mexico, you only need to look at the dozens of top shelf clinics in Tijuana, catering almost exclusively to Americans, to know they run a good operation (badoom tish)

  25. If only there was some kind of flag in the pic to help guess which country (not that you need it tbf)

  26. Funny, a friend was telling me there's some kind of kid's learning game where you are randomly dropped into street view of any country in the world, and you have to use clues to figure out where you are, but it's always really easy to figure out if you are in America because there's *always* a flag nearby. Americans don't realise how strange it is for most foreigners.

  27. America needs flags because otherwise we’d forget we’re part of the same country and start fighting. Back in the 1800’s, the southern states started flying a new flag to symbolize how much they loved slavery. The northern states saw a different flag and thought they were being invaded, and by the time everyone realized what was going on, it was easier just to commit to winning the war.

  28. That's interesting. I thought it was because of hyper-nationalism mistaken as hyper-patriotism, but that makes sense as well.

  29. You can’t talk about rape without bringing up the rapist Brock “the rapist” Turner, the rapiest raper who’s ever raped.

  30. I thought he was co-rapiest raper who ever raped, alongside Brett Kavanaugh.

  31. 200 square miles or 200,000 square acres, 17 miles of pristine southern California coast line from San Onofre nuke to Oceanside That's NOT including Fallbrook weapons depot which is attached to Pend. Had a couple of ordnance buds went out there to pick up some ammo they came back with a couple of rounds stamped 1917 said there were bunkers full of the stuff. this was back in the 90's

  32. My uncle once hit me with “his ass looks like two raccoons wrasslin’ in a half filled bag of cracked corn”.

  33. Arnold Schwarzenegger (of old) described as looking like a condom stuffed full of walnuts.

  34. I bet a Kylo Ren one would look really neat.

  35. By really neat, I think you mean totally bad ass

  36. GIven that are bodies are less than 50% human. "human" seems to be a stretch anyway.

  37. Don’t forget the prisons! Poverty is the number one predictor of crime.

  38. From around eighteen years after Roe, scientists saw a drop in crime stats in the US. So from 2040, there will be a lot more cannon fodder for cops, and inmates for private jails.

  39. I'd forgotten where I heard that info, but yeah, you're right! Thanks for the reminder. Now I remember it was pretty 'controversial' when the story came out.

  40. We also have the Met Police who really drive those numbers up.

  41. I’m still looking for House of Pain, Jump Around

  42. The thing keeping them from fucking it up is that the forests are filled to the brim with unexploded mines. No one wants to go there for that reason. Sad to think that's what it takes to keep the forests intact.

  43. Cool movie idea. Hard core super rich enviro dude buys up a fuck tonne of anti-personnel mines and air drops them along the edges of the Amazon. Fuck you, illegal loggers!

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