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  1. I spent all of my 20s traveling. 17-26 actually. I really wish I would have saved more money toward the future. But also the experiences I had, made me much wiser. Which is awesome but I could be way richer now if I invested my money better.. so... lol idk good luck life is hard

  2. pfizer dude went on a grindr date with a Project Veritas undercover and spilled the beans on some gain of function research they were doing

  3. Ok I don't get it why do people call this guy a moron and shit like that, all he wanted is to cross a fucking road, are cars more valuable than human life for some people here?

  4. Oh, the car just can't stop like that because the road is ice and they don't have enough traction. They are hitting the brakes but that only does so much.

  5. That's pretty cool, actually. My cat killed a rabbit last week. I should have kept it's leg I guess.

  6. Well. I'm not a turquoise expert. But it looks quite genuine from what I can tell. The pitting, the pyrite, the webbing.

  7. Yeah they can get a fucking job if they don’t like it.

  8. To get food stamps you have to be actively trying to get a job (you are required to show proof of this like 10 applications a month or something) or have dependents under a certain age. Or other reasons you are unable to work, like disabilities

  9. I joined this sub because fuck fundamentalist Christians, but I have no idea who these people are. Where do you guys find these people? Tick tock?

  10. Ugh you don't? Lol. You could paint the broken part but every time I try it turns out like shit.

  11. Northern Ireland for good top-quality top weed can be up 400. Get it form England it's between 190/220. Still not cheep but it'll have to do 🤣

  12. Selling weed? Sometimes buying cheap vehicles out of state and selling them for a profit. Less of that because gas is expensive.

  13. Is there a dog equivalent one?

  14. That's why I wear the click ones, not the ones with the balls on the ends. If I pull on mine it just pops out.

  15. When i first got it done, you have to get the ball kind. It kept getting wrapped in my hair and my partners hair. It was a nightmare. I basically counted the days until I could change it. Those things are seriously not safe imo.

  16. I never made one but I wish I had because I want to buy stuff on marketplace rn and I cannot. I tried making an account but it won't let me use marketplace due to "spam protections". Straight BS

  17. Fresno itself is a fairly large city. But the surrounding area is rural farming communities with amazing mountian views.

  18. Is this something that happens? Or is this a one off situation? Also, how much of that bird is it going go be able to eat? I have alot of questions...

  19. The eggs at the farmers market are 12$ a dozen. 1$ per egg. Can't imagine it will stay that way once the bird flu thing calms down...

  20. Nah Velma had brown hair, its Daphne you're thinking of. I think they actually kept Daphne red head in the new show but idk I haven't seen it.

  21. Because the Irish has and always will be the most oppressed race, still waiting on my indentured servant reparations. sm(shaking my) head

  22. There's quite a few of Irish/redhead hate comments flying around on this tread at this point. Kind of fucked up honestly.

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