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  1. They will prolly charge you 20-30$/month and then give you the same amount credit either in the same bill or next bill. I could be wrong but this is the usual process. Also, they will charge you $50 activation fee which again they will reimburse you either in 2nd or 3rd bill

  2. My name is Andrew Bernard, I was with a group called Dunder Mifflin...

  3. I used to hold GSK and it went through a really rough patch. I sold when it got back to break even.

  4. Has anyone received the brocher/code yet? I ordered it last week but no email/response yet. TIA!

  5. You've stalled them enough. Send in the subs. Congrats btw. :)

  6. Literally the worst advice, right here...

  7. Disney if its under $90, AAPL at 138.50. I don't think it's a sale yet , perhaps SP500 at 3850 is a tradeable bottom.

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