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  1. Champion Boss and Z Nuke at max weight are virtually the same disc.

  2. I mean would I use this shot all the time? No but you never know. Either way I like to know all the rules of anything I play. It’s how strategy sometimes comes into play. Me personally I’d think PDGA would want to make a rule banning this, but since they have not, I may have to get a blowfly. Plus it’s all about another excuse to buy more discs anyways 🤣

  3. I bought two last night after seeing how effortlessly Ulibarri made that in the putting game.

  4. I have a champ leopard and a champ leopard3, both max weight. Today I was throwing them in a field with a champ teebird3, also max weight. This is in Oklahoma, so not much elevation really (1200ft). I was getting a slight turn out of the leopards like less than 5 feet, but mainly dead straight for overall flight path. They looked like a slightly beat in teebird 3. All pretty stable, for a leopard's reputation. On my best throws, the three flight paths looked almost the same, just no turn for the teebird3 @ 320ft, leopard3 @ 335ft, leopard @ 345ft

  5. I played in Oklahoma a few weeks ago, and I got pretty good turn out of my star leo3. I’m thinking elevation might be factoring in more than I give it credit for. Not a ton of difference, but noticeable.

  6. These Champ Leos are a different beast, almost like a teebird when they are new. Don't try those at elevation, look at the pro plastic for new at that height I guess.

  7. I got a Spin with a local store's custom stamp back in November with my winnings from a tournament, I really like it, great for getting an easy understable flight out of a disc on a low power upshot. I am just worried how sad I will be if I ever get an ace with mine that you won't be able to see the signatures though. I understand R2 is recycled plastic, but I wonder what color it would be without them adding dye to it.

  8. Simon Lizotte silver sharpie

  9. Max weight allowed is 8.3 grams per cm of diameter.

  10. Has anybody ever made a larger diameter driver? Technically if max diameter is 30 cm you could go up 249 grams and any diameter to weight ratio that is legal. Could Ezra chuck a 24.1cm driver at 200 grams further than he can a max weight nuke?

  11. I'm a big fan of the Scorpius and this color glow plastic has the smoothest flashing on the rim I've ever felt. It's a complete bomber. After that, bendy james, infinite myth (sasquatch stamps), razor claw 2, midnight prowl. I'm really looking forward to getting to know the rest of them though

  12. C-blend Myth! Picked one up 2 months ago as a throwing putter, it is great! I putt with x-blend Myths.

  13. Guys, he lives in WEST DES MOINES!!!!! Chill with the caps Dustin lol.

  14. It's a DES MOINES thing, look at Xander a couple above him.

  15. Yeah I've only played for 6 months and just got a practice basket (or will for christmas is santa is nice ;-) . The reason I am hesitant to get more of the Maiden is simply cost. Aviar factory seconds cost 6.40$ a piece. Maidens around 10-11 from what I've seen.

  16. 10 avairs is like 4.80 a disc. $48 for the stack, order on Friday and get a free disc. Last week the free disc was a halo Teebird.

  17. It was fine, click the link.

  18. The pack should come with a fourth disc, a max weight for putting and reserve the 150g for a throwing putter. As someone who has never had a backhand, a stack of DX 146-149 aviars is helping me learn how to use my whole body, find my release point and timing and how to hyzer flip a disc super straight. The lighter weight makes form easier to feel and replicate, the hyzer to flip angle is easier to throw and the flight is more responsive to my mistakes. Newbies of all ages need this kind of set up.

  19. These are confined so far. We also have two more moulds coming out that aren’t those. Rumour has it one is a ‘zone’ type disc , not sure on the other.

  20. You mean the 600-700 foot roller? Yeah super exciting

  21. Or, Eagle's 700ft air shot this year. YEAH SUPER EXCITING!

  22. Do you find distance contest throws more entertaining than course events? I don't find them particularly interesting other than watching people's form.

  23. Nope, they are not notable unless in person. The way the top tier coverage companies film bomber courses though, and seeing the full flight, is really something else to watch a MF throw 500-700ft on a course. These are not flat open fields people. Elevation and even just one tree 50ft from the basket can really play an advantage to the players like Ricky that have bomber skills and accuracy. While the other dudes who bomb are trying to make monster putts for bird, he is tappin in.

  24. That’s bc outside of the most recent run of 500 A2’s, prodigy hasn’t put out a decent run of anything in about 5 years. Those A2’s though… BEEEEEF

  25. Tbh I haven’t thrown them. Haven’t found a need. The rim on the A2’s is right in line with a Zone/Harp style, but that 500 plastic dances. Soo much skip. Pairs perfect with my Berg’s which get thrown the majority of the time. The A2’s comes out when I need to get around something

  26. Probably depends on what you got. I've had 2 zones (thanks to a nice river next to hole 10), both have been very close to my Rat. Innova is awful at making consistent discs, so I probably have a more overstable one and you probably have a more understable one

  27. Can't really determine that when just talking mold names, really need to be putting plastic types next to all of the mold types.

  28. What about a champion mako3?

  29. +3 to the speed there, it's 13 speed

  30. I haven’t heard of that one? What’s your feedback on it?

  31. Longer, slightly more stable Pig.. Double thumbtrack, doesn't ever turn and burn, always fights back. More skip, than Pig, but more consistent in production, price around 7 bucks.

  32. I know it’s a meme disc, but honestly I would have still been happy with just the Groove.

  33. Overhand tomahawks or thumbers with the groove!

  34. If you have any great ideas for future content i would appreciate it, there is so much out there that is amazing.

  35. Tip one has been a game changer for me, thank you so much. My nose angle is more consistent with this approach to grip, and my putting is as well! It is now a part of my routine!

  36. Caiman/Berg combo. Have an Animal for short straight shots that need a little less fade and more touch than the other two can provide.

  37. I've not thrown the Mortar, but I'd imagine fairly similar. I like to think of the Caiman as a short fairway driver. I throw a lot of Pigs and TeeBird3's and it fits perfectly between them. Flies like a driver, in that it doesn't need as much height to work with compared to my Pig, so good for low ceilings. And doesn't have the big ground play of a driver, so lands like a putter.

  38. Got a star F2 Caiman when that was all they had, felt like a 3 fade. I now have 3 champ F2 Caimans, because after the first one I knew it was what I was looking for, definitely more fade than the star.

  39. I'm definetly gonna be doing fieldwork a lot more this off-season and yeah stripping down to basics then adding power looks like the way to go

  40. If you are doing fieldwork, grab a stack of low glide, high torque resistant discs and learn how to drive with them. Something Simon said that will always stick with me- if you want to throw far, learn how to throw putters far. So something like an Innova Pig, I like the Yikun Hammer due to production consistency in disc shape. Learn how to power drive on those and it will teach you form and release angles. Once I worked those hundreds of times, the distance on the driver's came like it was natural. Wraiths and bosses are consistently 425-475, I've thrown a champ Wraith 518ft rhfh, and a star boss 560ft rhfh.

  41. I don't know what putters you are throwing, but for my poor form it took flat max weight pigs at 3 1 0 3 to fight my OAT release and figure out my wrist snap. Everything else did what you say with a corkscrew. Simon throws p2s, something like 2 3 0 1, so his form must be great.

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