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AITA for calling my hot-tempered guy coworker "emotional" to embarrass him into calming tf down?

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  1. After reading OP’s responses here they seem like a massive troll. Without evidence I’m treating this as fake.

  2. you wouldn’t happen to remember the car that was next to it by chance? trying to get a sense of roof line.

  3. With the adjustable ride height I’d imagine this changes. I’m 6’4” and it was right at my eyebrows. 6’2” ish.

  4. Found a cool thing but I can’t show you, why don’t you tell me about your cool things though so I can see them!!

  5. Don’t just get the stroller if you can, grab adapters we need too

  6. The first (very simple) print order they ordered from their Megacorp neighbors was a tad off. It bothered the Xigalgorf so intensely they became Fanatic Purifiers since clearly no Xeno could ever be trusted to do anything right. Curiously, they adopted the misprinted symbol for their unified iconography so as to always be reminded why they must carry on in their task. The rest is mostly a tale of bombardment and tomb worlds.

  7. I wish I didn’t have to have roof glass…

  8. Yeah, I've got all the DLC and made dozens of megastructures throughout multiple playthroughs. I've just never gotten lucky enough to get a ruined structure that I could repair, I guess.

  9. Same, I’ve never seen one I can’t repair…seems we are at an impasse.

  10. Please see the number of hours I have played as highlighted in the red box. Loaded the game up and tried my hand at exterminating the Xenos because of it.

  11. YTA. What did you do to annoy her first? LOLOL

  12. NTA and anyone who holds a grudge against their dm might be playing the wrong game.

  13. I love my family but it will help you to learn a lot and then you can make things that work for you right away.

  14. So you sent your units into the veil? I've never sent a grip of units so far into the

  15. YTA. No proof, should’ve asked if they have anything missing. I saw a post today about how peers make poor juries. This seems like a good analog as to why.

  16. I remember that feeling. I’d get you a cookie if we lived near each other.

  17. INFO: I’d love an update on if you are showing your potential Wasband (was-husband) this. It reminds me of the smothered tv show. If he never comes around on this and never apologizes for not saving you a seat it means there is a lot more of this in store. Really really strange behavior here.

  18. NTA. This is a really adult way to handle this situation. I admire your long game and very much will keep this in my back pocket. The tears thing would only slip out if I too was slightly compromised. Anger is an emotion, you described the behavior accurately and wonderfully in a way that gets through.

  19. Super awesome! Can we see the evolutions too!?

  20. Hi everyone. This post has been reported by many of you. While I agree that Launch Green is the best color and appreciate the reports saying that this post should be removed for being wrong, we allow a variety of opinions here. I understand that many of you feel personally victimized by Launch Green not being #1. I encourage you to take a break from the internet or talk to a loved one for support.

  21. Cocaine white is not an actual color…hahaha

  22. ESH. Took me until 28 to turn it around. Great opportunity to show compassion and to set healthy clear boundaries.

  23. Maybe I missed something, R1T?

  24. Hope you get yours soon! Being ghosted must feel bad. Almost downvoted this for a perceived whining tone until I tried to have a little empathy!

  25. One of my favorite coworkers started around your age. Keep it up! Another friend who is a high level manager at a very large company also started similarly. Do what makes you want to learn more!

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