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  1. Does anyone else know about the incident a few days ago? She needs help. You need to tell an adult that can help. Maybe it's your parents, a teacher, counselor, coach, etc. But someone needs to be made aware of her cries for help.

  2. I feel the same way, but I'm a guy. My best friend and I (both very straight) get along wonderfully, we spend a ton of time at each other's houses, and we've never fought and if we were both gay, life would be so much easier

  3. That is perfectly fine, sex is meant to be a pleasurable and enjoyable experience for both parties. If you don't like it, you don't. Just like how I love skydiving but not everyone does. You may find that one person who you're willing to explore with, but if not, you're not required to have sex or french kiss someone to show affection. Everyone is different, and shows affection in different ways.

  4. You know how Superman can fly so fast can make the Earth rotate backwards and turn back time?

  5. I took a friend from the military to McDonald's, ordered a double McRoyale, 12 nuggets, and a Big Mac, while he ordered a Big Mac and 9 nuggets. I finished before he was halfway done, and he asked me to finish for him. He was astonished because he was 80kg and I'm 60kg

  6. I took a shit this morning...... Since we are here telling each other what we are doing

  7. Man I did not expect these comments😭 no duh student loan forgiveness won’t fix everything but it can coexist with the idea that tuition should be lowered. This individualism mentality of not wanting your taxes to be used to help other citizens is mind boggling to me. No one should have be in debt as a result of student loans.

  8. Honestly I feel that loan forgiveness is a good first step towards lower tuition

  9. 800 is way overkill. 400 would be enough if ops weight is a standard one (80-100 kg). he can go with 600mg if he's 100kg+

  10. My birthday was also yesterday, had a family dinner and that's it. Luckily I was too exhausted to do anything anyway

  11. Something my parents told me while I was in an abusive relationship that I didn't listen to until after, is that you are your own priority. You don't want to be fat, it's actually extremely dangerous. If you need to, leave that relationship. Only make changes to yourself for yourself, not for anyone else. Take care of yourself, this is the only body you get. See a doctor, a dietitian, and a personal trainer; losing all that weight will be difficult. Please take care of yourself OP. Wishing you the best of luck 🙏

  12. I (22M) might have an eating disorder but I have no idea what. I can go days without eating and not notice, either because of laziness, boredom, or lack of appetite. I only really notice how long it's been when I eat next, and even then, I eat enough to feel something in my stomach. I'd like to eat properly, I just forget to or don't have the energy to. I don't think I'm fat or overweight, I know I'm bordering on underweight. I have trouble sleeping, I'm lethargic, and have short bursts of excess energy.

  13. Bonus prize … when you know your times tables off by heart, division suddenly works too. I wish someone had told me that as a kid, because I didn’t know the point of chanting that crap over and over again! Now I know! Good luck!

  14. You may be mad, but at least you're not dyslexic!

  15. Did you know, if you hold all 10 fingers out in front of you, you can do 3×9 on your fingers?

  16. Hey OP, just wanted to pop in and say congratulations, you sound very happy and madly in love at the moment. Warning though, this is the honeymoon phase, the feeling does fade, but in good relationships, never truly disappears. I also want to advise you to not lose yourself in this feeling or in him, just be careful. You sound very happy with him, and I wish you the best of luck! May your happiness be everlasting and neverending!

  17. OP, so many great people have given you answers, I have nothing to add. I'm wishing you the best of luck with both of them!

  18. i would fake being kidnapped for thirteen years for half a snickers bar 🗿

  19. I feel like that's a quote from something... If not, I'm totally stealing it

  20. I'm low key looking forward to it. I might be playing too much Fallout...

  21. OP, this is how me and my near 1yr SO started. We are now searching for a house to move in together! You never know!

  22. I come from a religious background so I don't really know the "timeline" in non religious relationships. Is nearly a year not early to move in together? Genuinely curious, not criticizing

  23. Honestly I wouldn't be the best person to ask, because my grandparents etc all moved in within a year and now so am I.

  24. It feeling like the right time sounds wonderful, I wish you both the best!

  25. Hi! 22M here, I absolutely love meeting new people and talking, I think we share a few interests! I like to motivate the people around me and spread love and affection to everyone, so if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, my DM is open.

  26. As a Jewish Israeli, I agree. I live in the West Bank, I've served in the military, I've seen what terrorists do. But when I saw that, I didn't see a Muslim or an Arab, I saw a terrorist. I do not hate Muslims, I do not hate Arabs. I've worked very closely with them. They're great people, and all Arabs and Muslims I've met have a fantastic work ethic. I do hate terrorists though, and it's a very important distinction.

  27. I got you OP 🤗🤗🤗 Sending all my strong and comforting hugs your way

  28. Jeff from Issaquah here. I received your telepathic message about my beloved tuna sandwich and scrambled to respond. I'm posting this from the roof of my parents' house. You see, I had a bit of a breakdown when the sandwich went missing, and let's just say my day has been lined with certain unpleasantries in the chaos of emotion that followed.

  29. Bruh I'm 100% straight, but I'd totally fuck Ryan Reynolds. You're not alone

  30. Definitely Kingdom Hearts or the Nier series

  31. I've heard of Kingdom Hearts, I know nothing about it. I've never heard of Nier. I'll make sure to check them both out!

  32. Never played Mortal Kombat, I have played Tekken 7 and loved it. I'll check it out! Unfortunately I have no one to play with, so does it have a good campaign?

  33. Search and favorite on the website. The in game mod search is basically useless.

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