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My wife’s favorite holiday has been Groundhog Day since she was a little girl. Today I was able to take her to be there in person for the first time. Worth the 7+ hour drive and 4 hour wait in 14°F weather this morning.

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  1. I am poor, but I own a house and with it a mortgage and I didn't lose power. Can I strut around like that? I want to strut around like that.

  2. can you abandon your tanks at my place next time? Thanks in advance.

  3. Our groundhog here in Quebec died last night. This weekend it’s going to be -42 windchill. The dead groundhog was a message.

  4. She looks so happy!!! Truly made me smile 😊 thanks for sharing

  5. Crown of the empire! /s congrats to SA they seem to be a formidable team

  6. Voting age is 18, unless you she is attacking High School class rep elections.

  7. Wait …..what? This can’t be true. But it probably is.


  9. as usual - bad technique - lot of hype

  10. What sins have I committed to have to listen to Sanju and Kartik, especially when SKY and Tripathi are batting together.

  11. I like Ajit as the commentator. He doesn't indulge in low quality speculative, nor does he spew incorrect data to prove a really terrible point. I like it when he gets excited about a really good ball- he talks about wrist position, run up - his general obervations.

  12. Sanjay Manjrekar: Generally teams batting second here win or at least get close

  13. Sanju Manju is a low effort commentator/pundit. Takes no effort in research and spews absolutely useless or incorrect stats.

  14. And when it seems like he's making a half decent point, he'll ruin it by repeating it ad nauseam

  15. And for some reason will be throwing veiled attacks at fellow commentators, and players. I just mute my TV whenever he is on.

  16. Companies can lay people off at a moments notice causing everyone to panic but us peasants are supposed to give a 2 week notice lol

  17. I dont think thats true. Companies might ask you to do that, but you arent legally bound to do that. You can walk off in an at will state.

  18. i am pretty sure it was benaud. but i could be wrong

  19. Tony Greig it was. Dead sure about this. :)

  20. Just checked and you are right. My memory is failing! 🤪

  21. I feel bad for this person. She seems to be proudly ignorant having been brainwashed. Hopefully she comes out of it a bit wiser and changes her ways to be more informed. Thats what I am going to pray for.

  22. Why is this team getting you all pumped? This team almost lost the match despite making 349. No middle order batsman played, our bowling was shit, our fielding left a lot to be desired. After gill, the top scorer was Rohit on 34. Gill and Siraj were the only ones who can walk off the field with their head held high.

  23. Christian persecution tends to get ignored. Like how ten years ago there was all this coverage of China persecuting Buddhists in Tibet, and now it's Muslims in Xinjiang, but China's persecution of Christians is hardly ever mentioned.

  24. There are pages of links when you search for "religious persecution of Christians in China." Some samples:

  25. This level of comedy even SNL couldn't think of. .

  26. Anger I get. Disbelief? What did we think was going to happen? They made Trump the President.

  27. Erdogan's posturing is for Turkey's elections. Once those are done and dusted, Turkey will likely fall into line. Purely conjecture on my part

  28. Not practical but how about we trade Finland for turkey. Remember when Erdogan’s thugs beat up peaceful protesters and cops in Washington D.C during the administration of “ I am selling America First “. No consequences of course

  29. You mean kick out Turkey from NATO?

  30. The click bait title does not do justice to a very well written op-ed article. I encourage reading it.

  31. Me and wifey are going to buy this for my media/entertainment room, it has a mini bar and a darts behind the theater setting.

  32. That is some commitment lol I admire that. Your wife knows what shes talkin about.

  33. Oh my god! I love her a alot but once I got a houseplant - and wanted it in my office. Well plants are green and the office is green. No can do- we painted the room white, got a nice bamboo pot covering (not sure what they are called, basically a bigger pot where the real pot goes into.

  34. For those who are like "found who?" --

  35. I can't wait to see 50 AH-65 Apaches flying over on their way to the Russian front lines, piloted by US and British....with F-35's pounding Russian targets while F-22's reduce the Russian airforce to nothing and B-2 bombers leveling entire bases....that's when this war would take weeks to end the war if this happens. Until that happens, this will continue.

  36. Yeah that’s how the war and the world would end. The moment US troops drop bombs on Russian soil it gives Putin, the asshole, the excuse to use nuclear weapons. One American killed means the us starts firing missiles and it’s all out nuclear Armageddon.

  37. Are they? Everyone is probably conscious about their picture being taken. The kid is excited that there are balloons and wants to get a closer look. He is experiencing the moment.

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