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  1. Those leather mask people wear in porn. I don't find it sexy.

  2. Considering I’m still a virgin at 28 never but that’s just how it is when you have no confidence in yourself can’t get any if you aren’t putting yourself out there

  3. No shame in being a Virginia. I was until I was 26. Also, I found someone while not looking. I know cliche but it works.

  4. 22 caliber bullets. People assume because they are small they won't do as much harm.

  5. Nope. She is at 10 I'm at 2. Also she is a 10 and I'm a 2. So it works out.

  6. First few hours there and while going up some stairs surrounded by a bunch of tourist , came some pickpocketers and I caught them red handed with their hand in my SO’s pocket. Then someone burned me with their cigarette which I know was an accident but still wasn’t a pleasant experience. City was not as clean as I thought it would be smelled like piss everywhere and lots of people around the metro felt like they were up to no good just looking for prey. Too chaotic and big of a city for me I think. However I’ve been to big cities such as Bangkok and had no issues. I guess I had high expectations for Paris, but I did love the food.

  7. That makes sense. I've heard Paris is the Detroit of Europe.

  8. I'm not American, but even I thought that crashing into the World Trade Centre was fairly rude.

  9. Yes cause like them they are also probably minding thier own business.

  10. I'm in a relationship now I have started to notice how often other woman flirt with me.

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