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  1. The problem is the rapid increase in tuition & fees by universities. While everyone rails against big pharma & big oil, why is big education getting a pass for cost increases the have risen faster than drugs or energy over the last two decades?

  2. "I was just doing my job as President stooge for Putin."

  3. I find it telling that you are still peddling that Putin collusion hoax. It shows you are totally dishonest or totally brainwashed.

  4. His whole 2016 campaign was based on denying aid to Ukraine. Before Trump the entire Replublican party was fully behind Ukraine and helping them. Then Trump worked them into opposing Ukraine and gee golly....who did Russia invade recently?

  5. There are no negative news stories about Pres Biden on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC or NPR. So what he's saying is Fox has more credibility and is more influential than all those others combined, isn't it?

  6. Aren't they all? Looks like they expect us to cower in the closet, triple masked.

  7. If a 'dictator' were to leave by losing an election, they wouldn't be a dictator.

  8. Al Gore conceded after exhausting legal challenges.

  9. Actually Stacy Abrams has yet to concede. You must be talking about this November where she may get another chance. But if she wins Kemp will concede so there's that.

  10. Why should anyone care about a BS editorial from a British newspaper? Don't they have problems in the UK they can cover father than publishing brainless tripe about a country they still no nothing about and are trying to learn.

  11. So it got repackaged as "Climate Change". Tada! Problem solved.

  12. This is a joke, fight? The gov of Califascist calling out other States' freedom.

  13. That's like like me saying I will go one strike from sex with A-list actresses until I get my way.

  14. If you have been sleeping for the last 1 1/2 years (like the Pres), the control organization has come from the party in complete control - hint: not the GOP.

  15. Sounds good. Worthy choices for these military establishments.

  16. Can't even imagine the horrors if no-one in that situation had a gun. It would've ended terribly.

  17. Knives can do a lot of damage too. The weapon of choice in the UK.

  18. In the UK. In Florida they apparently pack heat.

  19. Wow. Already 0.3% of the population. A landslide in lib clown world.

  20. Hunter Biden anyone? Oh, and 10% for the Big Guy.

  21. Sorta like Twitter, Facebook, censors anything negative about the Clinton's & Biden's.

  22. This has become flat political harassment. Fishing expeditions everywhere. It's a good thing the right has moral integrity or these villains would be getting a taste of their own medicine.

  23. Along with Zuckerberg, Bezos is the reincarnation of Joseph Goebbels. The Big Lie told daily at WaPo & Facebook; our viewpoint, and only our viewpoint, will be presented. All else is false and will be suppressed.

  24. Reading the comments, I have just realized this is not a subreddit of serious people.

  25. This is a crackpot suggestion by a complete loonbin which was not doubt roundly rejected by every sentient being. So why did it become national news? Could the media be trying to create division? I would prefer a press that tried to unite rather than inflame.

  26. An attention whore best known for writing books detailing her years of substance abuse and promiscuity.

  27. It is not an equal divide. Those advocated these extreme changes represent about a 1/3rd or less of the populations but have maneuvered themselves to be in control of the the supreme court, many state legislatures and because of archaic rules the US Senate.

  28. If 2/3 of the population really want something, why don't they actually get some legislation passed? It may be because the 2/3 figure is fiction. It is more likely 1/3 minority of spoiled children.

  29. It wouldn't be as bad except the media constantly lie about the facts and inflame the passions of their base audiences. A honest recitation of the facts would cool the emotions but that is not what we will get until the media are covering atrocities they incited and are held accountable.

  30. Wow. Your argument is so compelling. I have seen the light and will move into a solar-powered cave next to Michael Mann, Greta, AL Gore, John Kerry, Wait what, you mean they all live in energy Consuming mansions and jetset in private planes? Color me shocked!

  31. Fair enough. There was no legislation covering this issue the SC correctly found that the current Executive could undo what the previous one did by fiat. Just being consistent. But now I guess they will have to review the DREAM Program which was also done by Executive fiat.

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