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  1. Lemmings. They are programmed to believe anything a prof or celeb says even if it defies logic.

  2. In unrelated news, Mr Starbuck committed suicide last night. /s/

  3. Is picking crops a step down or a step up from cleaning toilets like that one lady on The View said.

  4. That had to be Joy Behar, the most brain-dead person on the air. Constantly makes racist comments while thinking she is delivering pearls of wisdom. Was born without any sense of self- awareness and has since declined in that attribute. A vile human on her best day. It's why The View goes through cast members so frequently; only other low-wattage people like Whoopie & Sunny can stand the inanity for long. Nirvana will be reached when the combined IQ of the 5 hosts total 150.

  5. Note - this was 2018 not today. Still weird numbers though.

  6. MJ was made a Sched-1 drug in the late '60s by Pres Nixon to persecute the Hippies who were protesting his admin. It was not based on science but politics. As a result all studies of the effects/benefits of pot ended since sched-1 drugs, by definition, have no medical benefit.

  7. Of course it advances diversity when a black/hispanic/Asian plays the role of a white man/woman but don't even think of using a white person in a role designed for a black/hispanic/Asian.

  8. How does one join this cooking club? Have spatula, will travel.

  9. So your argument is that all humans have eidetic memories therefore anyone who can't remember something means they are either lying or impaired?

  10. No I'm saying when you remember NOTHING, you are lying or impaired.

  11. So you're saying the totality of her testimony was "I don't recall" and that she had no other responses?

  12. Answered to state your name and other inocuous questions; could not recall anything when asked questions of substance. Have a nice day in your echo chamber.

  13. Could you then make the argument that this is the fault of Obama for being a driving force for Trump to run for POTUS? Causing the lefty to attack the conservative.

  14. I think Hillary is to blame for Trump, hence her fault.

  15. Next time fly to Mexico and walk in. You will be able to stay at-large for 3 years waiting for a hearing.

  16. Did she just call Biden (40% approval - clearly "not with what the majority of Americans are") an extremist? That's terrible!

  17. Wow. I didn't realize the administration could just ban a union. Maybe the next President can decertify all govt employees unions and be done with this nonsense.

  18. The problem is the rapid increase in tuition & fees by universities. While everyone rails against big pharma & big oil, why is big education getting a pass for cost increases the have risen faster than drugs or energy over the last two decades?

  19. "I was just doing my job as President stooge for Putin."

  20. I find it telling that you are still peddling that Putin collusion hoax. It shows you are totally dishonest or totally brainwashed.

  21. His whole 2016 campaign was based on denying aid to Ukraine. Before Trump the entire Replublican party was fully behind Ukraine and helping them. Then Trump worked them into opposing Ukraine and gee golly....who did Russia invade recently?

  22. There are no negative news stories about Pres Biden on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC or NPR. So what he's saying is Fox has more credibility and is more influential than all those others combined, isn't it?

  23. Aren't they all? Looks like they expect us to cower in the closet, triple masked.

  24. If a 'dictator' were to leave by losing an election, they wouldn't be a dictator.

  25. Al Gore conceded after exhausting legal challenges.

  26. Actually Stacy Abrams has yet to concede. You must be talking about this November where she may get another chance. But if she wins Kemp will concede so there's that.

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