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  1. What compelled her to jump off and then cry for Ben's help after she didn't make it? Like nothing wrong with the actor but it was such a weird 180.

  2. Yeah that was odd but that's on the writers for sure, same as her Looney tunes chase in episode 1 too. The actress herself is quite good though!

  3. You've got some beautiful shots in here but I have to say the street light one takes the cake for the idea alone.

  4. Damn that sucks. No promise can come back and take another shot at the MLB. He's got some promise. Haven't seen much of Alford but he looks alright. At this point, as long as he can stay healthy, that's all we need haha

  5. I'm right there with ya! Once the Sonics bounced so did my care for the NBA. I only watch March madness. God I miss caring about basketball.

  6. Because I had liked Allen Iverson, I took up watching the 76ers after the Sonics we're stolen from us. Let me tell ya, I long for the day to return when I can be disappointed by a team at least I have a chance to go physically watch

  7. I still think the Robbie Ray signing was good on paper so I can't fault the FO for going for it. The Kikuchi situation is regrettable (especially since he was my favorite pitcher on the team), but I think letting him go was right. I think the change in scenery/coaching for him specifically is probably making a bigger deal than we realize.

  8. One nobody who has been in the military is surprised by.

  9. I used to live in a military town abroad (not military myself) and my god it felt like every month or so that the soldiers would just stop showing up in town and I would hear that they were on some sort of probation for misbehaving.

  10. If the NBA actually announces that Seattle is getting a team I could easily ride that high for a couple of years until the team hits the floor. It would be fun watching the team get built from scratch.

  11. I would have like the level of excitement I saw friends have in the Kraken.

  12. Outer Wilds is one of those games where when I was playing it, I just felt like "this is what videogames are meant to be like." I don't know if it's my favorite game ever, but it's just such a perfect gaming experience.

  13. I still don't understand JP hitting after Ty, but that's Ms baseball. Go team!

  14. New analytics shows that your strongest hitter should go 2nd because of a few factors, mainly one being that the first two batters tend to get more at bats over a long period of time. But you still wouldn't have them bat first because you do still want the first batter to be someone who is fast and reliably can get on base and serve as a strong base runner to be hit in by the second batter.

  15. Can someone ELI5 why we keep Souza in the starting roster when we have DMo, Frazier, and Toro in the roster? I get why not DMo tonight obviously, but is it because DMo and Frazier are too valuable and need to be left open to slot in anywhere in case of injury? Like if not that, what's stopping us from putting Toro at 2nd, and then one of the other two in RF. If JP needs a day off, we can still cover his absence with DMo and Frazier is left open for RF with Toro on 2nd. I just don't get it. Or am I being too hard on Souza?

  16. For moving to this area from out of state? Yes. Not only the absurdity of the lie, but that it's told by everyone. 6 years ago it came from the real estate agent, my employer, my future coworkers, ALL of the leasing agents we talked to. Not a single person, not one, deviated from the lie.

  17. I get it but you have to understand even up until the late aughts, AC was extremely uncommon. People that grew up here (myself included) are just getting used to the concept of needing it. If it helps, when people say this, what they mean (if they're trying to be fair/honest) is that if a property doesnt have central air/AC, it's because at the time it was built, there were only a handful of days a year where it was needed, if that.

  18. I know this probably doesn't need to be said here of all places but that Blade Runner soundtrack was simply iconic. Rest in Peace to a wonderful composer.

  19. Emphatically no. That many players is never smart for putting all your eggs in one basket, no matter how tempting that basket could be. If he goes down with injury then boom, we traded a substantial part of the farm for nothing.

  20. So the max rehab time is 20 days? So he’ll do that then be “optioned” to aaa?

  21. I don't think there is any possible justification for keeping Evan White off our MLB roster given who is on it right now, unless he uncharacteristically does just abysmally during the rehab series.

  22. I think this is the word I've been searching for. A lot of acquaintances, so I always had at least someone I got on well with in any class, but I wasn't in any kind of popular group.

  23. There are a few common uses of floater. I know I've heard them used for that crap in your eye that looks like tiny squiggly shapes you can see when you close your eyes.

  24. I wondered about that phenomenon. Flanders, I felt, worked best as a contrast to Homer: the successful neighbour with the finished basement, beer on tap, pool table, etc. Then they just made him a religious nutter, which hadn't been the point.

  25. I know you probably didn't mean this, but you essentially said "in my opinion" and followed it up with the exact statement that the linked article made as soon as it focused in on Flanders.

  26. That rule makes zero sense to me. It’s impossible to throw a no-hitter on the road if you don’t win?

  27. The Mother's Day conquest was forcing me to play on difficulties where I just can't win, but I got super lucky and got two separate 1-0 wins on All Star thanks to Meetch. Permanently on my team (even moreso than he already was).

  28. Was that the conquest where you had to finish the map in 13 turns?

  29. Yeah it was rough. Had to even get lucky with the tile conquering in addition to the fortress battles. I can barely win on veteran so I decided I was going to just try once and give up if I failed because I had no faith in me. But Haniger had faith in me so I'm going to keep putting my faith in him :,)


  31. INFO: this may be an unimportant detail but are like 95% of your class wearing these or am I misunderstanding something about the sashes? Are second generation law school attendees common where you live? Or wouldn't basically everyone be wearing one? Seems like this is better for an undergrad graduation but for a specialized degree like law school, it doesn't really send the same message.

  32. Graduation from law school is a hooding ceremony just like other Ph.D. programs where the hoods with sashes are color coded based on the degree one earns. JD recipients wear purple.

  33. Thanks for the clarification. It sounds like my assumption was right then. In my case both my folks went to college but in OPs world, I would still get a first generation sash if I did my JD which feels like it really cheapens the meaning of the sash if they let people like me wear it.

  34. Listening to the crowd around us get so deflated after trying to heckle him all inning was so nice.

  35. Don't you get it? The Internet is a series of tubes, Madonna is a female and as a female she has fallopian tubes and centipedes are long like tubes.

  36. You somehow found a way to make it less sexy. I'm honestly impressed.

  37. Thank you, I was curious. But now I'm not, and instead I'm full of regret for having been curious.

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