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  1. Damn. I just bought this for my M1 Mac yesterday on Steam. I’m having the same issue.

  2. According to Paradox, they’re having the team look into it. Seems to only affect Apple Silicon.

  3. There's already a thread running on Paradox’s website for it. I don't think they're going to do shit about it.

  4. I attend GGC and just got the same e-mail. All links point to the official website including the reply to address. This appears 100% legit.

  5. One change I noticed was the areoles getting bigger.

  6. Don't use those switches, just twist two wires together or use screw switches.

  7. Thanks. Already solved the issue. Changed the orientation and removed the metal rocker.

  8. My biggest concern with this configuration is switch bounce. If your doing dual deployment. The apogee event can produce enough G’s to bounce your switches. I quit using those switches a long time ago for that reason.

  9. I just don’t feel attractive, good looking, or handsome as a guy. Not sure if I just have self-esteem issues or if I am truly meant to follow the path towards the second photo. Hasn’t been my first time questioning but I also haven’t known from a young age like most. I feel like I always figure things out later than I should’ve.

  10. Been struggling a lot with depression and questioning my identity. I feel like I look happier in the second photo.

  11. Been struggling a lot with depression and questioning my identity. Used FaceApp to see what the possibilities are. I feel like I look happier in the second photo. I’ve never truly felt attractive, handsome, or good looking as a guy. But that second photo makes me feel like “damn I’m hot!” Not sure if this is just self-esteem issues or if I am truly meant to be myself in the second photo. This also isn’t my first time questioning but I also never felt like I was meant to be a girl/woman from a young age like some.

  12. "Triangle wreath frame" that's the deathly hallows dude

  13. Apparently it's on Discovery+, I'll look around on some of my lesser-known torrent sites/servers to see if anyone has a copy for you.

  14. Discovery+ in the UK. I tried in US and it’s not available.

  15. Thanks - I might consider going down this route. Eventually I might be femme enough where it is not possible to pass as a man anymore. I think I'm just scared about all this. I'm 44, married, have 2 daughters (4 and almost 6), I don't want to blow up my life, especially my family life. I love being with them and don't want to lose them. My wife is very clear with me that she is straight and can't be in a relationship with a woman.

  16. I know this is a bit of an older post but I am feeling this so much right now! I’m about 9 years behind you, no kids but my wife says the same thing. Fortunately we came to an agreement for now that allows me to use water balloons as breast and dress while she’s gone. However, how long will this be enough?

  17. Unfortunately for me, my wife doesn’t play video games. 🤣

  18. Me too! We got this! 🥰 I have some counseling appointments in the morning. A moment ago, I found myself looking at a photo I made on FaceApp that showed me as a female with makeup applied from YouCam Makeup, and I found myself both terrified and happy! I know it'll cost my marriage, but I longed to look like I did in that photo.

  19. That’s one of the people we have an appointment with on Saturday is our couple’s counselor who believes I may be on the spectrum and possibly gender fluid. So we’ll be discussing this a lot on Saturday both with her and I have a separate counseling appointment for myself.

  20. Thanks for the support. While I hate being alone, I think I may need to focus on myself before dating again if things don’t work in this marriage, god forbid! She is everything to me.

  21. These look like PVCs - premature ventricular contractions. Everyone has them occasionally, and just getting them sporadically isn't worrisome. Think of it as a heart "hiccup." Things like being extra stressed, tired, or having drank a lot of caffeine can make them more prevalent.

  22. Thank you. I was beginning to come to that conclusion myself while looking at other arrhythmias. When would a serious of PVCs be worrisome enough to have evaluated at a medical center?

  23. Having them consistently every few beats would be concerning. I'm seeing 1-2 in 30 seconds in these recordings, which is fine.

  24. Spam, it’s been effecting GGC students also!

  25. Ooh that's a nasty one, do you know what went down with it?

  26. Have no clue. Just that something caused the BLTouch to get ripped off and damaged permanently. Had to replace it as the probe didn’t deploy anymore. No breaks, no nuts. Not sure if it just vibrated loose on both screws or not.

  27. Naw. You destroyed it. That print, with those settings, was input by a human. Also, it looks like all that was impacted was the abl. Hardly "Destroyed"

  28. Was printing this same item without issue. Came home from class and found this mess. Have no idea how the ABL fell off and pulled itself from the wiring but I’ll have to replace it. Not sure if wiring is damaged or the ABL but the probe doesn’t deploy now. Isn’t bent either.

  29. Remote fell on screen was the detail left out. There’s no way a remote falling could cause this unless it hit the screen and broke it.

  30. It's always special when you bring two similarly aged cats in at the same time. Especially like in your third photo where they are cuddling together. Thank you for saving them!

  31. I cried for a full day after beating the game.

  32. The community at large isn't really sure. The main problem is that we don't know how the Companions figure time. If they are using a 24 hour day...then yes, it's been almost 7 million years since humans left.

  33. Don’t forget the digital clock where your meet the guardian. It showed 99:99.

  34. I got super lucky and got it in one attempt. It really helps to go back and play this one after you've been playing the game a while. I was so bad at the chase sequences at the beginning! But after beating the game I had a much better feel for how to avoid them and most important of all, I knew where to go so I didn't have to slow down looking for the turns.

  35. I just started my second run through and got it first try also.

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