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  1. What’s really truly what I say, is that about a little meth

  2. man goes through the 5 stages of grief with a monster that came from a traumatic event

  3. idk where y’all are seeing Kuuga, i see more Gaim than anything else

  4. yeah, my least favorite thing about Revice is how long it is. they could’ve ended it early on episode 46, but they didn’t, and i’m okay with that, since we wouldn’t have gotten Juuga, and Invincible Jeanne wouldn’t have gotten as much screen time as she did.

  5. Top ten collab insert picture of mr beast and offbrand mr beast here

  6. true, especially when it’s common throughout sentai

  7. some say he’s still waiting for a response

  8. Not really, imo because the users themselves weren't evil or dark aside from Olteca

  9. i live in a small town that’s not known for much of anything, so i’ll say what the state is known for: railroads and being framed for chaos

  10. if it wants to get so dirty, throw it away

  11. oh yeah, thanks for telling me. if i noticed, i wouldn’t have wasted my time

  12. hell yeah i loved him bcs he had a bird and j had a bird

  13. that’s no Double, that’s Triple

  14. It's a great digimon but did you know it's not really a greymon? It's Japanese name is Vritramon and it's only called a greymon because they decided to translate it different and just change its name.

  15. he may not be a true Greymon, but he will always be in my heart

  16. unpopular opinion, but i love the new Live and Evil suits. they just pop so well in my opinion, and this lighting makes them look better.

  17. as my Whisper, i would love to have Lord Enma, even if he can’t fight like Whisper normally can’t. as for my Jibanyan/USApyon, i’m choosing Shakey. i’ve personally loved Shakey, and idk why.

  18. Revice Thunder Gale is not as ugly and abysmal as everyone makes it out to be

  19. i like Thunder Gale more than Jack

  20. i’ve made a mistake saying Aqua’s suit being cool was an unpopular opinion, so i’ll say another: i LOVE Grand Zi-O and Grateful Ghost

  21. not me thinking about Imaginators being 5 years ago (probably)

  22. ZyuraGaon looked weird before Zenkaiger

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