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  1. He’s emptying out the school to take liminal photos

  2. Heavy goes to 7-11 for a hotdog and with a wasted Pyro and the local crack dealer who tried to assert his dominance.

  3. I was laughing quite hard while reading this comment so thank you 🙏

  4. Would be even better is if you recorded it in 4:3

  5. On a call with my friend, he was the one speaking

  6. Oh of ryan’s? No, I think we went to the same place and had the same idea

  7. Bro I need these cosmetics, does anyone know the names

  8. just bought both the cosmetics, Cant stop the scunt train baby

  9. They have been doing this with a couple events now, I believe they also did this with the thanksgiving event in 2017 and the wonder woman event not to long ago.

  10. You could race against a rock and lose with that reaction time

  11. The reason I couldn’t land the stab wasn’t cause of my reaction time it was because I was playing in windowed mode and my cursor went of the window so when I clicked the game didn’t respond

  12. It’s called masterconfig and it’s set to the second lowest graphic, bc the lowest one makes it look like unturned

  13. Please, PLEASE make the barn. I love that image so much, it feels so peaceful.

  14. I’m currently at the beach but when I get home I’ll be sure to make more

  15. They used a few different ones, I’m considering remaking more of them

  16. Well if you like it then maybe you should check out my channel ;)


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