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  1. I wouldn't give up on playoffs yet. Apparently, we're still trying to get the DP striker over the summer, and we're only 3 points off the playoff spot. I know it's a meme to be down on the Fire, but if you look at our season so far, despite our record, we are getting better. We are averaging more than 1 goal a game, and we haven't conceded a corner/set piece goal in our last 2 matches, which has been our biggest issue so far. We're also going toe to toe with top teams in the league. Can't count us out so early in the season.

  2. Please don't take this as me shooting the messenger but a DP striker doesn't really solve anything for us and we'd be stupid to sign one without addressing other more important issues. We've already got Kei and Kacper who should be good enough. Our biggest problem spots are defensive depth and just overall a terrible midfield. If we can't improve our midfield a DP striker is meaningless.

  3. Uruguay won the world cup 4 times and the copa america 15 times. I think you arent reading the situation very well. Also in terms of individual talent the uruguayan team far better in all categories

  4. They've only won the WC twice and never since 1950. And 2011 was the last Copa. Before that it was 1995. Theyre a historical power but in recent years they've been massively overshadowed by Brazil and Argentina to the point of being pushed out of the top tier of teams.

  5. I told you man. The difference between privilege first world kids againts players who play to feed their family. Uruguay nowadays has one of the top 5 teams in senior football, the problem they had the last cup was the manager

  6. I never said we were better. I said it was a relatively even game. Which it was. They scored 1 goal with defensive lapses from our players and we gave them an own goal. They were better but they were not so much better than we didn't have any chance in the game

  7. And the shape/tactical decisions for each game were questionable, for sure. It happens, especially with youth teams. This is not how you behave publicly as a youth parent.

  8. He'll be back. And if he's not that means 1 of 2 things.

  9. they have an army of players to sell. So they are banking on that will balance things out and no immediate repercussions since they don't have European games next season

  10. The thing is everyone and their mother knows Chelsea need to sell to avoid FFP issues and none of their players exactly set the world on fire this year.

  11. Even worse for Chelsea is that the bookyear ( ? idk the english term for this) closes june/july 30th and the transfer window is open till early september. So teams can really just wait it out until the last day, which is when Chelsea will panic

  12. Not sure of the term in England but we use fiscal year in America to say when a business has a different year end than December. And yeah agreed. Chelsea panicking is how they buy now so selling will be interesting

  13. If we win the cup idc if we lose every game the rest of the MLS Season tbh

  14. Israel back level. Really want them to win bc they're an easier game than Brazil for sure.

  15. Crap shoot yes. But just because a team pulls an upset doesn't automatically make them better lmao

  16. I really don't understand how this city squad even gels together tbh.

  17. Hilarious how far behind United still are considering how much they spent this season

  18. Really hope this goes to ET and penalties. Tire the city players out as much as possible before their CL final. Hope they beat United on pens though

  19. We want this going to penalties. Drain as much energy from City players as possible before they win it on penalties

  20. Nope, no available land in the city for a stadium and space for ample parking lots. Mansueto is sticking with SF.

  21. Mansueto has made it very clear he wants the Fire to play in downtown and not anywhere else. No space downtown for a new stadium.

  22. Too bad you also need to pay for parking and drive your ass all the way out to Bridgeview lol

  23. Such untapped potential here being thrown away. Sad but I'm fine as long as Berserk sees steady progress.

  24. With Ecuador’s loss, all of the USA opponents are now out of the tournament. The worry wart in me now wonders if the US has had too easy of a schedule so far.

  25. Slovakia and Fiji were pretty bad but I would say Ecuador actually looked good today barring the few defensive lapses

  26. 84' goal making things interesting for Ecuador

  27. Very interesting end to the game. Unclear who scores it but I'm going to list it as who FIFA have on their site.

  28. am I the only one that’s fine w/ Trusty over McKenzie? think Trusty looked the more ready of the two in the last window (albeit in limited showings)

  29. I'm less annoyed about this and more annoyed by the brooks omission tbh

  30. Chelsea are likely to move at least one of Kepa or Mendy, it wouldn't be shocking at all if they kept Slonina as their backup this season and prepare him for the starting role. I don't think that's the best plan for his development, but it's chelsea were talking about so that may very well not make a difference.

  31. Pretty sure I saw Poch wants to move on from both of them but too long ago. Could be wrong but it wouldn't surprise me

  32. I doubt it. He’s far and away the best GK at the u-20, and I think Chelsea are likely to seek a loan out for him…so he may need that time to sort that stuff out.

  33. Maybe but I could see them using the Gold Cup aasuming he would be the number 1 for the tournament as the showcase for clubs.

  34. I know Horvath had an issue with his hamstring towards the end of the promotion final, is that the reason for his exclusion?

  35. I think he's probably the starter for Gold Cup assuming his buy clause is activated and he stays with Luton

  36. Brazil are absolutely dominating Tunisia. I can't see Tunisia coming back or Israel having any chance against them.

  37. My bullshit detector is going off, but according to this Nico Carrera is at a Mexican U23 Camp and may be filing a one time switch.

  38. Yeah I'm not going to confidently say it's for sure bullshit but there's just no logical reason for it unless he was guaranteed a spot on either the Nations League or Gold Cup roster

  39. I hope there's a route to bringing him back in. Anyone that doesn't want him back is just being petty at this point.

  40. Hes a veteran guy with plenty to offer still especially while we've got so many young center backs. Him and Ream could be great mentors

  41. Ten players on this list will only be on the team for the 2 friendlies before nations league.

  42. This has to be the weakest Mexican team of the last 20 years. Not even trying to talk shit, we're still perfectly capable of losing to them, but it's just not a very good team. Such a far cry from the 2018 World Cup.

  43. If you look at the comments their fans are pissed about who got left off

  44. Obviously as it pertains to us we want to see Brazil lose so we never have to face them as they would be our likely Semifinals opponent should we beat The Gambia/Uruguay on sunday. Not looking good for Tunisia as they're already a goal down and being completely dominated by Brazil. The remaining games from today are on the other side of the bracket so really it doesn't matter so much but personally I just want to see upsets and to see Argentina go out since they really shouldn't even be in the competition as they got eliminated in their qualifying but got gifted entrance after the tournament was moved there.

  45. Wanting to have the easier path to potentially winning a trophy is a loser mentality lmao?

  46. It doesn’t matter if there are rules or not as long as they are not enforced with reasonable speed and consistency. Seems every time a FFP charge is brought it takes a year or two to reach any sort of verdict, which is way to long

  47. They really need to make it much faster. The damage has already been done for over a decade now with no corrective actions or punishment

  48. Can't wait for Everton to get relegated to the 7th division and Man City to get a £30,000 fine

  49. That's more likely than city facing any sort of real punishment

  50. 2026 might bring soccer a huge blast into popularity in Ameirca. It could become the 3rd most popular sport in America.

  51. The sport for sure will only continue to grow and imo will eventually be only behind American Football and basketball with potential to pass up basketball.

  52. Yeah I’ve wondered for sometime why MLS has never got to the level it should. Could be our system designed for economic stability is just not effective as the typical pro rel system at developing quality. I don’t think so though. I’m thinking specifically about the excitement, this is what we keep trying to add by many many things which are not the game. I’ll go out on a limb and say that the US sports community is used to supporting a league where we see the best players all the time. When that is not what is going on we tune out simple as that. This isn’t the case everywhere else.

  53. Imo pro rel would make it more exciting. Whether it improves the quality or popularity is another question that's hard to answer bc America is so different sports wise than the rest of the world.

  54. I concur, been to umpteen games there and the benches are on the west side. Tickets behind the benches are going for $650+ right now.

  55. Alternatively it's only like $100 after fees to sit behind the goal near American Outlaws in section 123

  56. Luna has everything you need to be a successful number 10 going forward. Plenty of development needed to take that next step but he's got about as good of a base as you could ask for. Plenty of flair and technical ability to create from almost nothing but needs better end product

  57. 10s need to be strong passers and decision makers and Luna is currently neither.

  58. Absolutely. The parts he needs are things that you can improve somewhat easily by comparison. The base that's there is stuff that's tough or nearly impossible to really coach. So hopefully he can develop the rest because I could see him being a key player if he reaches the potential he appears to have

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