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Manchester United [1] - 0 Arsenal - Antony 35'

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  1. How would you feel about thousands of people booing at the mention of your name? He's not been good enough but that will definitely have an effect on him.

  2. Why would they boo him if he performs well? Point is, he isn't performing well and he can handle a few boos while being paid millionaire wages every week.

  3. Im not against her getting arrested, I'm against mob lynching. Fucking animals.

  4. Never thought I would see this comment in this subreddit with these many upvotes lol

  5. Man, I'm not even English, but seeing this photo brought me to tears 🥺😭

  6. I'm so excited to see Jesus bully the fuck out of Varane and Martinez.

  7. No but your comment is weird, not every game is an automatic win, more than any derby games are hard.

  8. Huh? As english as ever huh. You all got some weird boner to support only one team forever lmao, Get a grip and let people do their own thing.

  9. I'm actually starting to hope for top 4 lol. Been some time since I enjoyed this much.

  10. Thats funny tho. Must be a gunner. The only thing they are good at is making jokes and bottling games.

  11. You really don't though, McTominay playing well recently made people forget he's been donkey shite for years now. We finally buy THE BEST DM IN THE WORLD and keep him on the bench to start Scott? In what world do you love to see the manager not utilizing his best lineup?

  12. Because we are winning? I will support the manager no matter what he does at this point. ETH can change the culture at united by showing that you have a chance at the starting 11 if you play well enough. Imagine putting in casemiro when Mctominay is finally starting to play good? Will ruin Mctominays entire morale making him think only the big names can play. In short, I trust ETH. And casemiro isn't to be pitied, he is being paid one of the highest wages in the prem.

  13. You can question this guy tactically sometimes but my god, he speaks so well and really isn’t afraid to speak the truth despite the potential repercussions. I really hope he can build something here with the players he wants. Let’s see where we’re at in a few days

  14. I believe in lamp. Just wish he should have gotten experienced in championship before entering the prem so early.

  15. Nunez lmfao. People really lose all objectivity when it comes to analysing the forward thinking decisions of winning teams

  16. People don't rate nunez. People rate klopp. And Klopp can turn Nunez into a beast like he did with Salah.

  17. Not sure why this showed up on my notification tab, but I'll take him at United. Not happy about the fees, but less money going to the Glazers' pockets are always nice. I'm still not sure why Ajax didn't prepare for a replacement. He's said he wanted to leave since February ffs.

  18. All fun games till Madrid or barce knock the door for him and does the same to united

  19. Look how the fanbase will send death threats to Antony then. People don't realize that Antony is capable of showing the same attitude he showed to Ajax when Madrid or Real which are the favourite destinations of brazillians come knocking to take him. It's gonna be a huge shitshow. Antony has no idea how bad he is gonna be judged in England.

  20. Why don't I have parents like you. My only motivation to study for JEE is to move out of my home and live alone for rest of life. They have made me hate the concept of living together with other person. I'd rather go to grave alone than to even think of an relationship. I am tired of this shit and just hope I clear yesterday's exam with decent score.

  21. You need money to compete in the prem. He has played in it, he knows it. Unlike championship money rules the prem. And we really need some recruitments. Our current team is far from securing a mid table position currently.

  22. He has a stronger team than Eddie did in 2015. There's no excuse for today, it was a disgrace and his post match comments are pathetic.

  23. I'm not defending him. I myself am not impressed by the humiliating scoreline. Just was saying that you need to spend big bucks in Prem to succeed.

  24. Yeah, last year he was bad together with the whole team. But before that he was very decent, people acting here like he should play in the sunday league

  25. Decent doesn't cut for a club aiming for the premier league

  26. I'm not so sure. Roma struggled against Vitesse, lost 2 and 1 draw against Bodø, and barely beat an out of form Leicester in Conference last year.

  27. lol. 4 mahine pehle ek post dali thi "I studied 12 hours today" and I haven't stopped since, read my comments to months back if you don't believe me, I'm finished with class 11 physics and math :). Plus top batch student hoon , dtu doesn't impress me. Haan haan pata hai abhi 2 saal hai etc etc isliye zyada nahi bolunga. it's a good college, still don't bring others down, all the best for ur future.

  28. I think certain teams will continue to bully and target him. Any side who are lumping balls to a target man and he’s still going to struggle. He’s a world-class DMC for me or the more mobile player in a back three; closes down so quickly, insane distribution.

  29. We have casemiro now. I doubt the ball would reach the defenders. Casemiro is gonna bully the PL now.

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