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  1. Would be shocking for you to go right into ASM, or even department supervisor, if you do not have retail management experience.

  2. Besides it being policy, it’s also a fucking exit, don’t be that guy.

  3. What’s wrong with polyester? I always buy 100% polyester socks because cotton is so cheap and uncomfortable

  4. Does it make you sweat? I feel like my feet are dry all the time lol

  5. Is monster energy THAT big of a company?? They’re sponsoring sssoooo many (not just ufc) How do they have such a stronghold in the MMA world? I’ve never seen anyone buying or drinking that shit … is this a money laundering company?

  6. Maybe it’s a regional thing. On the east coast of US, I see way more people drinking monster than Redbull or other energy drinks

  7. Hopefully Bryce wins, Illia came off as SUCH a douchebag in that documentary that came out yesterday

  8. Why do you say “the guy on the left” like you aren’t sure about their names? These are top 15 featherweights, casual.

  9. I mean he is one of the last stars who can sell a movie (most of the greats had major flops) but yeah they put too much on him.

  10. I said it before. Conor is the Uncle Rico of MMA. He talks all kinds of shit about the stuff he did way back but hasn't done shit in years. He's lost 5 of the last 7 (He lost to Diaz in the second fight I dont care what anyone says) and 1 of the other 2 wins was a washed up Cowboy.

  11. I have seen the 2nd Diaz fight so many times and it is just the clearest fucking 1,2, and 4 for Conor. I don’t get it.

  12. Hey everyone! So I currently have a $63,000 EV, and my wife and I were thinking of the following -

  13. One of the McDonald’s in Williamsburg VA used to have a 50s theme going on up until like 8-9 years ago

  14. I don’t see a mention of coastal or not coastal in your post, lol. My bad

  15. The lady just screaming over and over again is just so goddamn ridiculous, it made me burst out laughing. What a dumbass. How is that helping anyone? Do something.

  16. I know everyone is saying it’s fake and posting links that say it’s “confirmed to be fake”.

  17. Every place I have ever worked always allows visible tattoos, so long as it is not anything offensive or political. Skulls are always one of the thing they consider offensive (old bible thumpers)

  18. I don’t think you know what rural means

  19. What are all the different scribbles for? Fitness username and what else??

  20. So I’m watching the documentary on Bryce Mitchell vs Topuria

  21. I don’t yet. I plan to. What size do you wear?

  22. I don’t have any 1” made at the moment. But I certainly can.

  23. Not just yet, I would probably wait for the Etsy shop. Also, do you plan to make flat faced ones rather than rounded?

  24. Makes no sense to get NCNS. When people can still call out when they had their mom or dad die an hour before their shift, you should feel ashamed of yourself for NCNS.

  25. 23 years old, doesn’t care about job, just got license and moved out of parents house this year…

  26. What stationary bike do you all recommend?

  27. Mine is temporarily $977.

  28. Had a lady today say she was going to report me to corporate for not selling her a non stock rug at 75% off. I told her I would only do 50%

  29. Omg that performance increase is amazing!, may I pm you ?

  30. Hi, a commas does not belong after the exclamation point. Typing like that in emails to your subordinates will lose you some respect. I’m serious, I’ve seen it happen to other managers. They won’t listen to you if they think you’re stupid.

  31. Well that’s an ignorant comment. I HIGHLY doubt that OP types the same way they do on Reddit in email communication at work. Besides, people do not judge intelligence simply based on a typo or grammatical error.

  32. Is it a typo if he does it every time consistently?

  33. Personally I would put a magnet on it and be done with it

  34. That's a scary Russian right there. Maybe next give him the other scary heavyweight Russian Volkov or him vs Gane.

  35. He would almost certainly put Volkov out cold.

  36. Paddy is a fucking pussy for not fighting McKinney. Tired of these fighters being so damn scary to fight.

  37. I wonder if it’s a British thing? Because MVP is the same way. Popular fighter but was not interested in fighting top 10 guys for a very long time.

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