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  1. You dont even need to workout you look good

  2. Especially if you live where I do. Its hot and humid and in all black you burn fast.

  3. is the first place I would go to as they are still in the game with the Ions (a beloved chip from newbie and seasoned veteran glovers alike).

  4. Thanks for this list my friend! Its greatly appreciated and i look forward to the search! Lotsa love!

  5. Definitely Atoms from Futuristic Lights or although they are all sold out right now so you might gave to wait a bit. They are a way better product than anything Emazing Lights has put out. Been using mine for years.

  6. Awesome! Will def check them out much love.

  7. Dude the flow was absolutely -chefs kiss- perfect. I love it. Song choice is amazing too! Killed that show.

  8. thanks man!! the song was actually part of the comp rules but it def was a throwback for me!

  9. Yea mau5 is def a go to for me. Not necessarily for gloving but just vibes in general haha

  10. This was beautiful! The fans look amazing, your flow is consistent, very well done

  11. Nice practice sesh! I havent used poi in forever. I am coming back to the music scene and I want to blow some minds with flow but I am SEVERELY out of practice. I still have my trusty orbite though. Either way good stuff! Keep it up ^_^

  12. Silly but awesome looking! Good job.

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