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How a flat earther is born

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  1. They're probably real so, I've seen a documentary about how most of the best specimens are found in morocco

  2. Do they do something to the trilobites to make them black and shiny or are they just naturally like that? None of the trilobites I have found in the wild have ever looked like that, but it seems like they always do when they are in rock shops.

  3. They're naturally like that. Trilobites can come in basically any color, it just depends on the material they were buried in. The trilobites in/around New York also tend to be jet black

  4. Yes, it's real! It's Ammolite- An ammonite fossil partially replaced with opal instead of just limestone or calcite

  5. All of that is wrong 1. It's not ammolite 2. Ammolite has nothing to do with opal 3. This is specifically because of calcite and aragonite in the shell

  6. And ? Tooth can be broken during the excavation and repaired after. I didn't know you were at my house to see it. Next time tell me when you come home !

  7. The tooth wasn't broken and repaired. The tooth and root were composited together with glue. It's common practice. It's also able to be determined by the picture. No need to be rude

  8. Thanks for the info guys! Interesting to know for me. Hopefully someday I can find my own fossils

  9. There’s probably some near you unless you live in northern Georgia

  10. There's a random band in northern Georgia where there's absolutely no fossils or cool minerals for some reason

  11. They say a group of men rationalize the simplicity (simple repetitive patterns) of popular music by arguing key/tone changes (major/minor) don't make music more complex/sophisticated/high-quality. Punk is known for adopting a conventionally simpler approach ("three chords and the truth"), so they bring it up.

  12. I'm betting most of these come from 14 year olds. I will also point out most 14 year olds wouldn't say something like this

  13. This is something I would say when I was 14 to fuck with people

  14. Very common, relatively speaking. I know quite a few collectors with at least one. One person I know has - on two separate occasions, found two complete ichthyosaurs in one day! He found one, went back for his tools to extract it and came across another when he returned. But that's extremely rare. Two or three will be found each year, with more partial finds as well as ones you don't hear about.

  15. Goddamm, that's actually super common. Time to head out to the jurassic coast

  16. This is a 100% yes. I am a fossil hunter on the Jurassic Coast of the UK where we often find ichthyosaur remains. This is so common, we call it float and bloat. It leads to partial or scattered ichthyosaur fossils that are completely disarticulated in an area where it is common to find completely articulated skeletons.

  17. My son is in 6th grade. I've noticed they barely do science or history. It's 80% math and English. So I'm not surprised some teens aren't that knowledgeable on things like this

  18. Yeah, as someone who’s always been fascinated by paleontology and ancient history, the lack of knowledge some of my classmates have is astounding. Like, knowledge of Hitler to the extent of “that nazi guy!” and stuff like that. It’s wack

  19. When I was in college, I met a group of high school seniors who didn't know who Hitler was.

  20. Its the style and girls want to show off their assets. I’m more of the loose cotton tshirt and running shorts kinda girl.

  21. There are a handful of different isopod species that are at different depths, they probably used one that's on the shallower end that doesn't have issues with decompression. They are in fact a deep sea species, Monterey Bay Aquarium bein' baller over here.

  22. Wait, since when were they at the Monterey Bay aquarium?

  23. Looks like... they've been there with their new exhibit "Into the Deep" since about May/June. I was there in August.

  24. Ah. That’s why. I haven’t been there since before the pandemic

  25. Nope, still going. He free-soloed El-Capitan a while ago

  26. Yes I am now aware. My field of study is Paleozoic and mesozoic vertebrates and invertebrates as a hobby. So I'm not the most familiar with mammoth tooth anatomy.

  27. Any kinds that I can get my hands on. I'm just now turning 18 but I have a large collection of fossils from around the Midwest. Mainly Mazon Creek Illinois, Hueston Woods Ohio, and a few other places.

  28. Have you guys seen this? Probably one of the coolest trilos ever

  29. Here is a nice ventral from the site, with incredible soft tissue preservation.

  30. According to the dude who wrote the paper, he knew the eggs were there for years, it's just that no one could prep them well enough to keep the eggs. There's a mating layer whete ALL the females, like literal tens of thousands, have eggs

  31. I'm going to cry, this makes me so happy!! thank you OP!

  32. According to the dude who wrote the paper, he knew the eggs were there for years, it's just that no one could prep them well enough to keep the eggs. There's a mating layer whete ALL the females, like literal tens of thousands, have eggs

  33. I’ve had it for years so sorry I couldn’t tell you, can I ask what made you think that it was from Germany?

  34. Mob spawning mechanics are different. Endermen spawn way more slowly, y-level does nothing, and they’re not attracted to endermites as easily.

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