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  1. Daryl and Uma used to share a mentor, and Daryl always held a resentment because Uma was favored over her. Although she never admitted it, she was also plainly jealous of Uma's skills and natural flair.

  2. Reminds me of that one movie Beverly Hills Ninja

  3. Those trains were pretty brave!

  4. I never noticed that- “Dead Bug” is a reference to Dale’s father Bug Gribble. Dale hated Bug for years after Bug grabbed Dale’s wife, Nancy

  5. Life long catholic here, the Shroud is a very controversial topic in the church. I've known people who 100% are convinced that is the face of Jesus and I've known Catholic priests who think it's a fake.

  6. Still— it should have know back then that Bivol belongs /s

  7. Williams twins are there too -s

  8. Golden Boy might be in some trouble anyway

  9. It was embarrassing to see Seniesa go

  10. It definitely will and it's obvious. I don't understand how people act like Spence vs Crawford financially is some mega fight.

  11. Miami needs to run more touchdown plays

  12. hot take.. if HBO was still in boxing, Charlo brothers would be far more famous

  13. You could say that about any fighter

  14. I like to laugh- I like Tony Danza

  15. What we really need is a player's coach who can raise the Blue Chip Ratio in recruiting... and convert to Catholicism

  16. Nailed it... my issue is what’s the next best alternative?

  17. Great list- any podcast you’d recommend?

  18. This is what do you get when you combine Desperado, Preacher and Office Space!

  19. It's been a while since I've seen the film, but I think you might be right. I finished reading the book and made this thread nearly two weeks ago, and I'm still a bit torn over it. A lot of people seem to really like the book, and I'm sitting here thinking, am I just being overly harsh? Did I misread it?

  20. Agreed, loved the book but the ending seemed a little forced. Much of the basis of Heat plays off of the feud between the real life Neil McCauley & Chuck Adamson primarily- there are others like Waingro. I’d like to see if the sequel/prequel is based off of any true stories

  21. Yeah 2026 is the absolute earliest we ever see Porter unless he's a generational-type pitcher.

  22. C Young doesn’t have that time :/

  23. Yeah, crazy how Brown made that catch over Slay- incredible

  24. love this kid. seems like a great guy and a great fit for ND

  25. Future Captain on Defense- came across him while on campus, kid's a stud

  26. Haymon was about to give zero guaranteed cash to either fighter for the biggest fight at Welter and yall pretend there's nothing wrong with that 😮‍💨

  27. Didn’t Haymon get Floyd a $100M payday?

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