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drunk, stuck on electrical box

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  1. Mordecai, geomancer, coldheart, Pythion, and another reviver or healer should do the trick if your gear is up to par for the stage your trying to beat. Maybe some CC like stuns or freeze would be a good 5th.

  2. UN Clan boss and advanced quest line is the only way to “farm” books. They will never make a boss for just books and it’s not in their interest to cater to F2P players sadly. Best advice is focus on UN and NM CB for shards and books then move to other parts of the game when you can 1-2 key UN and 1 key NM

  3. Most of the construction people where I live do7-3.Even in the winter.

  4. 7-5… 5 days a week, OT on the 5th day tho

  5. Remember that tree you kept telling me to trim? It’s on your property now, so get it trimmed.

  6. Same on my iPhone 14 also with bell. It varies but cannot play after 6 most days and sometimes can’t get on at all besides first thing in the morning. Also have unlimited plan and am not over the set amount.

  7. Never understood wearing shoes inside

  8. Hi, Will you please take a minute to share your experience?

  9. That’s an underground transformer. You need to call your power provider for that. That’s going to be expensive.

  10. I doubt Melania has let Mr Mushroom into her nether regions for quite some time.

  11. It ain’t worth fighting for some nugs.

  12. This is why they take away lighters and knives.

  13. If I had to drink Pabst I’d be depressed too

  14. Looks like he’s wearing a harness.

  15. And only one foot is on the ladder he’s good to go

  16. The wife won’t let me keep this stuff at home. She has no control of me here!

  17. My gf did this once but was the spice rack not the medicine cabinet.

  18. Great video for her wedding some day

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