1. Why spend money on a bigger house when you can buy cars instead?

  2. I viewed this image with night light on (blue light reduction) and then turned it off. It think this photo would go from great to perfect with more warmth to help convey that its early morning.

  3. Stay with what you got. Learn it like your reflection on the mirror. You will get to the point where you'll come to see its limitations. Only then will you be able to determine your needs when the time comes when you upgrade your gear. Don't get into the latest and greatest shit. Master what you already have!

  4. This sums up perfectly what I was about to comment. Thank you.

  5. The first thing I did with my work computer was turn on windows' "night light" setting. I set the strength to 15 and since then I haven't had a single issue with eye strain or fatigue. Because the nature of my work doesn't rely on having accurate colors whatsoever, I can afford to look at a slightly warm display all day with no affect on my work.

  6. Man it's so weird to see y'all Americans salivating over a Dacia lmao.

  7. Yep but they aren't sold in America, where this photo was taken.

  8. Went to Suburban Cadillac to look at one. $109,000 MSRP. Infrared Tintcoat. Had everything incl both CF packages and the Carbon brakes. So, Ok, let's talk. So you want $40,000 dealer pack over MSRP? Sorry. What about that CT4-V BW in the same color? MSRP? I'll take it.

  9. I'm glad you didn't give in. Dealer markups are pure greed and nothing more.

  10. How long did it take, order to delivery?

  11. It's a rare exclusive, that's why. It's at over 11 Million now, which is great because I sniped 20 of them for 500K lol

  12. When I lived in Chinatown with only street parking, sometimes I would have to sit in my car the entire 3 hours of street sweeping bc there was zero spots available. Sometimes coming from work it would take me an hour to find a spot

  13. Sell your car and start taking transit at that point. It'll take just as long 😂

  14. Yea I’m done they gave the run around for 2 entire fucking seasons the last thing was the all the mechanics quitting after they kept pushing my car to get service back further away to this day they don’t know when it’ll be done

  15. I did the same thing AND turned on processing speed and the issue resolved itself. Seems like if I want steady video I have to turn on airplane mode....

  16. It's because of Auto FPS option which is switched on in settings due to which you'll see drops while shooting 4k 60FPS or 30FPS video. In Camera choose video select settings and switch off Auto FPS. This should resolve your query

  17. I still have this issue with auto FPS off. Had the same issue on the S21 Ultra. It's samsung's camera app

  18. I love how you were referring to launching a car and no one got it.

  19. Sweet photos! Noticed it’s the same press car Jonny Lieberman took up ACH for good vibes, is that how you ended up getting a chance to shoot it?

  20. Thank you! Haha I'm not that cool yet but this was a press car for a website. I came along as my buddy shot the press photos for them and I got to shoot my own for personal/social media use.

  21. Oh, that’s awesome, thanks for the reply. Great work on all your other shots too!

  22. Of course! And thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful week :)

  23. I was gonna say you threw by not helping her more but then I saw she left. What a bad rage quit.

  24. The game looks so crisp and clean 😮‍💨

  25. I think the Mazda MX5 RF is the last one on the market today. It's certainly the one I would get if I was going to get a Miata.

  26. Ferrari 812 GTS, Ferrari F8 Spyder, C8 Corvette Convertible, Ferrari Portofino, McLaren 570S Spider, Porsche 911 Targa

  27. The charger, while USB-C, doesn't seem to work with USB-C PD (Power Delivery) charger blocks. I've found that in most cases, I always have to use a pretty standard <2.4a 5v charger, using the included USB-A to C cable.

  28. Holy shit this was my exact issue. Thank you so much. What a weird bug.

  29. Here's the link to the video in which her tik tok handle is visible. Feel free to do your own research from there without my assistance. Thank you.

  30. That’s the tiktok for the girl who got stolen from… I’m talking about the one who stole… are you really that dumb?

  31. Why tf would the one who got caught stealing have a tik tok or be out in public in any way shape or form after this? The girl who got stolen from explains in her video that the girl who stole is a paralegal and owns a jewelry store. I don't know how you're trying to call me stupid when you can't figure out how the internet works.

  32. This is why I always say something if I have the opportunity. Grown adults acting selfishly and childishly.

  33. Okay, I need to know what sort of 'Nancy Pelosi personally stuffed gay bioluminescent algae into LA's streetlights' bullshit they're on about now.

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