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AITA for asking my daughter to return the wedding ring I had given her since she’s no longer married?

*Lowers face into palm*

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

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AITA for sending a cease and desist letter to my daughter?

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

*Lowers face into palm*

Hold up, what was that?

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

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AITA for burying my wife the way I want to?

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I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

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  1. SB-1 says:

    No-one wants to be lumbered with a baby at 20. What did you expect his reaction to be?

  2. SB-1 says:

    Who's telling you this?

  3. SB-1 says:

    Society benefits from people having children because young people pay the taxes that support the increased medical and care costs of the elderly, as well as performing the physical tasks. That means you have to make allowances to ensure there are enough young people in the next generation.

  4. SB-1 says:

    Why aren't you doing the chores properly?

  5. SB-1 says:

    Yes. It happens at 40 and 50 too. There's a reason the standard fake ages are always 9s.

  6. SB-1 says:

    This is pretty normal for gay men, most intimacy is occasional casual sex. However, that does diminish with age, so you need to make good platonic friendships to mitigate the loneliness somewhat.

  7. SB-1 says:

    I agree, it's shitty that other men don't take male rape seriously.

  8. SB-1 says:

    Either he's already seeing the other girl, or he's trying to see if there's a chance with her. It's quite likely she's rejected him so far but told him she'd be amenable to his advances if he was single, so he's going for it.

  9. SB-1 says:

    Yes porn still exists, but darkrooms are disappearing.

  10. N4L8 says:

    What do you mean?

  11. SB-1 says:

    INFO In what way were the kids uncomfortable?

  12. SB-1 says:

    YTA. Never happened.

  13. SB-1 says:

    INFO What did she say?

  14. SB-1 says:

    INFO Why would a successful businessman need the validation of AITA?

  15. Their mother has left. Dad's job got him full custody of the kids despite her wanting 50/50. Child services won't go near him. We've tried before now, and myself and my older siblings have all regularly called about him, but no one wants to challenge him.

  16. Is charing accounts etc as an adult with your parents a american thing?

  17. SB-1 says:

    I too had never heard of this until Reddit.

  18. SB-1 says:

    YTA. You sound very selfish.

  19. My deceased husband invested while they were in. He died overseas. We/he already had a bunch of BDSM gear/house when we got together. After his death, I inherited everything, plus the military life insurance policy. I ended up selling that house as I couldn't live in it without him. The reason I have 2 of a lot of stuff (including crosses) is one of them was one we used together and I can't use it anymore.

  20. SB-1 says:

    How old was the husband?

  21. In Australia DV levels are highest amongst lesbians. On mobile and late but it’s published government statistics and in my experience common knowledge.

  22. SB-1 says:

    This isn't true. The CDC study it came from documented lifetime prevalence of domestic violence for women who were currently in same sex relationships.

  23. SB-1 says:

    YTA. You're her client, not her boyfriend.

  24. SB-1 says:

    Congratulations on getting so many AITA tropes into one post. YTA.

  25. SB-1 says:

    The death knell sounded when they started revenue sharing.

  26. SB-1 says:

    YTA. None of this happened.

  27. SB-1 says:

    So your relationship has degenerated to the point of requiring two different therapists but you still don't know what the problem is?

  28. SB-1 says:

    INFO How did you take possession of the body if you two were estranged when she died, and how did you prevent your children telling their grandparents about it?

  29. SB-1 says:

    YTA. What a tool.

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