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  1. The players should get a taste of how it is like to live in the hostels of engineering colleges.

  2. Of course the weather decides to ruin the one Test I was looking forward to all summer.

  3. Title seems misleading.I don't think this is playing jersey. It's limited edition jersey for fans

  4. He should have gotten more chances in ODIs back when he was young. He was only given 5 matches and he was never considered again after he did badly in those matches.

  5. Tell us your opinion about how the ICC excludes Afghanistan, Ireland and Zimbabwe from the WTC. They don't seem to have a plan to include them in the future editions of the tournament as well. These 3 teams are getting no chances to play against big teams and they are not getting any chances to improve. Please tell us about your opinion on this.

  6. This reminds me about a video that was about how British women in India during the colonial times used to say that they had a lot of Indian friends. However, all of them were actually her servants and the only time that she talked with them was when she wanted to talk about what to cook or what to clean on the next day.

  7. British Raj woman has many Indian friends. It was something like this but I don't remember properly.

  8. Turkey vs Pakistan. We are probably fucked, but they are fucked too. We have a modernish, well-equipped military but they have nukes, a government that wouldn't be trusted so much to not launch the nukes and 2-3 times more population.

  9. About the Warne-Murali thing, I think one thing people are missing is that even though Murali did take most of his wickets on spin friendly surfaces, Warne taking wickets in Australia is not supposed to be the opposite of that. Of course he would have done well in his home conditions, his type of bowling suited Australian conditions. It's something like India being considered a bad place for pace bowling but Indian pacers averaging in the low 20s in India. It might not be conducive to pace bowling but since they bowled at similar pitches all their life they know how to bowl on them. Same with Warne.

  10. Most people don't understand that it's not as simple as Australian pitches being bad for spinners and Subcontinental pitches being good for spinners. Different kinds of pitches suit different kind of bowlers. The fact that Lyon has been so successful in Australia but he hasn't been able to do something incredible in the Subcontinent is an example of that. Lyon releases a ball in a way which is very effective on bouncy pitches but it can be less effective on slow pitches. I don't know about whether this applies to Warne or Muralitharan. I am just saying that the general idea that Australian pitches are bad for spinners and South Asian pitches are good for spinners isn't always correct.

  11. In a Delhi Capitals match where Tushar Deshpande made his debut, Rabada was interviewed and he said that the youngster bowled well. Deshpande is 10 days elder than Rabada xD

  12. In cricket, a player who has been playing for a long time seems older and a player who has started playing very recently seems younger. I always end up thinking that Conway is a youngster even though he is obviously not a youngster.

  13. Do you trust Hardik Jadeja and Hooda to bowl you 8 overs?

  14. I would expect Jadeja and Hardik to give us at least 7 overs in total. Both of them are supposed to be proper bowlers.

  15. Jesus... those were dark days ... McCullum having to be Test opener since no one else could last, partnered by Tim McIntosh who made Mark Richardson look swashbuckling. Reece Young keeping.

  16. The 1 thing that remains constant is that Southee is 1 of the main Fast bowlers.

  17. When Jadeja got injured last year and it confirmed that he wasn't gonna play in the England series in February, who was the player that everyone thought was going to replace him?

  18. Axar was the replacement for Jadeja right from the beginning. However, Axar himself got injured right before the 1st match. So, Shahbaz Nadeem was brought in to replace both Jadeja and Axar.

  19. Uncovered pitches, no helmets and bodyline bowling must have been a terrifying experience.

  20. I found a clip from that series on YouTube with a lot of difficulty. The quality of the video was very bad but from what I could see, the bowling didn't look intimidating at all. You would end up with figures of 1/80 in 10 overs if you bowled like that today. Along with the things that you mentioned, we must also remember that bats were really thin back then. The bats were almost like cardboards. Another very important factor is that they didn't have any technology at all to perform any analysis during their training sessions and the quality of coaching available at that time was also much lower than what we have today.

  21. Koach and Rahane also lost their forms at the same time as Pujara did. So, that couldn't be the case. Attacking is not easier than defending when you lose your form. You end up missing or edging balls if you try to attack while you are out of form.

  22. Consider me shocked! Also looking at some of the shots he played, I wonder why he doesn't play a bit more of those shots in other domestic matches as well. What a knock still I must say.

  23. He used to play a lot of attacking shots back when he was in good form. He used to attack a lot. However, his attacking shots were always along the ground when he was playing for India. He has become more defensive in the past 2 years so that he is able to dig in despite losing his form.

  24. That post about KPL was the 1st post that I had seen on Reddit which had it's comment section locked.

  25. Indian Railways is cancelling huge numbers of trains. I have no idea about why they are doing it. This is causing the few trains that are not cancelled to fill up very quickly. You can't get any tickets at all.

  26. I don't understand hype of luxury products like louis Vuitton. Chanel, Gucci,dior. I don't see why they buy such over priced products

  27. If you own something expensive then it indicates that you are rich. You might not be rich but at least you look rich. So, there is your answer. It's for the same reason that so many people run after the most expensive iPhones when a Samsung Galaxy M32 can do the same job.

  28. Sussex lost by 3 runs but what an effort by Pujara, almost chasing down 103 off the last 10 overs with a weak lower order.

  29. Meanwhile, some people still think that Pujara plays defensively while playing for India because he doesn't know how to play attacking shots.

  30. The Indian players in the game who are based on real players are as follows:

  31. The others are not random. Bertani refers to Hemang Badani. Dasgupte refers to Deep Dasgupta, who now does commentary for Star Sports and people in the Match Threads always keep bringing him up because they don't like his commentary. Soithi refers to Reetinder Singh Sodhi. The other names are based on real players as well.

  32. I swear tall Indian players are perpetually injured. The short ones barely get injured.

  33. Tbh the dude has a batting average of 30 odd in SENA after 8 tests with 3 50s , so he's actually decent #8

  34. Bhuvi used to be 1 of our best batsmen during SENA tours before he got injured. There have been several times when most of India's batting lineup collapsed but Bhuvi was playing perfectly. He has a very good technique.

  35. The most important thing that I learnt from this is that Koach has an average of 4.5 and a Strike Rate of 90 in T20Is against Ireland.

  36. I have my doubts - The Mzansi Super League was on free to air television, and it didn't even crack 6000 spectators. The last Ram Slam was averaging 100-200k viewers on Supersport. We don't have that appetite for domestic cricket. I don't think a shiny new name will change that. So the hope, I guess is that the tournament is big enough in the Indian Market to compensate, but even the Premier League, the world's most popular league, only had foreign TV deals exceed domestic deals this season, after 30 years. So you generally need to make your money At the domestic gate/tv revenue. It also isn't comforting that one of the reasons given for no South African investors owning a team was that they weren't given clear paths to profitability. That's a bit of a yellow flag. Possibly even a red one.

  37. The tournament is not going to get big in India. It won't have Indian players. It won't be played in India. Most people here wouldn't even come to know that this tournament exists. They are making a massive mistake by doing this. People in SA wouldn't relate to this league because the teams are named after Indian franchises. People in India wouldn't know that it exists. I might be completely wrong but I don't think that this is going to be successful.

  38. This sub making fun of Rishab’s fitness all the time, by far India’s fittest batsman across format!

  39. There is no evidence that he is unfit. Instead, it seems that he is extremely energetic and hyperactive.

  40. All of us are selectors as well. We select players based on what they did in the last ball that we saw them face or bowl.

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