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Black woman accuses a bubble tea shop of stealing black culture

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

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  1. The Matrix Resurrections. That movie was an abomination. Easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

  2. Thank you for your detailed response.

  3. I feel bad for never seeming to have a direct answer for you but like many things in life it depends. Budget is one consideration, size of the home, internet speeds that you want to be able to support etc. That being said to start I don't like Netgear personally. They make fantastic hardware bard none for their typically consumer-grade stuff is horrible due to their poor firmware. I have a Netgear router that I no longer use that ran Duma OS which was great but personally use Ubiquity at this point which is well above your needs. So I will stick to simple stuff, on the somewhat higher end of the spectrum Asus make a great router with model number being RT-AX88U. I have now recommended it to 3 people all with great success. Its not worth the normal $350 price tag in my opinion but it regularly has gone on sale for $250 from places like B&H or Amazon which is a steal. One of the biggest reasons why I appreciate it is because even when your done using it as your standalone router it can be turned into a simple AP to create a mesh network which is awesome and its just very reliable. It also doesn't have that gamer look that a lot of companies shoot for whatever reason.

  4. No worries I’m a direct answer. I totally understand the “it depends”. I live in an old house, so Wi-Fi doesn’t travel great in certain rooms. I went ahead and purchased the ax88u. Was going to get the 86u, but it was the same price since luckily B&H had it on sale.

  5. OP, that router has issues with newer firmware. I own a v2 and can’t update the firmware, otherwise it drops speed down to below 200 mbps and the last time it tried to update it was straight up not connecting to DNS. I’d have to go home and check which firmware I’m using but you’ll have to downgrade it to see any speed improvement.

  6. That is unfortunate to hear. I spent 3 hours on the phone with Netgear. We downgraded firmware. Upgraded firmware. Messed with all kinds of settings. Turns out, xfinity just needed to reset my signal. Got better speeds now, but they are all over the place. When I test, I get anywhere between 117Mbps - 860Mbps. Bought the upgraded SB8200 modem today, but Xfinity is saying that the MAC address is already in use, but when they look up the account of who is using it, their system comes back saying it doesn’t exist.

  7. Hardware is the solution, I owned a Nighthawk and its adequate, then an Orbi, but I really saw a major improvement with Asus RT-AX89X. The administrator interface is much more sophisticated in many respects as well. The MAC wifi filtering on the ASUS doesn't work well however.

  8. I wanted an ASUS since Reddit usually has good things to say about their routers, and some they usually make pretty good hardware. But everything I read online talks about how unreliable the routers are, and that their tech support for them is nearly nonexistent.

  9. What are you testing your speed with? What kind of device, hardware, ect.

  10. Testing with my computer wired to the router. Figured out my router is the issue. Note just trying to pick a decent reliable router with Gb lan ports.

  11. They want you to try the XB7 so they can begin changing you a monthly fee. You can purchase a new router and pay that off in <1yr by not paying the rental fee.

  12. Exactly why I don’t want it. lol.

  13. This will be an automatic rematch. I got nunes destroying her in rematch: as long as she doesn’t fight sloppy. The fact nunes kept walking right into her jabs and was hella gassed by second round is unusual

  14. I found the outcome to this fight to be so monumental. Peña has been talking trash for over 5 years. Finally got her chance after being dismissed and laughed at. Came out and did everything she said she was going to do. I believe Amanda wins the rematch, but Pena winning this fight, the way she beat her striking and grappling, the damage is done. Not taking anything away from Amanda and what she has accomplished. Peña gave the arguably the biggest upset in UFC history, and broke down “The Lioness”, giving others the belief that they can beat Nunes as well, while having Amanda question herself.

  15. I know he was juiced and he ultimately lost, but Chael dominating prime Anderson Silva for 4.5 rounds was truly something to witness.

  16. I rewatch this fight every few months. The anger never fails to hit me. I don’t understand how that man could take such a beating, those double ear slaps and all, for 4 and a half rounds, and win that fight. Pisses me right the fuck off.

  17. This looks real nice. Unfortunately it’s desktop only. While I do most of my work on my desktop, I usually access files from my phone when I’m out. I’ll give this a run though. Could use it for other projects.

  18. Have you tried installing geany?

  19. Never heard of it. I’ll check it out.

  20. I see it as a true fighter mentality that he refuses to pull out

  21. Sometimes the fighter mentality backfires though. I now have 4 kids…..

  22. This is the most accurate meme i've ever seen.

  23. This is one of the truest statements I’ve ever read.

  24. It was good! Not as thick as I wanted, but delicious.

  25. I do both because that's what I was taught. I heard I believe on The Kitchen, that the whole flour before egg was unnecessary. Heresy! lol

  26. Always flour below the egg! And then flour again!

  27. Season every part of every dish that you can. Water? Season it. Air? Seasoned.

  28. Wife is real upset. Tried to season the air, but didn’t take gravity into effect…

  29. Davie504. The only Italian YouTuber

  30. Wednesday’s. Get yourself a pitcher and enjoy. Make sure you ask them tho— I have hidden from going out for the past two years so I don’t know if that’s still the deal

  31. That has been the deal for over 10 years. I would imagine it’s still good. Don’t forget to ask for your “card” if you get one delivered. 7 equals a free pizza!!!

  32. Kelly’s Sicilian with ricotta garlic and pepperoni. You’re welcome. I used to work there many years ago. Kelly’s was always the best. Their honey tips are delicious as well.

  33. Volk looked like a scene from a movie where a bad guy chokes him with rope from behind, or he accidentally hangs himself the way his legs were kicking in that first choke. I literally thought volk might die the way it looked. How he got out of any of those chokes is nothing short of spectacular.

  34. I can only comment on the Trophy II. I’ve had it for over a year so far. Holds up real well. No problems. Got mine paired with a Shimano Stradic. Real nice setup.

  35. In CA, you got to overbid by 50k just to have a chance.

  36. Certain parts of MA are going anywhere between $100k - $150k over asking. Most I have seen was $167k over asking. It’s absurd.

  37. Tbf, most the LWs he’s talking about openly don’t like their cuts and talk about 170.

  38. Not to mention he always picks tough competition. You never see Nate calling out someone below his caliber.

  39. I was once fishing a heavily matted pond. Was throwing the frog to see if I could get some top water action. On this one cast, I tossed the frog far in a shady area to my right. As I’m walking it back, I see a big wake, not gigantic, but good size to the left of the frog. I slow down my retrieve. Popping and pausing as I bring it back, another wake after each pause. I’m super excited as this point, continuously reminding myself to wait to set the hook so I don’t lose the fish. Finally, it’s happening! Not just a wake, but I can see the beast swimming fast towards the lure! Pop…..Pop….. Pause! Out of the water finally shows the giant head of…………

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