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  1. Np starts at Florida on university through the 15. Or up until the 805 if you're going by newer maps. And is bordered by el cajón Blvd on the north. University heights is north of el cajón and east of park Ave.

  2. NP’s western border is Park Blvd

  3. Thats where I’m standing, but Rainbow was off to the south west.

  4. Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached

  5. The English patient and Flubber 2

  6. As long as you animals leave your shoes on, I don’t care how much the clothes cost.

  7. Another one is Richmond and University (by Alibi in Hillcrest). Southbound traffic on Richmond that is crossing over University has to slow down a lot before entering and exiting the intersection because of deep drainage channels. The problem is that the yellow light phase is far too short for a cautious motorist to clear the intersection. Cars can enter the intersection while it’s green and easily still be in the intersection when the light turns and drivers on university have a green.

  8. I don't think there is an actual green left arrow there. Just a normal green light, but the only way cars can turn is left or right since the road ends there.

  9. I think you’re right. Here’s a look on google street view:

  10. If you have a truck or suv, this exact spot is campable in BLM land

  11. What are those fake, Dr. Seuss looking trees called?

  12. So much of San Diego weirdly looks exactly like a Dr. Seuss illustration.

  13. *Greater Southeast Rockville Metro Area

  14. What next? In less than three decades advancements in biohacking will allow anyone with $20 and a whim to create a virus with IFR>0.99 and R0>10

  15. Thanks. Somewhat related, I wish

  16. I don’t know but if we work together using the process of elimination, maybe we can figure it out? So, for starters, it’s not

  17. Dont forget skinny shade AKA skittels

  18. In the Vatican he’s known as Memento Mori

  19. Latchkey has a great room for events. Decent spot, friendly staff, great beer

  20. How can we rely on this man to save us when he’s serving 20 to life for premeditated murder?

  21. There is a beach in encinitas called Swamis. I believe that was the beach a friend was talking about that has locals that hate hate Hate newbies and just new people.

  22. Give the haters no regard. They are the ones who don’t belong there.

  23. Balboa Park is 100% worth going to before or after the zoo. Walk El Prado, maybe check out a museum or two, consider getting food/drinks at Panama 66, walk by the international cottages and Cabrillo bridge out the west side of the park. From their you can have an easy beautiful Bird ride (tons of scooters around Cabrillo bridge) back down 6th to downtown in wide dedicated and, for a good portion, protected bike lanes. Or, after walking across cabrillo bridge continue on to the Quince and Spruce pedestrian bridges for great great views of our urban canyons. You will have done a portion of the famous San Diego 7 bridges hike and you’ll get a look at some interesting residential areas.

  24. One of the clearest San Diego days in memory

  25. This guy is waiting for an excuse to fuck someone’s day up lmao

  26. 11 items in the 10 items or less line. (Neal Brennan)

  27. Seconding Yipao - its right there and I really like their coffee beans

  28. Another vote for Yipao. It’s a great cup of coffee and I’ve enjoyed their beans.

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