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THEY WANT A CIVIL WAR, MOCKING & GOADING THE POPULACE ON -- Senile Diaper Soiling Ice Cream Eating Pedo Criminal: "For those brave right-wing Americans... if you want to fight against the country, you need an F-15. You need something little more than a gun."

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  • By - _V_L_

  1. I can't tell if this is troll bait or troll poop.

  2. Miles is one of those people where I would like them to name one thing they have gotten right.

  3. I think I actually understand what he's trying to say...sounds to me like he's referring to the 2a premise of armed civilians being used for domestic defense in the case of a foreign invasion and that such a concept won't make a difference because advanced military equipment such as fighter jets would be needed. I don't think he's trying to be inflammatory here. I just think A. He botched it and B. The concept of millions of armed Americans actually does make the country more secure against a foreign invasion so his intended point is false.

  4. If he wasn't trying to be inflammatory, then why say "for those brave right-wing americans" and not just "for those brave americans". Singling groups out to cause division, like the unvaccinated, is a clear tactic they (the great dividers, aka those running the show) use over and over.

  5. I don't think he's saying they never went. He's saying they didn't go (in a long time) and then explains why he thinks that.

  6. The truth comes out a lot when he's drunk. There's another one of him saying the same thing.

  7. I think Mick West believes them to be out of focus birds.

  8. Alien 1: "What is this weed they ask about?"

  9. Why would november 16 be 11/7 and not 2/7? Why can the numbers in one part of the date be added together and not the other. This is what people are talking about when they complain that the numbers are just manipulated to add to the desired total.

  10. Good luck convincing some of the folks around here. They’ve made the whole Wayfair/PizzaGate nonsense part of their personality.

  11. Yeah, I'm not saying the conspiracy is legit, but a random person with no proof comes in and says "I work there, it's all just a big misunderstanding" and that's it, we are supposed to believe it?

  12. Do you know what DxD is? This does not look like DxD. Is is an anime btw.

  13. Nope. Had no idea what DxD was. I do know what a meme is, so I gave you a custom Brawndo Vax meme.

  14. Ukraine is saying this. Where is the verification that this is even true that they were told not to come in to work?

  15. Hard to tell. Propaganda is as thick as molasses and I don't know one of the employees lol. That's the only way I'd believe that they were told to leave. Even if they were, there's no way to know whose false flag it'll be. Just that something will happen, even if it's "just" a meltdown because no one will be there.

  16. If you mean banning posts that question the pandemic, then every other sub. Bub.

  17. its not about stopping people questioning the Pandemic or anything else

  18. I do agree that it seems there's some of that, the drowning out of other topics, but this is the biggest conspiracy that the world has ever been through. They shutdown/locked down all over the world. 5+ billion people have been injected with warp speed that somehow had no shortcuts taken, despite the very name of the project implying going faster than usual. Oh, and despite people saying that covid is over, move on already, they are still going to come out with the new Omicron shot in September, and they still haven't called the Pandemic over, allowing the emergency powers to still be in place.

  19. If this is true, what caused the mushroom clouds during all the nuke tests?

  20. The twitter link says "NEWS: A Ukrainian military intelligence official tells

  21. I can't wait for the generic substitute "you won't believe it's not bugs"

  22. Or "I can't believe it's not grasshoppers!"

  23. Actually, "I can't believe it's not beetle!" is probably better

  24. The horses part is obviously bollocks. Prophesizing a thousand years in advance is going to have it's flaws.

  25. He never mandated wishing her well. At least that's the kind of reasoning that gets him out of responsibility for warp speed, somehow...

  26. Even so, the author thinks it is part of a secret project, from Earth, although there's no confirmation one way or another.

  27. I read the sources people give. 3 out of 4 times, they actually say the opposite of what the person is trying to prove. People here need to stop trusting headlines. Read the full articles, especially if you are using them to support your argument.

  28. I agree. Although I think sometimes the source body doesn't match a user's argument because they didn't read the whole thing, but other times it's because they don't care and know that their reader's comments will be based on the post title, or the source title, and use that to create fake news. And once the thread is swamped with replies that believe it, it's almost impossible to counter successfully, so many people go around believing that made up information.

  29. If they are confirmed to exist then it would make us reevaluate our whole history. And also it would open up new science and technology, if not from them sharing with us, then from the push to understand how the Alien craft do what they do.

  30. The problem with these number posts is they always add things up in the past to equal whatever magic number they are promoting, and then claim it means something for a future date that never comes true.

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