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  1. I don't think mastering any character is easy, but if you mean learning and understanding the moveset as well as basic tactics, I think she's somewhere in the middle. More complicated than Mario, who's designed to be a well-rounded basic fighter great for learning the basics of Smash, and not as difficult as Sheik, who is only good if you can think fast and get some good combos (Min Min's moveset is more complicated than Sheik's, but Sheik's moves are harder to use well because of how fast and precise you have to be)


  3. She’s like one of those perfume ladies at the mall that really want to get your attention

  4. If u miss with the pope u get the big Pooope PUNCH

  5. Woman: The Senate will decide ur fate Pope: I am the Senate

  6. It can be decent for sure, but if by performing you mean competitive in ranked, not really.

  7. thats true atm im at rank 12. btw if i arrive to rank 5 i change the deck.

  8. I'm hoping Demonlock or Reno Demonlock and Dragon Priest. My two favorite decks coming out on top would be an awesome scenario.

  9. i hope too, cuz i like warlock very much.

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