1. Man I just love randomly coming across manic gold like this sometimes

  2. Pretty soon he'll be ranting about flesh interfaces

  3. Odd Bird in Stockton allows well-behaved, leashed dogs outside on their patio. Lone Eagle in Flemington allows them inside and out. Conclave in Flemington does not allow dogs in any capacity, so you're boned (pun intended) if you're trying to make a day of it.

  4. One of those rare occasions where you get a perfect answer for a weird niche question. This worked amazingly and I learned a lot doing it too. Thanks a bunch

  5. Don't conflate an answer that works with the "perfect answer". This is, perhaps, the most fragile and labor-intensive solution, and one that gives the user a fish instead of teaching them to catch their own. What happens when the user comes back to you and says "I need you to remove these 297 that I don't care about and add another 445"? You're the only person in the organization who can make those updates, you've made yourself the bottleneck.

  6. Feels like the action isn't mapping the billing method from the existing line to the new one, and it's a required field, therefore the create fails. Do you have custom validation plugins in place? Check the plugin trace log and see what's throwing the error, that'll give you a clue.

  7. You not seen the massive spoiler on the back of the bike?

  8. Believe it or not, that thing is called an Ass Saver.

  9. If anyone runs for governor solely on the platform of seizing this ground from the soulless tax haven that is Delaware, I will vote for you. Let's be honest, Delaware should be a county at best. A bunch of payday loan stripmalls, smoke shops, and tax evasion laws does not constitute a state.

  10. It's also common in some places in the US. I was baffled when I moved states and saw that our house had a washing machine in our tiny kitchen. I browse zillow a lot, lots of other small homes are this way too.

  11. It's an old home thing and a matter of practicality in terms of utilities. In a lot of older homes, the kitchen and the bathroom are the only places they could afford to install running water and wastewater. Even if there was room elsewhere in the house, running utilities all over the place was a luxury.

  12. Custom audit entity with 1:N relationship to the entity you wanna audit. Post-operation async plugin registered on update of the entity/fields you want. Preimage and postimage. Compare each attribute in the preimage to the same attribute in the postimage. If you find any that aren't equal, create a new audit record and write the changed attributes to that record in some fashion.

  13. Are you never getting a response, or is CE kicking back an error that specifically indicates a timeout?

  14. What do you mean the fields are cleared "when a resource is booked"? When you assign the WO via the schedule board?

  15. Are you going to hurt these gameshow contestants?

  16. Attributes factory can help you with creating/updating attributes.

  17. Maybe some paprika, a little cumin. Sazon Goya spices up just about anything you put it on.

  18. The title implies that it's from Philly and states outright it's in South Jersey.

  19. Idk, most of the events I go to have seafood by the pound.

  20. This that one anime loving footballer still in it?

  21. You're thinking of Jamaal Williams, and he is not.

  22. Whoever runs that site needs to update the elected officials the letters get sent to. All the ones in my district lost 2 years ago but it still has their names instead of the current senator and assembly people. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Which district are you in? I can contact the organization and get it changed. Thanks for the feedback!

  24. My Latin teacher’s dad was his Pop Warner football coach when he was a kid. Said he was exactly as you’d imagine him to be in football - the small scrappy kid shit talking everyone.

  25. My dentist's maternal grandfather's gardener's son-in-law took ballroom dancing lessons to impress his then-girlfriend's mother's sister who was born in the same hospital as Joe Pesci. Small world!

  26. I work in healthcare. Trust me when I say this isn't the truth. We are keeping people alive FAR longer than we should. We need a voting age restriction because boomers still got another 30-40 years at this rate.

  27. Comforting to know that thirty years from now, when I'm at retirement age, my aunts and uncles are still going to be alive, muttering about this country "going to hell in a handbasket" while shuffling to the polls to vote for the next neo-fascist bigot in line.

  28. I was thinking 22 seemed too long also, but 4 hours of rest time included makes much more sense. I am not picking here, rather I am curious... do you find that the pellets result in too much smoke? I know everyone goes nuts about the smoke ring, but I like some complex subtlety to it.

  29. In ten years of pellet grilling (and heating my home with pellet fuel) I've found that pellets aren't super smoky, due to the high efficiency with which they burn. They'll smoke intermittently on the grill when the air/fuel mix gets out of whack, and that's just enough to imbue a brisket with adequate smoke so as to be noticeable, but never too much to be tiresome on the palate.

  30. Proceeding under the assumption that you're talking about creating a column in Dataverse... the short answer is no - the values used to create a lookup are fixed to the primary name and primary ID columns of the table referenced. There is no way around it.

  31. "I'm just going to quick fix this now and then I'll do it the right way later"

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