1. Same. I DO cut when im unhappy, but that's never the main reason. I love all the scars i create and the feeling of my cuts after I've done it. I mainly cut when I'm bored or feel nothing at all.

  2. I'm glad you didn't immediately take them away or confront her about it. As a teenager girl who also struggles with SH, it only makes matters worse when you take away our blades (or whatever we use to harm ourselves with). People think taking our shit away will solve the problem, but SH is an addiction, and we will always find a way to hurt ourselves. I'm also glad you didn't confront her about it right away because I'm sure she was already having a challenging time, and confronting her might have caused her more stress. Plus, it's embarrassing for some people when others find out. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that SH doesn't always mean someone is suicidal because a lot of people worry that's the case. I can't speak for your daughter, but i SH for many reasons. Sometimes, it's because I'm just unhappy, stressed, confused, or sometimes it's just out of pure boredom. One of the best things you can do is to just let your daughter figure herself out. You talked about healthier coping methods, so maybe you guys could try talking about some things that could help her cope. Or suggest a few things with her. Ask her what her favorite things to do are or what makes her happy. I find that distractions can help a lot with SH. Just know that it's not going to be easy for you or your daughter. It's going to take time, so she's not just gonna immediately stop. I've been SHing for over 4 years, and i can say that i haven't completely stopped yet, BUT it's been less frequent. I only do it maybe once or twice a month compared to doing it every day, which is actually super great. But like i said, it took me a while to figure myself out, so don't expect results right away. I wish you & your daughter nothing but the best of luck! ❣️

  3. Thank you, I was really beating myself up over whether I did the right thing. I talked to after school, and told her I saw the bloody tissue in the bathroom and that it was nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of, that I just wanted to know what had her stressed this time. She was really receptive and we worked out some ideas over pizza. I told her I am always here for her, and while I don't want to see her hurt herself, I understand its going to take time. Thank you for the advice, and I will take your words to heart.

  4. Thank you, I’m more of a listener than a venter. I don’t want to burden anyone with my shit.

  5. you are NOT a burden. This subreddit is all about sharing you difficulties with life and SH. So don't feel like ur burdening anyone. I know you think suicide is the answer but it's not. Addiction isn't easy and im sure everyone else in this subreddit can agree with that statement but there are ways to help with addiction. You just have to find what works best for you. Once you die it's over. It's permanent. Is that what you really want? To be rotting in the soil or turned to nothing but ashes? We take all these feelings of pain and sadness for granted. Everything you've ever experienced will be turned to dust. Maybe all that pain but the happiness and joy as well. Once you die there's no "restart" button. It's over for good. I want you to imagine yourself being nothing but a pile of bones and dried up skin in a coffin six feet under and to ask yourself, "is this truly what i desire?"

  6. I feel absolutely disgusted when i see photos of myself. Like you i try my best not to be in any photos because i know I'm just gonna end up feeling worse about myself the more i look at it. With ID cards i usually cover up my photo with a black sharpie unless it's something i really need my face on like a license.

  7. I notice this page doesn't get lots of responses, which can feel really rejecting when you put yourself out there. I wanted to say "I see you" mainly. I think the advice from the other poster about seeking some therapy now that you've really connected these things about you is really great. I'd strongly advise you to speak with a therapist about your eating and worries about your body.

  8. Thank you. The fact that you KNOW i deserve to be happy means a lot to me. I think I'm figuring myself out little by little. I'm having my mother sign some paperwork so i can start seeing a therapist. Talking to someone will definitely be beneficial

  9. That's like 75% of the reason i selfharm. I only selfharm everyone once or twice a month. Usually it's out of boredom or feeling nothing at all rather than feeling unhappy.

  10. Looks like you just stole a shelf from a book store. I love it!

  11. I was the exact same way but eventually i got used to it. I suggest staying away from cigarettes while you still can.

  12. Near the end of his life, Ernest Hemingway developed severe paranoia and suspected that the FBI was watching him, monitoring his phone calls, and even secretly seizing his money and assets. It got so bad that he was forced to undergo 36 rounds of electro-shock treatment, which only made his condition worse. Hemingway eventually killed himself.

  13. This is actually really helpful because im doing a project on him

  14. I am the same way. I lost my grandma last year and it first it wasn't a huge deal I thought because I was expecting it. I have 2 boys of my own and I've introduced all of the old cartoons that I used to watch. Dexter's lab, samurai jack, Johnny Bravo. All the good 90s cartoon network cartoons. I've been watching old promos and episodes of all of these cartoons. But mostly I love the old show Toonheads. I've recently introduced myself back to that show. I remember my and grandma used to watch these cartoons all the time. We both laughed a lot. It's bringing nastalgia and a bit of depression. It's making me miss her. As I write this I feel tears welling up. Oh how I wish I could go back to 7 to 10 years old. Everything was much more simple.

  15. I'm sorry about your grandmother. I wish i could go back to being little too

  16. I relate to this so hard, when i get sad i put on cartoons and it makes me feel like a kid again and it helps

  17. I wouldn't stay with him if i were in that situation. As a person who has been SA'd multiple times in the past, that shit sticks with you until the day you die. I wouldn't be able to sleep with my partner if they did that to someone because everytime we had sex all i would be able to think about is that girl and what my partner had done to them.

  18. I'm a lesbian but when i do look a guy I'm looking at his ass or his waist. Men can have some pretty slutty waists and i dig it

  19. Maybe petty, but I kinda like it…. Also, pettiness is super therapeutic to me. But I just don’t let it make me an AH irl. Just keep those petty thoughts inside to keep me warm at night 😂

  20. Yeah i wouldn't say it to her face but im definitely petty lol

  21. This is definitely not ur fault. Not in the slightest. Im glad he broke up with you because he was clearly making that relationship toxic. He has no right to call you a selfish bitch.

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