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  1. Lots of good advice here. I got a bit steamrolled when my midwife who I thought was on the same page wanted an unexpected intervention. I wish I had drilled into myself the following two questions, because it's difficult to think straight when you're in a pain haze: What are my other options? Can I have a few minutes to think about it?

  2. These 2 questions are v good advice! During my last delivery I was upfront with the team there saying I want to understand why you’re recommending what you are and what other options I have. They were great about explaining stuff, and if they didn’t, I asked.

  3. A liquid or something dissolved in water seems to be the way to go. I don't think it's the iron, since taking the pills makes me throw up in under 5 minutes usually. It's just the sensation of swallowing a giant pill and having to take such a big gulp of water with it. I've thrown up two days ago just from taking a big gulp of water with nothing else because I was thirsty...

  4. One of my docs told me to get gummy ones to keep on hand for those days you just can’t get a pill down. I think generally the pills are seen as a little “higher quality” but I feel you on that sensation of swallowing them just making you gag.

  5. Just joining today but it seems like the verification post isnt up yet? I’m in 3rd pregnancy with 1 living baby at home ❤️❤️ excited to have this group this time around!

  6. Omg I hadn’t even noticed the hair change. YES! Side part is such a great choice on you OP!

  7. My favorite look on you yet!! Your brows are perfect to me here - more defined but so much more natural than your first post. And this lippppp. I’m LOVING the color on you!! I just love it all. I think your eyes looks great too! Defined but not too harsh. This is such a wonderful everyday look! 🫶🫶🫶

  8. Ohh interesting! I’ll look into this too!

  9. Ohhh interesting! I’ll look into this too!

  10. Never hurts to get your child looked at when symptoms are lasting like that. Could be a sinus infection, could be an ear infection, could be nothing. My son gets what are called "silent ear infections," where if he has symptoms, they don't seem like normal symptoms of an ear infection. He also gets frequent sinus infections that create a terrible cough and breathing issues for him so I will often take my kid in when he's been sick too long to get looked at.

  11. What do they give you for sinus infections at 1yr? I have the same cold she does and my sinuses have been so congested but also so dry, whereas hers are running like a faucet some days 😢

  12. I personally wouldn't, if she doesn't have a fever, isn't lethargic or otherwise affected. But you know your kid best, and thats what counts.

  13. This has been my thinking too, she hasn’t been lethargic, eating less, etc., at all. She’s seemed to have a fever on and off but I’m convinced our thermometer is broken so picking up a new one today so I can keep better tabs on that.

  14. For me, it helps to make sure that you’re well prepared for the day: when you’re constantly putting out fires you don’t have time to be trying to find that one thing you need, or cleanup as you go. So make it easier on yourself, and the night before go through the house and prep anything you need for tomorrow. Some examples that helped us:

  15. I love your toy rotation idea! My little one is too small to “choose” but definitely storing this idea away for a few months from now.

  16. I only have 1 at home so far, and another on the way, but this is exactly the mindset I’m trying to take. This is a joyful, and chaotic, time of life.

  17. Not really. RSV hospitalization chance for 6-12 months old this year is less than 5 out of 10,000 or .05%

  18. So you were that person telling everyone it’s fine to expose their babies to Covid because “the chances of it being bad are so slim”, huh? I hope you never know what it’s like to see your kid in the hospital and genuinely not know if they will survive. It’s a terrible feeling I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Even if the chances are low, it’s up to us adults to make decisions in the best interest of others and not expose little kids unnecessarily.

  19. I have a 18 month and 3 month, and started putting a small toy (the small Cuddle & Kind knit animal) in the oldest’s crib about 2 months ago. We can see him clutching it throughout the night on the monitor, and exactly what you mentioned in the morning we turn his light on via the monitor but don’t always make it in there right away and he plays with it while he waits.

  20. Wow, 18 and 3 months! We are going to have a 19 month old when this new LO is born!

  21. Congrats! It’s a bit overwhelming at first but once you get into a routine with the newborn everything starts to work itself out. But I will say, from one internet stranger to another, what I wish I had known going from 1 to 2 is spend as much quality time with your little one now while it’s just them, even on the days you’re tired, because as much as your heart will grow for two your time in the day won’t double.

  22. I’m definitely trying to! She is in such a daddy phase right now and my little mama heart is like no no no we only have so much time together just us please pick me.

  23. In addition to everyone saying you need to have an honest conversation with your husband, I would add you should do it in the presence of a therapist. My guess is this guy isn’t going to engage in this kind of conversation well and I think a therapist could help keep it productive.

  24. How is he a great dad though when it seems like he isn’t around them? Parenting for an hour or 2 a day doesn’t mean he is a good dad, it might just mean he is the “fun” dad because he doesn’t take on any of the responsibility

  25. I wish I could upvote you 15 times to make this comment higher. I see so often this “but he is a good dad” which really boils down to he is the fun dad for the limited time he engages with the kids. A good dad is there when they are sick, happy, crying, laughing, and everything in between all of those. A good dad wouldn’t ditch his kids REGULARLY because he wants to relax. A good husband wouldn’t do this to his wife either.

  26. 1500 reservations today for the restaraunt i work at, do not expect good service lol this is double what we get on a SATURDAY and no extra staff

  27. Oh my god. Wow. Sending luck your way. Hopefully you get great tips!

  28. My restaurant is owned by the same owners as Jameson’s. Owner told me they have over 900 reservations just at their Bloomingdale location alone, so I don’t recommend attempting a walk-in there or at any Jameson’s, jsyk.

  29. One thing I’ve learned in the 19 months since I became a parent: if I bring my kid anywhere, all attention will be on him. This is a given with babies, because babies are adorable. Your grandmother is mourning her brother. It sounds like she needs the space to mourn, and to have people around to grieve with her, not to fuss over an adorable baby.

  30. Yep. I actually didn’t attend a friend’s father’s funeral because my LO, 7 months at the time, would have had to come with me (and fly across the country for it). It felt like it was absolutely the wrong thing to do because of the attention baby would have gotten.

  31. Yeah. That's what I mean. I just haven't had a teeny tiny one in a minute and they are so cute.

  32. But my kid is sick right now and it’s the only water she is drinking. So torn. 🤢🤷🏼‍♀️🫠

  33. I would add to this great tip that (IMO) it’s our job as adults to help teach the littles how to eat in moderation and balance. Maybe tag them in as grandparents for their role in that? “We love treats and don’t want to treat any food as “bad” but also want to help son learn how to eat well, not eat too much, etc., and would love your help in that.”

  34. Zone heating so I have the upstairs of the split to 66F during the day and 56F at night but the downstairs which is all in floor stone heats up to 68F before GF wakes up for work and then helps radiate the heat up the whole day.

  35. Ahh this makes me think I have my house way too high, but I have a 1 yr old. 😢

  36. Oh wow yours is higher than ours! We have our main floor where the 1 yr old spends most of her day at 70 and upstairs where we all sleep at 67. I just couldn’t imagine keeping it in the 50s/low 60s but this is our first winter here so hopefully not killed by gas bills!

  37. If you decide to go, I’d take up the sister on her offer. Having your son with you means someone else would only be watching him for the 1 night of the wedding. We did that for a wedding with a 10 month old and it worked great. Hubby and I were both in the wedding and LO was a “flower girl” but we had my parents come and pick up LO after the ceremony. Honestly was a lot of fun getting to dance and party without being “on duty” for a bit. I did chug multiple bottles of water leaving to make sure I wasn’t hung over at all in the morning, which gave me the hiccups and made people think I was really really drunk. That was “fun” the next morning. “Do you remember when you had the hiccups?! Probably not, you were super drunk to have the hiccups.” 🙄 I was maybe, maybe a little tipsy, notttt super drunk.

  38. This was the same for me, somewhere 3-5 days. Took maybe a week before it “went away” but I didn’t take any meds (because I didn’t know about them as an option!).

  39. You’ve already gotten a good suggestion about taking the knobs off, though we have similar ones and they can still be turned on without knobs - just takes a bit more effort.

  40. Oh interesting, I never even considered if the extra ring could come off.

  41. I was looking at those ones, but I’m not sure if they will fit within the silver ring that goes around the knob. :/

  42. There were days I thought that too but very quickly the months just kept going by. Suddenly I hit 9 months and thought omg 1 year might be doable if I’m already here!

  43. The only asymmetry I see is in your brows. Maybe you could have them fixed by a professional OR by makeup.

  44. This is what I thought too. And while I agree with the other comments that you are gorgeous OP, I totally get not feeling confident and wanting to know how to change it so you feel better.

  45. And, I also prescribe take out for Thanksgiving. Make it a pajama day. Take some time to just veg out. Enjoy a low key day. Read some books to baby. Snuggle. Take a nap. Watch a movie. Recharge.

  46. This is exactly what my thanksgiving day plans are and I am sooo excited!

  47. Yes, things that hold baby in a position they are not able to do themselves are generally not good for them. Use it for 10 minutes while you have a shower if you need it but definitely don’t leave Bub in it for long periods.

  48. This is how I’ve had a few different PTs talk about them too. Essentially don’t leave baby in them for long periods but if you need 10-15 to prep dinner, shower, etc. and that’s the way you can get it done, use it but then take LO out.

  49. Yeah or if possible add shutters to the outside which will act as outside insulation.

  50. Hmm, the tricky part is we would need to remove all the screens to wipe down the glass. We turned down the humidifier (which is now set to a lower % than the instructions on the unit say for the temperature outside) and again this morning still have the condensation. I’m kind of stumped.

  51. I hope this is ok to post off topic, but I just wanted to ask if that brown part at the bottom of the picture is the crank mechanism to open the window? If it is, I had the same brown cranks when I was a kid and this just brought back such a strong sensory memory of the feeling and sound of those windows.

  52. It is a crank mechanism! They are new to me but they do seem to have a very particular way of opening and sounding as you open them!

  53. I had my TFMR for my son at 22 weeks due to not having any kidneys 💔 10 months later I got pregnant again with my daughter who turned 1 today ❤️ She had a few heart defects (unrelated to first baby’s stuff) and man oh man was that a bigggggg test of my peace. But we made it and she is healthy and happy. I’m also now 8 weeks pregnant again. I’m so sorry you had to join our club. None of us love it but we all need the community we find here. ❤️‍🩹

  54. My kid had heart surgery at 4 days old and a 13 day hospital stay before coming home. We had several nurses, doctors, etc., at the hospital warn us that an Owlet was going to drive us bonkers as parents and stress us out more. Some brought it up on their own like “hey I know with a heart baby you might want one of these…” and others when we asked if monitoring was recommended. We actually had one at home waiting for her to come home but it was right at the time they took their app off the market for “changes” so we returned it.

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