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  1. We're not talking about "clean" as in filth or bacteria, we're talking about it as in "skillfully-done" or "tasteful".

  2. Then you're using the word incorrectly, because that's not what clean means. If you want to talk about how tasteful it is, then use the word tasteful.

  3. No, I am not. Stop downvoting me just because you're pseudo-literate. Crack open a dictionary and look up "clean", moron. You'll see a clear entry describing my use. It's very, very common. Not my fault you live under a rock.

  4. McConnell was on record saying Obama can't appoint a Supreme Court Justice because it was too close to the election.

  5. This is them learning from that moment. This is them saying "We'll make sure everyone hears the first part, so that know you're lying."

  6. I've only ever sought out girls I know will tell me what is on their mind. Latinas, Jewish girls, and spoiled white girls, all will make it a goal that you understand the shit they deal with, and it's refreshing.

  7. I don't have too much to say on games, but I appreciate the invite regardless. These discussions sound rewarding, as I'm learning C# right now to lead into a job in web development, but I also really want to try my hand at making games. So, expect game mechanic talk and design theory posts from me.

  8. Yes, but not nearly as much. I'm trying to familiarize myself with the UI and the general mechanics of the engine by just making simple games

  9. Yeah, it sounds so obvious when you say it, but I think I was dealing with a confidence barrier as well. Others have showed me to get over that and just jump in.

  10. If it had ended with 3, Nightmare on Elm Street would be known today as horror's best trilogy.

  11. This is only half right. They have come out and said they are actively working on a new movie. They hope to work out a deal to use everything, but if they cant they will work around it somehow, but they have not said how.

  12. Jason is a blank slate that every filmmaker projects themselves on to. My Jason wouldn't put on gloves, why would he need them? But other director's Jason did.

  13. It's been suggested here in this forum, but I don't believe anyone really thinks that, it's just something that has been said by the people the put forth the absurd theory that Jason is somehow a ghostly figure.

  14. I have no idea where Ghost Jason originated, but I hate this theory. It makes no sense with the actual films, and is as lazy as the "___ was really dead all along/they were all in purgatory the whole time!" theories.

  15. Hey, there are still people who think Jason was afraid of water in FvJ. Some people are slower.

  16. do you have a vid or a source for that? Or keywords that'll help me find the vid? I'm curious

  17. It's been a minute. All I remember is she was talking to someone and moving her hands with the conversation, gets shot, and as she falls over her hands keep waving like she's just talking. It was indoors, I think a school shooting? It was 10+ years ago, maybe even 20 years old at this point.

  18. You literally just said you need weed to get through life

  19. A) I said it gets me through life. I need medication for my ADHD and OCD, and weed so far has been the best medicine (outside of concerta for ADHD) that works for me for those problems. When something comes along that is better, I'd like to stop smoking, because I don't want to get cancer, but I've also gone years without any medical aid. Most people who suffer from ADHD need to cycle between the two modes.

  20. Addiction is being physically or mentally dependent on a substance or activity. Doesn't have to negatively affect you to be an addiction.

  21. Yes it does. Being dependent on something is inherently negative to your health.

  22. It's color correction, one of the final steps in filmmaking. Crystal Lake has never been known to be a dirty lake, it's name is crystal lake, and it's always been portrayed as clear and blue, so one of the final steps before the film released was to correct the colors.

  23. After rewatching m, the first is slow in the beginning but it’s just like the rest. Its a pretty well made film that set up a long lasting franchise for a reason lmfao.

  24. In my experience, it’s how I see it. Maybe I just don’t talk to the right people lol

  25. Well we're horror fans, not just casual moviegoers, so I 100% believe you that your experience has been different. It's probably going to be different even depending on which social media app you're using. For instance, FB is for old people. That's where I go if I want to see people defending the Halloween Thorn trilogy lol, because that's what they grew up with. I grew up on H20/HR so I have a soft spot for those. stuff like that

  26. Can't you market the games so there is a constant cash flow? Like having a certain amount of ads going.

  27. Video games aren't exactly similar to books and films in that regard. The shelf life of a good movie could be decades, but not for most games.

  28. I think this may change as the graphics quality stops improving so rapidly.

  29. I agree, the gap will decrease exponentially, I think. In the same way that, say, Romeo+Juliet from 1996 (27 years) is quite easier to digest for today's movie going audience compared to a film made closer to the inception of filmmaking, games like MGSV will be fairly replayable/enjoyable to gamers for decades longer than something like the original Donkey Kong.

  30. I'm curious if they ever regret it after they see the before and after, or if they truly think they look better.

  31. Some people do. Courtney Cox recently opened up about how upset she was over falling into the same trap as dozens of actors, trying to look young to score more gigs. She's reversed a lot of the work, but she will never look how she did beforehand, and she's clearly upset over that fact, even if she's in a better place now.

  32. absolutely some teenage girl slapped this on her bumper with an ironic giggle. I love the kids

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