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  1. The tool Khors endorsed Voyager and FTX trust no influencer!

  2. Lol try being a Rams, Lakers, LA Galaxy, Angels, Ducks fan🥲


  4. Well thats an easy one, shes a perfect dog.

  5. I deployed as a PV2 a month after I got to my unit, got very lucky.Syria was fun and so was down range pay.

  6. Did you get per diem? depending on where in Syria, you were basically living off the local economy. We ordered groceries from Ali and cooked it in our force provider kitchen.

  7. First month was per diem, then first armored came in and brought a kp team with them just in time for thanksgiving dinner.

  8. Respectfully disagree, This dividend information was provided weeks ago with dates included by the CEO of the company, Im not sitting around while I see half my trade value disappear. I appreciate everyone else “spamming” the brokerages who aren’t doing right by their customers.

  9. I hold many of the meme stocks, I just ask the GME elitists.Why so quiet?

  10. We are the gamestop we dont do this here, congrats BBBWY peeps, we all moon soon.

  11. Wait til q4 my ass, hand them APE mamas over here and let me decide what to do once i see my price flicker.

  12. Thanks bud,needed this. Have 10 of 420 shares in webull bought way back when pfof wasnt even being discussed.

  13. Noice…420 shares at 12.09 cost average. On bonus tendies right now🦍

  14. Fidelity, probably. Nfa for you to switch to them, I have them and they get no complaints from me

  15. The strongest 5.029 on the market baby LFGOOOOOOO 🚀🚀🚀

  16. From my cold dead hands my dude, from my cold dead hands.

  17. During earnings AA said a dip is to be expected.

  18. “Because this stock dividend being announced today is like a stock split, it's logical to assume that once a dividend is issued on August 22, the price of our common shares will fall. Vitally however, and I cannot repeat this enough, for each owned share, investors would not own only a single share, but would own instead a share and an APE.


  20. the rams play there and can't fill up their own stadium even if they won the super bowl

  21. Must be a 9ers fan all 3 games i went to were full cap.

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