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  1. For a 12 month fix, work out how much you'd pay on the fix over the 12 months (multiply standing charges by 365 and add the unit rates times your usage), then work out how much you'd pay not fixing based on between now and the 1st of October at current rates, then 10 further months on current rate x1.5.

  2. Each council has the freedom to set their empty home discount rate. I was in the same boat as you, I called up both councils to ask, and neither offered a discount. Once the old bill was recalculated and posted out to me, it literally said 0% discount on the bill.

  3. Because both Labour and the LibDems have stolen billions from the public purse and given to their donors and mates, killed 41,000 people of the most vulnerable in society by placing infected patients in the care home system and then lying about it... Cop-on, there's nothing remotely like the Conservative Party. They're a criminal cartel literally robbing you and I blind whilst destroying the United Kingdom. Saying there's no difference between the parties is beyond cynical and very deep into the realm of the political illiterate.

  4. Under Labour benefit fraud was a lot easier, a lot more lucrative and a lot more commonplace. The tories have since cut benefits and made them a lot harder to access, and for all its faults Universal Credit does a reasonably good job of making sure people actually qualify on the income metrics at least.

  5. There is a video from a previous AMA where he was claiming that their yield is from over collaterised loan. In fact, he said they are legally obliged to have this kind of collateral. I was trying to find it earlier today, but no luck.

  6. They were legally obliged to do so when they were based in the UK. Then when the FCA asked them for proof, they pulled their provisional registration and bailed on the whole country rather than answer the FCA's questions.

  7. Storing btc in your own wallet isn’t as risky than storing it on an exchange or services like Celsius.

  8. Trouble with Eth2 is you need to have 32 Eth to do it from your own wallet.

  9. Proof that local government is in fact run by complete morons.

  10. A year ago this article would be comedy. How sad that this is the reality we now live in.

  11. It’s 32x32 bitmap on Eth. Om Chia it’s 900kb of anything on data layer. Feel the difference?

  12. lol I didn't realise that until this post. What a massive oof.

  13. But if they actually did ask, there's a chance they could get valuable information. Pretty sure that's the point of going to an oracle in the first place.

  14. 4e had a neat theme that let you roll your first 3 d20 results per encounter in advance. So you wouldn't roll on your first 3 turns, you'd just use the numbers you already rolled (so if you got 18, 3, 12 you'd lead with your big daily power knowing you'd hit and dump the 3 on some basic at-will). I believe you could also apply it to an ally so they'd know their rolls instead of you.

  15. Isn't this pretty much just the Portent feature of the Divination wizard, but with a bit less flexibility?

  16. Healer? They have an innate pool of health for backup heals. Defender? They’re the best at it! Striker? SMITE! Blaster? They don’t really have any long range spells without subclasses. Controller? They have banishment, compelled duel, and command if they need to. Face? Charisma is their secondary or possibly primary stat. Librarian? They have Religion proficiency if they want but not much else. Scout? They can tank a hit if they trigger a trap first but they usually have such shit stealth it doesn’t matter. Utility? They have a few neat spells. Finally in terms of support they buff around half as well as a cleric spell wise and auras are insane. Over half the defined party roles of 4e can be filled by a 5e Paladin at least secondarily, pretty good.

  17. Tbf 4e paladin was a bit of a jack of all trades too - ironically moreso than bard.

  18. Bard doesn't feel like a Jack of all Trades in most systems, imo. It's a jack of, like, 3 or 4 trades

  19. Yeah, 4e gave them the ability to multiclass into every other class but the problem with this was that there was no sensible reason to ever actually do this.

  20. Not a single fact in that sad, desperate rant. You don’t even know what a Ponzi scheme is.

  21. Celsius may not be a pure ponzi scheme but it sure is close.

  22. Explains why Celsius noped out of the UK the moment the FCA asked what they were doing with users funds.

  23. Best crypto card on the market for those of us outside the US.

  24. Yeah I found it, someone else posted it in this sub. Link from willphule says chiafriends.nft though.

  25. The point being french rates were likely kept competitive by not factoring in maintenance/replacement costs.

  26. But the rates haven't changed in France afaik, indicating they were factored in and rather it was the need to continue supplying Europe that was not.

  27. this is the US we are talking about. Health insurance is tied to the employer over there. A company's purpose is also to take care of it's employees who are the ones making the games. Hope this clears it up.

  28. Sorry, but newsflash for you: a company's purpose is to make money.

  29. Bodily autonomy isn't fucking politics.

  30. Quite clearly is though buddy. Your bodily autonomy is determined by laws made by the government.

  31. Yes, it may be made up for you. By law, it’s seen differently.

  32. You are supposed to pay income tax on that. So if you don’t get anything at the end the day, you lost more than your deposit.

  33. You don't have to pay tax on income which is never made available to you buddy.

  34. Not a fan of Mike Alfred, but he kind of has a point here. Why not use the Celsius twitter account to debunk FUD? They've used it for way more frivolous shit in the past.

  35. It'll be because there are legal ramifications if they mislead customers using their official channels as they go into bankruptcy or administration proceedings.

  36. Celsius used to be based in the UK with provisional FCA registration. Then, the FCA started asking questions about their business practices and rather than answer them Celsius exited the UK and stopped accepting new UK customers. They've been shady as shit for a long time buddy, and you should really do your due dilligence before giving people your money.

  37. What kind of questions? Are you sure the UK weren't the shady ones?

  38. Are you genuinely asking whether the financial conduct authority are shadier than a crypto lending platform?

  39. What an excellent site! Although it’s quite sickening just how little the final balance will be going down despite paying close to £1k a year

  40. Student loans are a high interest debt trap that we saddle our kids with before they even turn 18.

  41. A lot of us were outright lied to as well. Almost everyone I speak to (from various schools/HE) had some form of conversation about them being ‘no interest’ with their teachers or whatever.

  42. Yeah I've heard similar stories. At my school it was a bit different to that - they basically made out as if going to uni and taking the loan was the only option. We were pressed into getting a place somewhere doing something as if our lives were over if we didn't. So many of my schoolmates went to uni doing pointless courses only to end up working in pubs or coffee shops afterwards.

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