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  1. If it is effecting your mental health, particularly causing stress or anxiety. For example if you find yourself getting in arguments and it causes a negative reaction like making you angry or upset.

  2. Natural doesn't always mean good. Weed causes anxiety and can lead to panic attacks and paranoia for some people, especially if you are already feeling anxious or in that headspace. At least with benzos it serves a purpose that can't really fail.

  3. Showers do help. A cool shower can help reduce your body temperature. Will also wash off toxin filled sweat. Also a shower will help you feel better if your mentally fucked up about the way you probably smell, changing your mental state can be game changing.

  4. It also just feels good to stay fresh and hygienic and looking as good as you can.

  5. They do if you try to change your headspace while in it. But you're kind of right when you're binging for a long time, its just like being overamped in the shower, and by the time you're done youre like what have I been doing for so long, nothing is different

  6. lul seems fake and set up but so does most things

  7. In my opinion for a lot of people, resorting to surgery to "fix" themselves leaves problems unresolved, deeper rooted issues... that and it is never truly good enough. So that leads to toxic personality traits or they may be people that aren't preferable to be around for some. And there isn't anything wrong with that, people should be able to be friends with whoever they feel is fit.

  8. I mean I got surgery for a mark I had. I was bullied my entire life because of it and although it would never undo the pain I went through I had severe issues because of it that I placed on myself (make up, hair styles, and other ways) I genuinely couldn’t leave my house without this whole routine even just to go out to the corner store. Once I finally got it removed I was able to be more comfortable I didn’t have to do all of that and it has helped a lot.

  9. Well of course there are smaller surgeries like that that can easily get the kind of result that you got. It's one thing to have a "mark" or some physical imperfection and to have that "fixed", and another to deal with something like gender dysphoria, which is a mental thing and goes deeper in to psychology and etc.

  10. Definitely expected robotic legs lol

  11. Well "demons" are your own problems and issues so you have to do some introspection to figure out what those are.

  12. Because it's not actually toxic. You will only find it toxic if that is what you look for. Overall it's just a platform to post and view content, which can be any content you want to post or see.

  13. To keep people on the phone while police arrive. I guess to keep them occupied so that they don't do anything crazy.

  14. I don't think it is intentional. I think folks just genuinely don't care enough to put in the small mental effort to evaluate which one is needed 🤣 we lazy

  15. I feel like that is such a basic grammatical error that people make, and is learned very early on though. People make fun of it and bring it up all the time. It's a meme at this point. So why not put in the minimal effort to learn the difference for good?

  16. I think for a lot of people it's very difficult to memorize these rules, particularly those who have add/ADHD etc. I think that is exacerbated by the fact that it is actually totally unnecessary because we can communicate effectively without knowing the difference. I know I joked that we are all lazy but I think it's totally justifiable to not put in the effort if it's something that doesn't come easily to you.

  17. Also if you don't want to do it or don't see the benefit in it. People just need to find personally good reasons to change

  18. Not taste-wise. Taste-wise it tastes like nothing.

  19. Ugly toothy box vs delicious food for a month

  20. Bruh how many people will leave russia forever over that

  21. tbh, I didn't feel that he looked creepy until he had categorically demonstrated that he is in fact very creepy, and now I can't stand the creepy ass sight of him

  22. I get how he looks creepy and I do see that, but his face just looks funny to me, and its kinda cute because of it. Idk he looks like a dork and like someone who maybe had his soul sucked away from him from dealing with facebook and whatever he does. So I feel kinda bad for him too because of that. But yeah I just like him lmao, I don't care about the creepy face robot narrative thing.

  23. Really seems more like opiates or maybe bars to me. Her pupils are really tiny and her eyes are weirdly glossy, like she's not all there. Or like I said in another comment maybe entirely sober and just mentally ill. She's crazy and I don't think it's the just the result of drugs

  24. There is no way it’s just mental illness . She has to be on some kind of drug . She is mad at him because he is black and because she is white so threw her dog at him and then said you are stealing my dog

  25. Honestly it's really hard to tell for me. I watched it again and it's true that type of behavior seems like someone on drugs, you would imagine or hope thatbmost people could be more stable than that, that they can be, but there is something about her eyes that I can't get past. Like to me it looks like that is who she is. Idk though. She's relatively young and I can't see how mental illness alone could make someone act like that so there's that.

  26. Bruh I laughed but I can't help but feel bad for the little guy. How do you just torch a little bug like that lul. He was cute.

  27. Probably to compete against eachother. Maybe one brand had a size and shape that was good and people liked, so other brands started ripping them off, until the point where they all have the same size that sells.

  28. Man I wonder if something as simple as leaving a written note near the dash saying the car has tracking devices and even hidden cameras would deterrent most people from actually stealing it. I mean who would want to deal with that. It would put fear in most people I think.

  29. Speed. Like amphetamines or meth. Speed pills have always been good for me.

  30. Im just thinking about how much this would trip me out under the influence of drugs without figuring out where it's coming from

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