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  1. Shit myself, they won’t fight me if I’m covered in shit

  2. When someone ordered a tuna and meatball sub 🤮 Someone also ordered a tuna and teriyaki chicken before too…

  3. Probably the watch he got me last Christmas. It has flowers on it and it’s really cute, I definitely wear that one the most out of all my watches. He is always able to pick out something I like because he pays attention to my interests and has been the only person to ever surprise me, he is a really good gift giver.

  4. Not hard at all, it was the driving test that was hard for me.

  5. Inflation of prices, not high enough wages to match. Careers/Jobs getting shittier as well. In my area, after they laid off most workers they never hired them back but expected the same workload or more. Just sucks all around right now.

  6. Mario or donkey Kong, but not often because he sucks at them lol. He wants to grab every single coin or irrelevant thing while dying to get them and it wastes all the lives leaving me frustrated😆

  7. They usually get pissy and come later when the manager is there. They only times I say no is if the manager already left for the day, but trust me they always come back

  8. 911 Callers, must be such an emotionally draining job with not enough pay.

  9. He really thought he was gonna get nudes after spouting that verbal garbage 🤣

  10. Too bad martial arts didn’t teach how not to be an asshole :/

  11. Dude is really insecure, even if you were the coolest person in the world people will still talk about you behind your back, it’s just what some people do. Why would you care so much what other people think anyway, at the end of the day it’s irrelevant. They probably talk about his doodoo personality behind his back.

  12. Not often, and it’s usually only my family or boyfriend complimenting me. When I had cool colored hair I got compliments from strangers everytime I went out though. I miss that.

  13. Because even if you went vegan, you are not really saving animals or being totally ethical… most of our products, even plant based ones, are obtained or created by the suffering of something else or is harmful to the environment that animals live in. Ex: a common vegan ingredient is rice, which produces a lot of methane and is harmful to the environment. Or avocados and limes being run by the cartels, monkeys being forced to harvest coconuts, palm oil leading to the destruction of orangutan habitats, I could go on. Almost everything we mass produce leads to the suffering of something else so a self righteous vegan telling me they are more ethical and saving more animals than me makes me think they are incredibly naive.

  14. When I was in highschool, there was this girl that would talk shit about people the entire period and would do nothing else every single day. Eventually she talked smack about a girl that was literally sitting across from her, loud as can be and obviously the girl she was talking about heard it. Welp, the girl calls her out on her shit talking and eventually a fight ensues with the shit talker getting a chair thrown in her face. Comes in the next day obviously looking beat up and still shit talking loud as ever… some people never learn.

  15. That I poop on the toilet weird. I sit up on it with my feet on the rim too, I swear it makes the poo come out better.

  16. That my supervisors were evil and trying to kill all our coworkers by feeding us to aliens. I managed to escape with a coworker.

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