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  1. Weird. Sounds like those that served in the last 15yrs and telling kids not to do it is finally paying off. I told every kid to run and to go to college first before joining if they decide. No war=desk jockey bullshit politics. Dont do it

  2. The fact OP acknowledges the google sucks at the perfect bacon on this. I dig it

  3. If I was gonna do a new build.... Oh sweet baby jesus ass

  4. Still waiting for a single example of Trump being racist

  5. You walk around the truck and shut your mouth. They're not doing anythjng wrong. Youre just caught up in your narcissistic feels

  6. Easy. Find out which jail/jails he bouncing in and out from, get copies of the arrest reports, find the addresses and ask the other junkies

  7. The ending is where he realized he cant talk shit anymore and get away with it

  8. Hes not wrong. 10% of GDP is suppoed to go into the global trash cans but you're luvky to see anything close to 5. Typically its just left to the US to pay for it all which is why the rest of the world got their panties in a knot when Trump exited the who. Cut the us out of UNICEF, who, foreign aid programs and youre left with almost nothing. Thats what its come down to 🤷

  9. The USA GDP is like 3 or 4 times higher than most other country's, so obviously they contribute more, plus the US has positioned them self's as the wolrd police so its a situation of their own design.

  10. It can be 3 or 20 times higher. Less than 5% is not the agreed upon 10% of a your GDP. But yes, the us is the world police and needs to stop. Let problems sort themselves out. That would mean to let ua to sort itself out with ru as well though

  11. These pants are the type to either say rhodies never die or the trees speak to me and they say Charlie is everywhere. One of those 2

  12. Theyre good for climbing/hiking and whatever youd use a hard hat for. Nothing else

  13. I actually like of those things. The 4th is questionable at best

  14. "You can fit so much prejudice against the sky net invasion in this bad boy. I'll tell you hwat"

  15. Nope. $3/day because majority of FL prisons and jails are now privately owned. $3 goes to the state as their bill you while private entity bills the state a anount/day/inmate. The 3 was give a recorded bill so the state can justify the expenditure as legal which is what the occupant pays as reimbursement to the state

  16. Wait so theyre admitting its a war now? Did that just happen? Someone explain this in smooth brain koala for me

  17. H: Stabby was stabby. He was the greatest of combat glatorial cleaning bots this shit has ever seen and will ever know. He sacrificed himself to alert us that we being targeted for enslavement while the night shift was dealing with downed sensors. That in itself is the greatest love any of us can see in a crew member. It will be honor to follow his rollers to make us even more fierce in the wake of his death. May we all remember Stabby and stabbings he gave us in the arena. LONG LIVE STABBY'S MEMORY!!!

  18. Belarus launching a full scale invasion on ukraine and all russian troops will suddenly be wearing Belarus fatigues and Belarus will be the technical fall guy going forward.

  19. Won't be the fall guy. Too obvious at this point. But they are aiming for a new front though. This'll be interesting

  20. Russia doesn’t care about “too obvious” we’ve seen that time and time again. They’ll still try and pass this off.

  21. Probably. Cool part though is we get to see what it looks like to have a first world country collapse on itself

  22. Im trying to figure out how exactly these minds think this push would go with Lithuania being a part of nato

  23. In the us, almist all flu cases went away and the only cases that turned up were mostly covid. Example being 30k cases/year is the norm in the US. We had less than 4k all of a sudden. Everything became covid or covid related

  24. It’s almost like we were social distancing and wearing masks and doing extra hygiene and cleaning or something.

  25. Doctors? No. Hospital boards and admin? Yes especially after being told they'd get x amount per patient

  26. Get everything in writing, ZERO VERBAL AGREEMENTS, make sure you're civering your ass at all times and check the turnover rate and why

  27. Might wanna swipe the gear before rus regs get to it

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