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  1. yeah, I'm done with the interview just got the visa approved like 30 mine ago. So I went to the window and the consular asked where I was going, I said I'm going to wake tech CC. She asked me why I was going there, I said a few things and then she interrupted me asked who my sponsor is, I told her my father is my sponsor, she asked a little about him what he does and where he works. She also asked what other universities I applied to, I named one and then she asked if I was gonna transfer there I said yes. She asked me how long will it take me to transfer I said 2 yrs. She started typing, I was legit shitting myself and then she broke the silence by saying "your visa is approved".

  2. I need to take an appointment. I’m going to university😅

  3. Naruto Hindi me bhi aa gayi bhai, ab dekh le

  4. Bhai ek pal k liye agar tu shaktimaan ko use karta to fir bhi samajh me aata but motu patlu bol k tune apne chutiyapa dikha dia.

  5. one can always improve on hygiene. But if you're old enough to date, you're old enough to know that your hygiene is going to play into who's going to want to date you and who says "hard pass bruh!"

  6. Disagree. Unkempt hair and dressing speaks to hygiene. And that's a serious issue.

  7. Op you sound desperate no offence, your username itself is calling for help :(( Even I don’t have real life friends/boyfriend ‘cause I don’t want to but it’s a choice anyway. I’m happy

  8. I’ll probably get some hate for this since he’s a bit controversial but i use the Jeffree star nudes pallet daily. I love it

  9. It's been around for like 8 years though 40k isn't much at all especially if they were a teenager recently.

  10. I’d say it’s a good thing! You know why? It’s said that when someone steals something from you they take away all your bad luck with them :)

  11. I like to believe karma is real. but it’d also hate to see one do better than me after they treated me like shit.

  12. I totally understand what you’re feeling, but you’ve let go for your own sanity. Karma will get back to them

  13. As a US citizen you gotta come to the northeast my guy, NYC is definitely worth it!

  14. Travel the world, shop and get a boob job Tbh it’s a never ending list

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