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  1. Always wondered why they chose Beaverton as their location. Also if you get the chance, visit the one in Seattle, they have a decent sized Asian food court.

  2. When Jo Ann Hardesty needs the police she seems to get right through.

  3. I have never worn a beanie in the blazing heat of summer.

  4. I have never sawed off a catalytic converter. To be honest, I wouldn't even know where to start.

  5. I have a thought ... maybe we should try to keep it normal.

  6. One is going right across the street from me and on one hand I’m really nervous but on the other hand I hope maybe it’ll keep crime off this block? I’m in a high crime neighborhood and we already have people camping on our street, so things are already bad as it is. What do you think is going to happen around I live in the next 6 months? Should I be looking for another place to stay?

  7. When I helped with a SOLV clean up in Delta Park, there were some piles of trash with mail and other identifiers from the same address in them. It wasn't hard to determine.

  8. Instead of shredding my mail containing personal identifiable information I just dump it in piles around town.

  9. Stop blaming the houseless for the garbage issues in Portland.

  10. So you’re saying it’s all the law abiding, tax paying, housed Portlanders responsible for the trash because you witnessed the evolution of this single trash pile in Eastern Portland? Ok.

  11. Hmmm. Looks like she’s defecating in that photo.

  12. Alternate title: “Jo Ann Hardesty suffers a Noteworthy Defecation”.

  13. Does this mean I don’t have to wear a mask while snowboarding this winter?

  14. I don't know why you don't. Unless you have no issues with sunburns, wind whipping your face with the ice, face getting cold in general, or don't suffer from dry skin in the extreme heat and cold.

  15. Because I have a beard and enjoy feeling the warm sun on my face and breathing fresh air on a nice March spring day.

  16. Set it up in your front yard and like a birdhouse, a gaggle of homeless will take up residence.

  17. I’m across the river in Vancouver. Sad to see those people commenting just don’t get it. Not surprised though.

  18. What’s sad is that you believe your on-line crypto cult building is somehow going to improve the value of your personal “crypto holdings”. We all see right through this scheme.

  19. Each Bitcoin transaction consumes 1,173 kilowatts of energy or enough to power the typical American home for 6 weeks. I refuse to help accelerate the demise of this beautiful planet.

  20. A crazy Republican could easily win next year if Betsy Johnson can take the moderates. That's why I don't like her candidacy, but then again I can't blame her because I don't see anyone on either the Dem or GOP sides that are good alternatives.

  21. I hate that I now have to evaluate "non-batshit-crazy" GOP candidates.

  22. I firmly believe we wouldn’t have turned out a whole lot different without such a severe lockdown. People never really stopped gathering in homes and there were still restaurants and gyms operating under the radar. Not to mention the rural parts of the state that never cared anyway.

  23. Agree, we would be where we are with or without the theater.

  24. I’m a deckhand, but I’m hoping to get into the wheelhouse in the next few years.

  25. Can I ask you a question? What is the demand for deckhands on Columbia Tug Boats (or Tugs in general) and what are the entry requirements?

  26. The company I work at had been hiring more than they ever have, and I last I knew Tidewater really needed deckhands. The three companies I’d recommend looking into are Shaver, Foss and Tidewater (Foss generally only does ship work in the lower river). First off you need to be able to acquire a TWIC card and a MMC. Entry requirements can vary quite a bit, but maritime experience is a huge plus, as are a lot of trades, especially anything with mechanical knowledge. When I was hired the biggest factor to getting in was knowing someone, but that seems to have been changing.

  27. Emergency vehicles should just have cameras to snap pictures of plates of cars that fail to yield and mail them big juicy tickets.

  28. Great idea. As I'm bleeding out, as a result of our record violence, maybe the Ambulance can multi-task and hand out some juicy tickets on the way.

  29. ...are Portland California Transplant drivers truly stupid?

  30. We're all going to be wearing masks for the rest of our lives, so no one will ever see your jacked up teeth.

  31. lot of angry wealthy people in these comments. Sorry your astroturf campaign caught a little bit of criticism lol

  32. Yes, I cut off my own catalytic converter and wear it around my neck on a gold rope chain. A veritable fiefdom of dirty tents and blue tarps around my abode.

  33. Don’t forget the heavy sprinkling of used syringes and poo.

  34. If there can be a place selling hats that just have a P on them, then someone can probably sell more interesting hats with pickles on them. Really the local baseball teams have great mascots. I even like the soñadores alt logo for the hops.

  35. I didn't know they sell those P hats. I just assumed they hand them out to recent transplants upon arrival.

  36. We really have some sweet team mascots/logos in PDX. Pickles are super unique, The Hops have one of the coolest team logos I’ve ever seen, Timbers is also awesome. Trail Blazers is at least an cool name.

  37. The Pinwheel is one of the coolest logos in the NBA.

  38. Optimistically, yes! But sometimes we just get lucky with the ocean conditions for a particular salmon run so they eat and survive especially well. We'll see how future returns are to know if there's any long term improvement happening here!

  39. Ocean acidification, ocean warming, micro-plastics, marine trash/garbage patches, collapsing of the food oceanic food chain, destruction of riparian zones, overfishing, hydroelectric dams, climate change, global warming (heat domes), etc. are what's impacting (decreasing) the current and future returns of anadromous fish. There is no luck involved.

  40. >That’s because of new innovations made to the dam, especially a floating surface collector in North Fork Reservoir

  41. This could not be farther from the truth. Anadromous returns along the entire West Coast are collapsing at alarming rates. As mentioned, Steelhead returns in the Columbia watershed are at the lowest rate since recording started in 1938. This Coho run is merely a statistic outlier.

  42. Sweden tried going without anything, including masks, and had an immediate surge in cases. We need everyone to get vaccinated and then we need time for the virus to die off. The frustrating thing is that if people just wouldn't have been stupid from the get go, we'd have been essentially done with this by now.

  43. The virus is not going to "die off" and we're never going to be "done". We will transition from pandemic to endemic.

  44. Wearing a mask from the door of the restaurant until you get to your table doesn't seem to likely make much of a difference.

  45. I believe the activity of wearing the mask on your trip from your dining table to the restroom is really what is flattening the curve.

  46. Looks like a Varied Thrush to me. We have about 3 a year that unfortunately perish by flying into my windows. Sometimes they recover.

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