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  1. You've already had a lot of great and detailed answers so I won't be too serious. Great advice in here.

  2. Souls games and Dragon's Dogma. Occasionally Vermintide 2

  3. Should remind them about all the corporations who get handouts .

  4. Yeah, you filter so that the only people who engage with you are people who get excited about being top dog in an internet fight. If you think that's the main kind of person there's a lot to learn from, you might want to reevaluate that.

  5. I filter for people who can make a good argument. I happen to have a very strong position on most things and the only people I care to listen to are those who won't cry because I said their position is as bad as the conservatives.

  6. Debate tactics are not inherently bad.

  7. Not giving people the benefit of the doubt when they show signs of good faith is part of what pushes people towards edgelord behavior.

  8. Every other bit of language the person used is identical with transphobic language. They are transphobic, transphobia doesn't have to be malicious. You can be transphobic simply by being ignorant. That doesn't make someone less transphobic though.

  9. Transphobic language out of ignorance should not be seen the same as transphobic language out of malice.

  10. That depends entierly on the nature of that ignorance.

  11. The far left typically are fighting categorical oppression and abuse on both an interpersonal and systemic level. Mind you, "far left" is literally just "we want equality and no exploitation of workers". Okay that is reductionist but don't compare people angry that their traditions are changing with people who want to change things for the better.

  12. Putting Sweden as a "good" country but not like Finland is weird.

  13. OP is pretty cringe. This is glorious.

  14. This is just actually bad in all ways.

  15. This movie isn't a fake. Fraud. Scam.

  16. Wait.. no this is anti-memeception because... it is an anti-meme that is also a meme.

  17. That's the beauty of moving away from a "for profit" society, Is that that is possible, the community that uses or desires those services determine the best way of doing so.

  18. I don't disagree with this at all but this sort of shift would take quite a good few years, especially with pushback against commies.

  19. It would require a huge cultural shift, that may not be possible before we see environmental collapse.

  20. Environmental collapse is too late tbh. Luckily captitalism is a self-destructive system as it siphons resources away from the vast majority of people. We just need to be ready to lead the revolution with socialist/leftist values and not allow the far-right angle take the front.

  21. Aren't peanuts technically different tho?

  22. Like there is a lot of things wrong here. We all know it. Things like how unrealistic it is to make a business work from a startup of merely $1000 and all that but the common factor in all of these are:

  23. People who regularly pay 100 dollars for one dinner, buy a new iphone and don't pay it off in a subscription AND have enough time and energy to potentially learn new skills after a busy day do not need this thing. It always surprises me how little people know about most people's spending habits.

  24. I mean, buying a phone full price out of pocket is kinda easy. If you're willing to eat for 2 dollars per day anyway.

  25. Hasn't like this whole deal been that Keffals isn't that great but what happened was still bullshit? Like I'm pretty sure even Vaush had said something in that fashion but that if we can use this to further LGBTQ+ rights and protections we should.

  26. No, screw you. Get some decent freaking health care.

  27. This is LITERALLY good desgin. Getting a month to regret deleting your accounts is genueinly a good thing.

  28. Yeah, depending on the situation I will do this or something similar

  29. Hold that thought, I'm just gonna go get a grinder of honeslty just any kind. A hot enough forge works too. I could probably ruin the shape of it just with some leverage.

  30. I mean, usually when they do things it is everything except good gun control. Gun control regulations that are implemented are usually really really bad.

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