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  1. I have no idea what time frame she's on for posting those. She might post something randomly soon or in a few months. She doesn't seem consistent at all. The last time I saw Leo in one of her videos was around the time they were leaving to travel around Europe. He gave her a hug when they were leaving Germany I think? Other than that she hasn't shown him in anything. She doesn't mention him much. There has been some sharing of old videos including him on her IG stories..and I believe she wished him Happy Birthday not too long ago? It's mostly likely a strained relationship.

  2. Highly doubt it. T has made comments to Cleo in a video about how Celo is going to be doing most of the work with baby birdie because this is her kid. Plus T is still dealing with Omega who has been really stubborn about quitting the boob.

  3. Hello married 36F here. If your uncomfortable with it then it's a no. You shouldn't force yourself to do something out of fear your bf will leave you or cheat. If he does either one of those then he wasn't meant for you.

  4. yes thank you!! i just dont know how to word things so he can understand my point of view

  5. Sometimes the best way is the most simple yet direct. I thought it over, I'm not comfortable with it. So it's a no and I'm not changing my mind.

  6. I ❤ fairytale ends. I've been trying for years to have the patience for them. The ends of her hair could be 7+ years old. I really wish she would oil her hair and deep condition it, her hair was so beautiful and healthy in Findland so I'm sad to see it so deteriorated. It's also sad to see such a drastic decline in the family that it's even showing in their hair.

  7. Well a number of things could be causing her hair to be different. Such as being a new mom (hormones/less time for hair care), stress, or a big one might be change in climate. Finland and Australia are fairly different in climate. Romeo's hair drastically changed when they moved to Australia.🤔

  8. Didn’t she also bleach her hair at some point?

  9. I am convinced she did lighten it. It seemed she did it in two stages or maybe three? Her roots are showing now. I hope she's not lightening it just because she's trying to match her mom. Cleo's natural color is fairly beautiful. But it's her hair and her choice to do what she wants with it.🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. Ehh I wouldn't say stalking.. Lots of girls tend to act like that when they like a guy (or girl). I use to watch the guy I liked. Like a hawk. Never really talked to him.. But then when I was out of highschool I looked him up on Myspace and started talking to him. Then asked him out on a date. Fast forward we are married and have three kids. *And yes I told him I use to watch him at school.😅

  11. None of this is okay. Using the lame excuse of he use to be your teacher is BS. That would not effect anything since your a grown women now. Know your worth and make sure it's known it's his kid. And you better make sure he's providing child support if he's going to try and not be in the kids life. He needs to give you more than rides or occasional help.🤦🏻‍♀️This is a grown man that already has two kids. He needs to buck up and take responsibility.

  12. It didn't bother my eyes. But yeah it seemed kind of bright. If I was there in person it would have bothered me for sure.

  13. I believe that was a 18th birthday gift. Cleo always wanted one like her mom.

  14. She's a really difficult kid. As in overly stubborn and has her own will. I have tried sneaking veggies in, it doesn't really work. She dislikes eating things that are mixed. I can't even get her to try soup. She literally has never eaten soup..🤦🏻‍♀️ The doc just said keep trying and make sure she's taking her vitamins daily. Maybe one day she will agree and I will be blown away.

  15. Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry that happened to you. Yeah I am not going to force feed my kids. I do however try to encourage them to eat things with rewards. I have been told that the teachers think my daughter might have ADD. There is a chance she's somehow on the autistic spectrum. I don't really see the need to get her tested yet. She's only 6. She functions well enough too. I'm trying to do my best at being patient.😬

  16. Ooh I like the red one. So pretty! 🌹Goes great with your skin tone and hair color too.👍

  17. It's not always taught by the parents. Kids don't really think in gray areas much. They think differently then adults, it's scientifically proven. My kids are slightly like that...but definitely not to the extent Omega is.😅 My kids sometimes have trouble understanding that girls can have short hair and that boys can have long hair. Sometimes seeing a male with long hair throws them off and they ask me if that person is a boy or girl.🤦🏻‍♀️I try my best to explain that that anyone can wear their hair how they want. I think they are kind of getting it.

  18. The older kids r adults they are not bright and what happened to Leo I have seen a few videos from him

  19. Well his last few videos he talked about dealing with depression.. Which he said he's been dealing with for some time. But seems he finally came to terms with it being actual depression. He took a break for awhile and then made some videos talking (a bit) about it. Also can't be easy that his family up and moved to a complete different country. I think the last time I saw him in one of T's videos was when they were leaving Finland to travel around Europe in the camper van thing. From what I've seen from IG him and his wife are doing good.

  20. I just always figured James was rich because he came from an old wizard family. Generations of built wealth. But that's interesting to learn they have more details like that on Pottermore.

  21. Totally agree. Sometimes I think about just selling everything and buying a small cabin on some remote land. Or maybe becoming a small organic farmer.. I grew up around my great grandparents and they were both born in the early 1900's. They were a totally different breed of people (they lived through a lot). They always grew veggies ever year and canned them. They didn't use the lights until the sun went down. They literally sat in the dark until they were forced to turn on the lights.😅 They were into saving in every aspect of life. My grandma knew how to sew and had a vast button collection. They both lives through hard times.. So I just try focusing on being like them. Use stuff until it wears out then replace it. Buy second hand anything when possible. Save up for things you really want but don't need.

  22. 😭 Wish I could grow mine out like this (mine are too thin). I would say trim them if you feel like it. Your opinion is all that matters in the end.😉 Do you oil your nails? They look like they could benefit from it.

  23. Go for it! I had some goth-ish friends in highschool that would dress up similar to this. If I had the clothes or money to do that in highschool.. totally would have.😉

  24. 😭 I feel your pain. Taking vitamins daily, avoiding heat tools, washing hair only 2-3 times a week, do leave in oil treatments before you wash you hair..all of this will aid in helping you towards your goal.

  25. The thing is, right now it’s what would be most attractive on the dating scene. I’m 31. I’m looking to start dating again, ideally with the goal of settling down. I’m asking to kinda gauge what style would be most attractive to women

  26. 2 would probably be best then. People in their 30's are a bit more choosey than they were in their 20's. Wishing you luck! 👍

  27. I know the feeling. Glad things are changing for you. Sometimes if I take the time to think about it.. Not feeling great about myself is usually linked to me not taking time for myself/working on myself. Like when I quit doing my walks or not taking the time to journal. Oh or when I stop doing that one day of the week when I actually take the time to moisturize.🤦🏻‍♀️

  28. What about the- No more booby milk- video?!! Wtf? Nefertiti, Aphrodite, King James, and Omega are told no more breastfeeding. Except- disclaimer- Omega will still get some. Was Nefertiti actually still nursing?

  29. I don't think she was still breastfeeding the others.. I got from it that the other's were already no longer breastfeeding. But she was doing a fair well kind of thing..and maybe dragging Omega in on it to possibly convince him to stop? But after she admitted she was not successful in convincing he clearly is still getting some.

  30. Might remember that..but it had to be a really bad joke because clearly they are not. All of the kids have similarities at different ages. You can tell they are all related.

  31. This is like a play pen. I have something similar made from plastic. It's so you can put the baby down to play with safe toys and so you get some stuff done. I highly doubt their house is baby proof. So she needs to be watched or placed in a play pen. They have small toys/Legos laying around. A baby can and will put them in their mouth.🤦🏻‍♀️My son is 10 months old and literally picks up anything he finds and puts it in his mouth. I even caught him licking the poor cat.😱

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