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  1. I bought a ton of spam can 7.62 x39 the other week. It’s still common if you buy ammo online.

  2. Gun enthusiast, especially gunnit enthusiast, think that owning guns…especially expensive ones…makes them better than other less fortunate or newer enthusiast. I think it’s because they lack any other actual skill set that would help them stand apart from others, or they aren’t capable of doing/being anything that actually worth being proud of. So they sink a bunch of money in to guns so random strangers on the internet will praise them, this helps build their ego, giving them a false sense of accomplishment. From my experience(for the most part), people who are actually really good at something or are have accomplished something impressive in their lives, are humble…because they realize getting to that point means you had to fall down on your face a lot to get there. Yeah the “flex on the poors” shit is a meme, but it’s a meme used by people who think owning stuff makes them impressive. People get confused about what it is others like, I’m extremely impressed with OPs gun collection, it’s awesome….but his smarmy attitude is disgusting and only further justifies my way of thinking on the matter. I personally think it’s extremely hypocritical…gun enthusiast say they want everyone to own a gun and more people should be involved in supporting 2A, then they shit all over everyone for, at least in their opinion, not being as accomplished as them. Just my opinion.

  3. You’re high if you think I’m reading all that. Who’s got the cliff notes version of this comment?

  4. OP what is the Barrel length here? Is does indeed seem long but maybe it’s muzzle device I can’t tell from photo.

  5. Bro. Don’t tell me what I already tell myself.

  6. “Guy who constantly says that the sky is falling says that the sky is falling.” Burry #wasrightthatonetime.

  7. Just FYI it’s “might as well”. Not calling you out I’d just want someone to tell me lol

  8. Seriously saying “so called experts” talking down to customers. It’s crazy because we all wanted them to succeed and now it’s like watching a dumpster fire with a chip on their shoulder.

  9. To be fair the last Bakelite magazine was produced some 40 years ago so finding an unused one is something of a feat I would think. It is lame that they said it was NOS though I suppose.

  10. China abolish communism ? lmao they have blood to spare

  11. China abolishing Communism is only happening with a violent uprising and the overthrowing of the current regime.

  12. I have been under the impression that the RH10 is stinky doodoo

  13. Is Romanian made imported by Century. It’s Good to go, similar to WASR 👍🏻

  14. I didn’t have a hex wrench long enough to remove it so I sawed it of..

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