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  1. She is @valleygirlfantasy on TikTok and has a few other videos similar to this one.

  2. It's primarily a demonstration, the first kid has some small particles that are quickly determined to not be louse or nits . You should be good.

  3. It's kind of a relief listening to the Cerebro podcast and the host not being a big Doop or Deadpool fan (no slight on anyone that does)

  4. Oh how very fortunate I am. This being your only comment in the year of your account's existence. Probable you delete comments after a while, so you try to insult people in the short term and then clear the evidence when it suits you?

  5. Don't let this dissuade you from doing more of these reviews, I really enjoyed it.

  6. Until Beast is shown to be a rapist cannibal who enjoys torturing people, he’s not blue Sabertooth to me. [+]

  7. You can scratch the torture part off your checklist. His space prison was nightmarish.

  8. Genuine question because I haven’t read this yet.

  9. I would say yes. He mocks a corpse for its "sacrifice for science" as he ejects it into space, then visits his prison and announces to the prisoners that he'd be showing them mercy by making them his next victim and getting it over with. It was all very Dark Beast in Apocalypse's genetic pens, so much that if you inked the character grey it would have felt like an AOA flashback.

  10. I'm confused now. We have a whole storyline of evil X-Men running around because they were corrupted by Sinister in the resurrection process. How do we know for sure that the evil Beast in the current story is the only one uncorrupted by Sinister and is evil entirely of his own doing? I find it hard to believe that Sinister would miss corrupting one of the most intelligent and influential X-Men...

  11. Sinister's little tête-à-tête with Dark Beast's head seemed to imply Henry has been acting of his own accord.

  12. I haven't finished this yet but everyone is talking about bringing him back? Does he die or he gets aged into old man cable?

  13. See, I enjoy White Lotus. But I’ve enjoyed Mike White’s writing since Orange County.

  14. I believe the second part is, which would be great because it was great. All the Gene stuff was so compelling to me and Odenkirk & Seehorn were both awesome in it.

  15. Searching for Friends from 6, sad and melancholy but with a dash of hope. A nice change from the beautiful but despair ridden World of Ruin organ/piano funeral-esque bleakness.

  16. It took me ages to realise how much of (the original) Inferno was nicked from Ghostbusters.

  17. Missed that, too. Knew the Brood were Aliens & the Phalanx were the Borg, but had to read this one in an article.

  18. Maybe, but his shape shifting character who is blue like Mystique only her name is Copycat is totally original and do not dare say otherwise.

  19. This was my thought too. Beast is already a monster. But a Sinister Beast? Ooph I wouldn’t want to cross that.

  20. I'm just happy Dark Beast wasn't a one off gag and may actually have some skin in the game, albeit all above the neck.

  21. The Night Court reboot. I gave the two following episodes a try because I know pilots can be kind of rough, but christ, all of it feels like leftover scripts from the 90s that were thought to be incinerated.

  22. Lots of people who watch don’t pay attention. “Chuck was right! Looks like he wanted to do this the whole time! Look how much he’s smiling as he stalks towards Marion!”

  23. Many also seem to have taken the very ending as "he did it all for love!" when it kind of blatantly feels like an addict knowing this is the only way to beat a lifelong addiction.

  24. I honestly loved all of it so much and it was surreal when the timelines caught up in the last part of the show. I loved all of them. The snowy atmosphere, the dying midwest mall, the way they beautifully shot the preparation of the food.

  25. She swapped over to a synthetic body at the end of X Deaths, meaning she wouldn't have been backed up when they started including humans.

  26. I'm dreading finally reading the trade of that one. I really grew to love what Hickman did with Moira but I understand how it's difficult for casual readers to wrap their heads around it. From the sounds of it, Percy made it overly convoluted while also making her kind of one note.

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