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  1. I think that a lot of people getting diagnosed recently aren't actually on the spectrum and it's all part of this 'everyone's on the spectrum in some way' culture.

  2. One of my former coworkers got diagnosed recently and I had assumed she was autistic before she found out. She asked me why I didn't tell her, but I already thought she knew.

  3. Yeah igy, just to clarify, I'm not saying all, just a large number of those diagnosed recently

  4. "You don't deserve no Hitler's canoe" Or "Mr reaper I'd prefer it if you put your hood back on"

  5. Loving the pick for size man as a fellow guitarist myself

  6. I'll kick in and disagree with all of you lol, my favourite is Alonso. Raw talent illustrated like artistry on the track right there. Maybe I'm bias as I really don't like Max or Christian Horner I just don't think they pay fairly, everyone is cheating when they lose but when they cheat and win its just swept under the rug.

  7. Really thats what your going with. Have a good day.

  8. Exactly my thoughts and why I stopped replying to him in this thread lol

  9. Making people select their preferences on video is such a great way for them to select what they actually like.

  10. We're not going to agree but just on that last part, if we're talking purely natural individuals rather than people using PED's then I nearly are if you treat attractiveness as non subjective. At the end of the day people have different preferences. Though I think we can agree that no one though that if Ronnie Coleman at his peak gained more muscle then he'd be more attractive.


  12. Q shave make a nice looking case. I don't have one so can't comment on quality.

  13. Nice, I've been using the 2 plate for xtg and atg too recently

  14. Nice, yeah I’m glad I got the 6S as my first (and maybe even last) razor. I’ve been trying different plates and blades as of late, but the 4/2 is a nice goto since I only need the one.

  15. 2 again for wtg. I'm quite new to it and I got the 6S as my first razor too. I started with the 1 plate and I'm still trying to get my technique down with the 2 before moving to the 3 and when it gets too much then I'll probably stop and choose my favourite for each kind of pass for the perfect shave.

  16. No actually, I was tempted to either get a refill bottle of sandalwood aftershave as that's what I've been currently using or to try their tobacco scent. In the end I decided that there's other brands I want to try more and I try to keep a one in one out kinda policy to stop things getting out of hand. I must say their tobacco scent was very nice though. Quite different to any other I've smelt.

  17. I started using their Sandalwood aftershave for the first time somewhat recently, the stuff smells pretty amazing, but man is it STRONG. It's as strong and long lasting as strong cologne (which I hate to say, isn't something I really want from aftershave). I had to end up using about half the normal amount I would on my face or someone could smell it from another room.

  18. I always heard accounting, but at my college the program is housed in the business school, so I'm not sure about that.

  19. I'm an accountant and can confirm that it works well for me but practice accounting (working with different clients rather than for a specific business) requires communication. Business accounting much less so and you're left to do the technical work almost exclusively on your own.

  20. Discontinued a few years ago due to problems with it breaking. Over engineered apparently (I've never used one). If you find it easy to disassemble and service then it should be fine as long as you do it once a month or so. Metal shouldn't corrode that quickly so keeping it clean and serviced is key.

  21. Yes. I clean it every time. The thin rod is likely the problem.

  22. Yeah I hear you. I would look into if there's anyone making those as spares in case something goes wrong in which case you've got reassurance you'll be able to fix it.

  23. Imo it's very mediocre coffee for an exorbitant price. It's taste isn't particularly note worthy as it is literally washed "typica" (typical) variety, and is only expensive because of its rarity and more expensive labour. For less than half the price, if you go to any decent roaster you can usually find a typica or caturra coffee that will be very similar, whilst for the same price you can get some incredible coffees like

  24. Hi, yeah I've seen this a lot. I didn't have any input on ordering it as it's a gift. However, this particular one is very light roasted. As a comparison, I usually use 'James gourmet coffee' and it's similar to their light roast and they are a very reputable roster in the UK.

  25. I've noticed this vague description on most JBM beans tbh. I've experienced many high quality specially beans and I can say that these beans do hold their own. That's just my opinion of course, as always YMMV.

  26. I have the exact same bowl (colour and everything). What do you think of it?

  27. Best bowl I own. Builds lather 2×fast.

  28. Yeah I agree. The raised lumps at the bottom help to build lather so easily.

  29. Field service tech here, often see jobs in my sector advertised with “benefits “ like, company phone, vehicle, fuel card. All of which are essentials actually.

  30. Yes and if you use them for personal use then it's a taxable benefit so not really much of a benefit at all.

  31. This. If you feel like you can't get close enough without the ATG then try a higher plate number.

  32. I hear you and would but because of the contours of my neck i can't really do xtg so on my xtg pass I go atg on my neck. I don't think I could really get close enough to satisfy with two wtg passes on my neck. I'll try though and see. Thanks for the advise

  33. My Rockwell 6S quality was so bad I had to return it. While the blade is in the razor, look at the blade gap. Is the blade gap even across the whole head of the razor? Or does it have a sort of waviness to it?

  34. Looked fine when I got it and first put a blade in it. I'm aware of the QC issues some have had though.

  35. I think that changed after Dabney went rogue playing paintball

  36. Do you think it was baby proof before that?

  37. Yeah for sure. His mother definitely locked away anything that could be harmful.

  38. 🤣 I'm just getting an awkward image in my head of Hank trying to shake Peggy's hand while going down on her

  39. ATM £22k finished uni back in September (I'm an accountant)

  40. I do not suggest adjustable razors for beginners. They tend to fiddle with the razor more than learning how to shave. The Rockwell would be an excellent first razor.

  41. Do you not consider the Rockwell to be adjustable due to having to change the plates?

  42. It’s not as straightforward adjusting it mid shave as other adjustable razors are. It involves complete disassembly so you are more likely to finish your shave with the setting you start with.

  43. Ok thanks for your input, I'm leaning more towards it as many have said it's a buy it for life kinda razor given it's SS as well.

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