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  1. "Nicest most welcoming people in the world.........."

  2. Our country was founded by seditionist traitors. They aren’t bad because they fought the federal govt and lost. They were bd for other reasons but so were the founding fathers.

  3. Spoken like a queer-hating bigot with severe unresolved ego issues. Bravo...

  4. I just don’t like nonces and ppl we all used to point nd laugh at in school trying to hop on the welcome wagon for good old fashioned non heterosexuals.

  5. I don’t think it gets much worse than Lorne. At least when it comes to attracting women.

  6. Lorne is the trifecta of repulsive inside and out. Harvey Weinstein was a different class of creep.

  7. I’d be the so doing that if I weren’t deliberate about not messing with the moment. Sexy times don’t come around often, I want them again and again.

  8. Shutting someone down because of their opinions as long as they aren’t extremists

  9. What if we just dismiss whatever we don’t want to argue with as extreme? Like ofc there’s people way out there but think about how many movements today would be fringe or loony even30 years ago. If anything the media could give less coverage of he extremes to get ppl to see the other side of the argument as humans of a different opinion. But i wont dismiss something as extreme before listening to what it is they’re trying to address with extremism. At one time the idea of letting people not just be slaves to some king and priestly class was extreme.

  10. Extremist movements mean that a. They cause potential bodily or mental harm to others and or the members themselves b. They directly or indirectly inhibit others to their right of free speech and all other rights protected by the constitution. This is what I would categorize as extremist in terms of USA. Of course it is far more complicated but these are the two main ones as I see it.

  11. Oh in that case there’s always extremists in power. We “won” the war on terror by consenting to it.

  12. Who was it they aged up to play Dick Cheney? Age him up some more and tell him to be a lot dumber.

  13. My dad said his in-laws are together because one can’t cook and he other has no money. Pretty common in older generations who sty married so long I guess.

  14. Such fond memories and heartbreak from that show. Though I did start hating when JD started becoming a Whining man child near the end.

  15. Started? That’s the whole point of the show.Maybe I just remember it differently because I wasnt an adult when I watched the hell out of it.

  16. That my partner and I don't have sex before marriage. We've been together for a decade, getting married soon.

  17. From what I hear, most people don’t do that stuff after they’re married.

  18. Portuguese because they can just switch to Spanish or Italian or maybe gallego.

  19. I wanna punch his parents because judging by how he looks they should have kept their genes in their jeans.

  20. Was talking to my brother about this. Lorne has surely got a person drunk and raped them. That's my thought on the whole "is Lorne a virgin?"

  21. "“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."

  22. Yeah sometimes both sides are fighting because they’re assholes and run out of patience for each other’s shit

  23. If you think that a subreddit doesn’t exist, you will be proven wrong immediately

  24. What a buffoon, I understand that his horniness made him confused, but just look at them. They are pre-teen looking girls. How could he managed to think that a relationship was gonna happen?

  25. Ur last question is relevant with all the catfish. But he keeps falling for internet people’s bowl chit.

  26. I fucking love watching the uncut Chris Hansen interview and pretending it’s a sit down interview to promote his book, the holy Lornography.

  27. The neighbors dog too I believe. Like, not even the kids own dog.

  28. It’s both funny, sad, and a little disturbing given how Lorne is forced to stay sober by probation like never before and instead of drunken rambling idiot rage we get a more concentrated anger from this bridge troll being unable to fully ignore how shit his life is. Some ppl, myself included, are starting to wonder how much permanent brain damage 87 has done drinking over the years though. While he doesn’t slur his speech like a drunk, sober Lorne is still an idiot.

  29. I wonder if this is before or after he found out that kAyLa MaRiE aRmStRoNg was never real.

  30. He still doesn’t seem to understand that part given all the catfish (this time of legal age at least) before and since.

  31. In Ontario, about 30% of kids go to publicly funded Catholic schools

  32. What about Quebec? Is it more common cuz they’re French Catholic or is French Catholic chill on the Catholic part?

  33. I'm 28 and have never even dated or anything. I can lie to others - and I have for many years - but I can't fool myself on this. For the past decade or so, not a day goes by where the thought doesn't occur to me that I still have zero experience whatsoever. It's like a losing streak that never seems to end.

  34. Dude get a hooker to kill your streak and go from there. It isn’t an absolute gamechanger but it will make you less nervous about having ur first awkward fuck with someone not expecting you to be a virgin. Also maybe once you see what some will do for money having sex won’t feel so unattainable.

  35. Believe it or not, I honestly don't care how awkward the first fuck would be.

  36. what else will women be attracted to? You’ve got to cultivate something they like whether it’s style, lifestyle, looks, money, etc. women get to just be women and men have to do things for women. Free women cost the most even if he sex is also way more regular.

  37. Regular aggression is considered toxic masculinity. Passive aggression and beating them at their own game with it is the real masculine competiitive way of our times.

  38. Being better looking, more athletic, and wealthier than me. Bastards, the lot of you.

  39. Why did we all have to read that fucking book catcher in the rye when that was half the premise of the book?

  40. Those saying Lorne are seriously misjudging. He’s got bud light flowing through his veins but I doubt he’s touched harder stuff more than a handful of times in his life. Against Alonzo he’d be vomiting under the table before Alonzo was even half cut!

  41. Pretty sure it would just prove that ariticifIal intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

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