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  1. I dont normally default to this reason, because usually there is a good and simple answer. But... its money. Gamestop probably does a deal with them. Why should I even have to go to gamestop to begin with to get it. For some people they arent even close.

  2. But that’s my point, pokemon pass also distributes based on your location, if they have a deal with GameStop they can still make it so you can only get the code in the app when you are shown to be at the store. Another user brought up spoofing and I think that’s the best reason I’ve heard. Part of me likes the exclusive aspect of the events that can run out of cards but not only is it kind of a waste of resources, it can be abused by employees or people who convince employees to give them a ton of cards just to trade and sell later

  3. I have thought the same. Pass launched, had two distribution events (that I saw), and went silent in favor of the physical code cards.

  4. mine didn’t update also!! maybe it’s a mistake on nintendo’s part?

  5. I don’t think that’s the case, I think info on the game might just be limited right now but I didn’t know if anyone else had figured it out

  6. I can get you any of the birds, do you have kyogre?

  7. I’ve got someone who PMd me who just wants to trade for some of the legendary birds so I’m good on this trade, ty tho!

  8. Right now he is Adamant Nature, with full EV investment in Speed and Attack, the rest in HP.

  9. Maybe hp or defenses to take one or two more hits from something?

  10. I would run calcs on key opponents before really saying, maybe there’s a minimum you need to take down some tricky Pokémon you hit for neutral? (I don’t think anything survives 90 attack at +6 if it’s super effective)

  11. IDK about a place, but the Hello Talk app is specifically meant for just that! You should give it a try!

  12. It's really great! I would say it's a better app for a beginner speaker than an advanced one though

  13. Any of the regieleki s for trade? I can get you a patch

  14. I really really really like what you’ve got so far

  15. I like him because his tragedy is that all of this would have been completely avoidable if literally a single person in a massive city saw a 5 year old on the street that had wounds on their face and scratching at themselves and clearly traumatized and went "hmm. That's not good. I should bring them to a hospital." instead of going "eww gross not my problem someone else will take care of it." until an actual supervillain saved him from dying of starvation, exposure, or beaten to death by punks who thought he looked at them funny.

  16. Yea I think this is his biggest positive for me in terms of how he impacts the overall narrative. How it’s ultimately delivered is still up in the air. The heroes and hero association especially have been called into question for a failure to do their duty or doing something for the benefit of a few over the benefit of all. Shigaraki as a character isn’t the most interesting but what he represents is the flaws and failures of the hero dominated society

  17. 🫒🫒🫒🫒🫒🫒🫒🫒🫒🫒🫒🫒

  18. He’s def very boring with a very predictable twist most people saw back during the training camp raid. I do think he has potential to go down as actually tragic and not just the typical villain chaff if his mania drives him to try and kill the league and everyone else after shigaraki and deku eventually end the fight

  19. Really you were able to predict that he was mentally and emotionally abused by his dad all the way back in the forest training arc?

  20. It’s not that serious tho man, I’m sure if you weren’t thinking that hard about it he was probably a more enjoyable character for you. For me that outcome felt so likely that by the time it was revealed it was still a moment but it lacked any real impact besides finally figuring out EXACTLY how it happened and not just making guesses

  21. I can’t tell if this is sarcastic or not lolol if you aren’t it’s like, he hyper fixates on todoroki, that along with his power and general design def make you think there is a family connection. If you go to the next step and say, he’s todorokis brother then you ask, ‘why?’. He know how crazy endeavor was trying to create the perfect child at that point and we’ve SEEN him abuse todoroki who WAS the perfect child so it’s not a stretch to assume he did that in some capacity with another one of his children and they ran away and hold a grudge against him. It’s not that it’s hard to predict I just think horokoshi writes characters so well that you can make pretty accurate predictions as to how they will or have acted in the past

  22. I have shiny genesect but I’d probably wanna grab both for that

  23. I have a copy of it and only the case. And the case is worn

  24. That’s fine, this will be my first time doing a trade tho, how do you suggest we do it? Also just to double triple check… you have white 2 and you are wanting my black

  25. Hey sorry. I thinkbI would like to hang onto white 2 first in case I am able to trade off of black 2

  26. Is denji not the guy with the earrings? He is in disguise isn’t he?

  27. That's the octopus dude from the hitman arc, if the name and face don't ring a bell.

  28. Gyarados has intimidate, which is always useful, power whip to take out magikarp, movie to boost attack if you choose to do so and kill magikarp first, and is probably the most fitting pokemon to use for the tour apart from like, feebass

  29. You could always avoid THOSE places. Spoken as a near-daily 2booty-viewer who has never seen most of the shit you referenced. Yet.

  30. I don’t not believe him but it’s like I haven’t seen these posts either. Is OP on Nier nsfw subs?

  31. This hunt was one of my favorites. I was doing it very casually so I dont remember how many SRs but adding that event in and having a shiny celebi in a legit crystal is beyond cool.

  32. I’ve made masterball every season except for the months I took off the the game last year and my placing range from #300 to #13000.

  33. Ok cool thank you thank you, where can I get BO3 practice?

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